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Friday, 9 October 2015

Inktober challenge and PPF

It seems that I've got into an unintentional pattern with my blog posts. 
I did intend to post mid week, but where did it go?
But never mind where has the week gone... how the Dickens can it be October?
I suppose it should have sunk in really because the farmers 'made hay whilst the sun shone' working well into the twilight hours, with the heavy droning sound of their combines. 
I have to tell you that that sun was toasty, so they must have been very happy.
Don't laugh but last week the weather reporter announced that Aberdeenshire was the hottest in the whole of the UK!
I'd even go so far as to say it was one of the best weeks we've had all summer.
But then the rain and fog arrived as a timely reminder of what's to come... along with the unmistakable sound of the geese leaving us before winter arrives.
I love the see and hear them fly overhead, in their formation whilst busy chatting away... but it's a sad sight. I'm already longing for them to return. 
I did see one lone goose trying desperately to find his flock. 
He must have been sleeping when they all took off... poor thing. 
I do hope he found them in the end.
I've even heard them fly over at night in the pitch dark. 
Now that's an amazing skill.
I mean we can get lost driving at night with headlights and GPS!  

Anyway, I digress... it's Friday and it's time to party, so as usual I'm linking up to Paint Party Friday.
Eva and Kristin host a gathering of talented artists to a show and tell link... so why not follow the link to see some amazing art.

So here's my desk where I'm still working on 'My Week On A Page #5'.
(see the rain on the window pane... yuk! 
I brought Muffy's bed up to the studio to paint it which initially confused her, but she soon settled into it... and I'm watching the 'Extra Slice' programme on my kindle. 
It's an additional spin off from the GBBO - the Great British Bake Off)

I'm taking far too long to complete these projects because they're taking more than two weeks for me to complete instead of the week, but I'm loving creating them. 
I think I need to remember to keep loose and not spend so much time on them. I'm learning so much.
I'm also still working on the Koi Carp, so hopefully I'll be able to show you the two completed. 
Even though these are unfinished, I have been spending more time in the studio... so I'm happy.
Now I'm on a roll, I've also decided to join in with the InkTober challenge. 
Every October, artist from all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by creating one ink drawing a day for the entire month.
I only heard about the challenge on the fifth day, so had to post some of my old zentangles to play catch up. I love to draw with ink, so I'm having fun with this challenge.
Here's number 7... I felt it had to have an autumnal theme.
I adore trees and although it's strange to have an autumn scene without the autumnal colours, I think it still works. 
I'm a little rusty with this kind of design, but hopefully as the month progresses I'll get back into it.

And here's #8 in honour of the Great British Bake Off series finishing.
I watched the emotional final last night and was pleased with the outcome.
Don't worry there's no spoilers here.
But I will say there were a few tears and even Mary shed one or two. 
Anyway... here's my design
Sorry for the lack of colour, but I promise that they'll be lot's next week.
Paint Party Friday
Have a great weekend everyone... with lots of fun!
Happy Painting Emoji
Hot off the press.... I completed My Week On A Page #5 this afternoon (only a few hours late)
So why have I painted these particular items?
Here's a brief explanation....

  • The Virginia Creeper (the red leaves) has crept up one of the walls of the house which provides a fantastic wall of colour... especially when the morning sun set's it alight. 
  • The washing line is to pay homage to the last few days of being able to let things dry outside. 
  • Muffin's bed and blanket went for an airing which too some planning because it had to go out and be back before she needed a snoozelet. 
  • The apples were taken from my sister's apple tree when we went down to visit recently. It's produced the best crop ever this year.
  • And finally my hair scrunchy. I know it's a strange thing to include but it's all part of the winter preparations. I've grown my hair to be able tie it up. When the temperature drops you need to keep your winter coat on!
And that's it for this week... I can rest easy now.
Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and followers.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Susi, I've had so much fun with my art this week.
      Happy PPF to you too

  2. What a lovely post - the weather was amazing there for a little while wasn't it?! Like you, I've been seeing the geese heading off - I love the sound of them flying in formation overhead. Your tree is fab and that bake off illustration is delightful! I don't watch it (I'm not really into baking) but Landscape artist of the year started on Tuesday so I've been watching that!!

    1. It was wonderful and we made sure we made the most of it. Spending as much time as we could outdoors. Even eating the odd meal Al-fresco too.
      I was a little confused today with the geese flying over because some flew North over to you, instead of South. What's that about?
      It's cost me watching Bake Off because I was inundated with baking requests... lemon drizzle tray bake today (which seems to be going down well)
      but I'm so excited about the Landscape artist of the year coming on... I've recorded it, so that I don't miss it. I'm going to pick my time to self-indulge.
      Have a great weekend

  3. I looooove your bake off drawing... and lucky you getting an extra slice lol... we get them over here now as well and Jo Brand is a genius... I have an awful feeling we will have to wait for the Oz version with Maggie beer and matt moran to be done before we see the UK one... won't be the same without Mel and Sue though... or Queen Mary... does it make it better if I tell you it has been shopwery and a bit grey for a day and a half here... and we had fog the other day too... of course then it burned off to leave glorious sunshine... whoops didn't mean to write that!!! I would send you some sun if I could... give mufty a big squueze for me... t xx

    1. Hehe... I thought of you whilst I was drawing it Tracey, thinking you are going to love this latest series. I'm sad that it's finished but there's a new challenge of Landscape Artist of the year starting soon.
      Jo Brand is quite a character and this Extra Slice is a fun look behind the scenes.
      Just a little scoop... Queen Mary gets emotional and sheds a tear!
      That's all I'm saying so you'll have to wait I'm afraid... but it'll be worth it.
      I saw that you had fog one day and thought my phone must have been playing up. We woke up to 1 degree this morning so you've still got quite a way to go to be on our level. I'm okay with the sun but I could do with some heat so if you could try a little harder to send some I'd appreciate it!
      Squeezed Muffty for you... (she was very willing) and I added a tummy rub too!
      Enjoy your tropical weekend and I'll try on to hold it against you xx

  4. PS I love that your delicious paint booklet is on the window sill... that made my whole day!!!

    1. Oh I keep that there as a reminder to stay loosey goosey Trace,
      I'm so happy you noticed it and it made your day. It often makes me smile too :D

  5. Delicate drawings....as well as the apples on your table ;)
    Happy creating and PPF ♥

    1. Thanks Sirkkis,
      The apples have now been painted.
      Happy creating and PPF to you too

  6. Great window view, even with the rain. I'm in awe of your ink drawings! The details you are able to capture are amazing. Hope you enjoy the challenge.

    1. At that particular angle you can't see much of the view Diane, I'll have to take one of the full view. It's great but can be a little distracting.
      Thanks for your kind words about my drawings. I'm certainly enjoying the challenge because it's making me produce some art every day, which can only be good.
      Happy PPF to you

  7. Great drawing today. I know, time flies! If only we had enough time to do everything we wanted to during week. I can't wait to see these in final painted form so show us next week-ok?

    1. It certainly does fly Erika,
      I have so much that I want to do each day but never tick all the boxes.
      With the Inktober challenge it's only ink and not painting but I'm missing colour, so I might well go back after the challenge and add colour.
      Happy PPF to you

  8. Beautiful work and beautiful spot to do it in!! I love the British Bake Off, we watch it too!! I didn't know they had a spin off, we pay extra each month to get the BBC channel , I hope it comes on here soon!

    1. It is a fantastic place to create Laurie, but can be a little distracting... glazing out of the window has always been easy for me.
      I'm so glad to hear that you have Bake Off too. I thought you'd like it with being a baker yourself.
      We love to watch so many programmes on the BBC, from wildlife programmes, to period dramas and everything in-between. It's nice to hear other people world wide enjoy them too.
      Fingers crossed you get to see this latest series of GBBO soon. It was great.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I watch some cooking shows here...mostly Chopped and few bake offs....I'm amazed at what peeps can make..I personally do not cook and do not eat any of what is on the shows. Now on to the window sill...did not see your rainbow :( And poor mcmuffy is on the floor! I do love the fruit still life piece and the painted booklet tho. Your pen and ink drawings are fab! Been rather cooling here lately. Way to early for me as I had to pull out the oil space heater and turn it on the other night! Got down to 60F!! Bbbrrr :) I'm still sorting and unpacking my studio. Took a week off to sick but am back at today. Furniture has been moved now on to the tedious sorting and opening originally packaging of stuff that's never been opened. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

    1. Wow you mean business today Nan... you've got quite a comment here.
      Sometimes I wish I didn't watch these things either... or maybe I should say I wish my hubby and son didn't because I get requests once they've seen something.
      Today was a lemon drizzle tray bake... which seems to be going down well.
      Don't worry about Muffy because she wasn't on the floor... she was on my son's bed. I'd brought her bed into the studio so that I could draw it. The apples are now painted too. If you are meaning the booklet on the window ledge then that is the one I created whilst completing Tracey Fletcher King art course. I keep it there to remind me that I need to keep loose with my painting.
      Now onto the serious stuff.... 60 F Nan are you serious. Brrrr indeed but that's our daytime temperatures! We woke to 1 degree (33.8F) this morning!
      I wish you well with your unpacking and sorting. I've certainly done my fair share of that over our 13 moves.
      Take care and stay well. Have a wonderful weekend too

  10. The geese are flying past here, too. We've already been in the 40s at night and 50s and low 60s during the day, but supposed to pop back into the low 80s over the weekend. My family is coming up to visit and my mother will love that! She's been freezing up in Minnesota and is anxious to fly back down to Florida for the winter--LOL!

    I have been enjoying watching your weekly sketches--even if they take two weeks to make. ;) Drawing directly with ink is something I only do with zentangling. Yours are lovely! Have fun with the challenge.

    How did it get to be October??

    1. Oh how cute Rita, I've got this vision of Mother Goose flying South for the winter.
      I have to smile at your temperature but I know they're cold for you but I woke up this morning to 1 degree which is about 33 F...to give you some idea of what's happening over here. I have to say it turned into a lovely bright sunny day although the temperature only reached a max of 13C (55F).
      Last week though was some of the best weather we've had all summer... so I mustn't complain.
      I've just finished #5 of my week which took me possibly over two weeks to complete. I've attached it at the end of this post if you'd like to take another peek. It's certainly full of colour that for sure.
      I am having fun with the Inktober challenge because it's making me produce some artwork every day which can't be a bad thing.
      Take care and enjoy having your family all in the nest together... Mother Goose and all.

  11. I love seeing your work space and I utterly enjoy your artwork. You are SO talented!

    1. Oh bless you Beth, I'm not sure about the Inktober challenge but at least it's making me produce some artwork every day. I'm hoping that it will become second nature soon.
      Have a wonderful weekend and happy PPF to you

  12. Oh my goodness my comment disappeared...I love this post so much!! Inktober a great time for creating colouring book pages...no?..Love your journal page...Love your scrunchy...it's almost the same as my favorite tartan.... I love scrunchies too...but they are so hard to find now...so I cherish the few I have..Love all the red on that page and your baby's bed hanging... with the blanket...so cool. That page almost looks like a tribute to a Canadian!! lol Fabulous tree!! You rock!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Oh no... that's happened to me numerous times, but thank you for preserving to leave a comment. Emoji
      Now Giggles, I've thought about creating colouring pages for over two years and now the crazy has gone ballistic. I've probably missed the boat, which is so maddening. I should have got my tush in gear!
      I'm so happy to hear you love the scrunchy because that was a nightmare. I nearly gave up on the whole page whilst trying to paint it. I never thought about them disappearing, but now you mention it... I haven't seen any but there again, I haven't really been looking.
      I took all of the sponge out of Muffy's bed to wash and hang it out, but it took me over an hour to fit the sponge back in! Oh boy it was a challenge in itself.
      I'm telling anyone that'll listen that "I rock"... pity is that the Rugby World Cup is on at the moment here and on-one's interested.
      What about if I pretend that this page was meant to be a tribute to Canada... Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

  13. Wow your art is just so beautiful. I love that tree. Your art space seems so peaceful.
    Have a happy weekend.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Nicole, it means a lot to me.
      The studio is really a comfortable space. It has the right feel when I first walk into it. I know I'm going to enjoy however long I stay.
      Happy weekend

  14. Wow, Neesie, that scrunchy looks amazingly real!!!

    1. As I said to Giggles above Minnemie... it nearly finished me off.
      I had terrible trouble painting it but resisted throwing the towel in (although I was sorely tempted quite a few times)
      Have a great creative week

  15. I just cannot come with the exact words to say how much I love your drawings - your tree is fabulous. You mean you just sit down and do it??? The bake sale is full of delight - delightfully yummy. You are quite the artist kid!!!!!
    sandy xx

    1. Aww Sandy, I'm sorry that I've taken so long to come back to reply to your lovely kind words. Yes, I promise I just sit down and do it!!!
      Not only do I love your compliments, I must admit I had a wee giggle at the 'kid' statement (hehe)
      Have a great week and thanks again.

  16. Hi Neesie Sorry I'm a little late, s'pose all that lemon drizzle cake's all gone? Of course it has silly me. Hope your goose caught up with his flock... talking of which the early morning walk on the beach party is just about to leave, must dash. Have a lovely day :)
    Wren x

    1. Hey Wren, dunna apologise to me... remember I'm a professional tail-end Charlie,
      Sorry the drizzle cake has gone but there's apples and blackberries lurking which might turn into a pie tomorrow. But I'm not promising ;D
      Oh don't remind me of the lone goose... it sounded so heartfelt. I'm telling myself that he did.
      Walking on the beach... and I bet there's not a thermal in sight!
      Enjoy and have a great week ahead.

  17. Oh my-this post of your brilliant illustrations is pure eye candy!! That tree is awesome!

    1. Aww Linda, thank you so much. It really inspires me when I read lovely comments like yours.
      I hope you have a great creative week ahead.

  18. Lovely ink drawings and I always enjoy seeing the week on a page. I have been seeing lots of inktober in my instagram feed and am enjoying it. I have never done much ink drawing without color but hadn't thought about Zentangle. I had forgotten how much I loved the meditative aspect of it. I have been traveling and head out again soon so I am inspired to Zentangle my way along - thank you!

    1. I've been enjoying the Inktober challenge Ginger, but I'm afraid I still haven't caught up with the days since I started late. Ho hum...
      I also haven't managed a new week on a page for this week. It's been quite a week but I hope to return to create more because they are fun.
      I think a little zentangling along the way would be a perfect way to relax.
      Have fun and thanks again for popping into my place ;D

  19. Replies
    1. And you are so kind. I am loving reading such lovely comments. It's quite inspiring ;D

  20. Replies
    1. Thank you Peggy... I'm thrilled to have such lovely feedback ;D


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