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Friday 20 November 2015

Wolf - Paint Party Friday

Here he is finished (well sort of... I may scan him before making any more tweaks) my wolf... although it's not the best photo due to light issues.
It seems quite appropriate to have designed a wolf because yesterday we had an incident with the sheep in the adjacent field! 
Now I know you'll all immediately think there was a wolf involved, but thankfully we don't have wolves in our part of the country! 
No... this was a little white Jack Russell dog who ran from the woods and tried to round up the sheep. I'll forgive you if you have a little giggle here because that does conjure up comic thoughts, but no unfortunately this little chap was extremely excited and started to separate the sheep, biting their legs and ears. I ran out as soon as I saw him and managed to get said little dog away from one particular sheep, who was bleeding from his ear.... for the dog only to run after the rest of the herd. 
So this was serious, I had to call in the fitter, younger troups...(my son) to take the dog lead and to try to round him up.
I should add at this point the owner was nowhere to be seen! 
Unfortunately, seeing the tables had turned and now the hunter was the hunted, he took a massive sprint onto the woods (as fast as his little legs could go... but it's amazing how fast they go when your on the run!)
The farmer was called and he did a quick roundup to check the flock were all okay. 
He seems quite resounded to the fact that people keep their dogs off the lead and this is a regular occurrence.
I assured him that I'll be making sure McMuffy isn't a nuisance... although she could hardly chase them for long with her little legs even if they thought she was a dog. 
I think they'd possibly think she was a lamb!
We're only 4 degree's this morning and there's a warning that snow is on the way for tonight and tomorrow. It'll be our first, so I'm sort of excited but also dreading it.

Once again linking to Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday blog.
Thank you ladies for such a fun place to party.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also joining Alexandra over at Sunday Sketches.
Oh and I'm taking part in the random act of kindness to FLOOD the streets with ART on Black Friday (27th November) If you'd like to know more... then click here
I'm also helping with my daughter's Christmas card orders.
Here I am at the centre of all the activity.
with the little fluffy quality controller!
(the photo was taken last year... I haven't started dressing up either the rooms or myself yet!)
If you'd like to see more of my daughters design work... then click here

I'm off now to light the fires and add more
thermal layers... if that's even possible!
Stay cozy or cool depending on your location.


  1. Love the wolf! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

    1. I think I'm becoming fond of him too Valerie-Jael,
      He's certainly proving popular ;D
      Happy PPF to you too

  2. That wolf came out GORGEOUS! What a beautiful piece. It was worth a couple weeks of waiting for the final result. And I would have loved to see the Jack Russell herding sheep.

    1. Thanks Erika, I enjoyed working on him.
      As for the Jack Russell I hope he doesn't come visiting again because he really looked like a beast possessed. I've never seen a dog that small run so fast and for so long.
      It wouldn't have been too bad but he was biting them.
      Anyway... all ended well. Have a wonderful weekend

  3. Amazing work on your wolf. I'm glad that pesky dog wasn't a wolf, but seems he sure made a mess of things. Your daughter's artwork is lovely!

    1. Thanks Lynn, and I'm with you on being thankful that dog wasn't in fact a wolf. I think the sheep probably thought he was though, especially once he started to bite them!
      Thanks also for the compliment on my daughter's designs... I'll pass it on ;D
      Have a wonderful weekend

  4. Wow art work !!

    And I love your work station :)

    1. Thanks Ritu,
      I've enjoyed drawing the wolf but now it's time to start to think of my Christmas preparations.
      Thanks for your visit and comment.
      Have a great weekend whatever you have planned.

  5. Wow awesome wolf! Bbrrr, I could use a bit of a cool down but just tad please. We've been in the mid80s F and very humid. Not usual for this time of year, maybe in December we'll have our Fall temps. Take care and watch out for sheep chasing terriers. Hugs

    1. We've got plenty of cool to spare Nan... it dropped to -1 last night and we've seen snow off and on today. Not too bad as the sun's been shining and the snow didn't stick but all the same a taste of things to come perhaps!
      Don't worry I'm on duty for the sheep watching. I can't help it as they're right next to our land.
      Keep cool and enjoy your weekend ;D

  6. I have to admit, you said sheep and the first thing I thought was a sneaky wold was the culprit. Thank you for sharing a new perspective for me..Your wolf is gorgeous! How long did it take you to create? Enjoy your first now of the year..we had our yesterday! Hugs

    1. It's my pleasure because we all find inspiration and inspire with our art. I'm thrilled that you are enjoying it so much. I find it so relaxing and I hope you do too.
      Thinking back I probably took four or five sessions of an hour or so each time. I had just left it out on the table and visited it whenever I had time or inclination.
      The snow is still on the ground but it's nothing more than a flurry and the sun came out for most of the day. It was a glorious bright day!
      Hugs back to you

  7. Fabulous wolf. I wouldn't have patience to do such a great delicate work.
    Happy weekend ♥

    1. I find drawing this kind of design extremely relaxing and not a cure at all.
      I tend to get more stressed when painting using colour.
      Happy weekend to you too and thanks for stopping by Sirkkis

  8. Your wolf is exquisite, great job. Dogs are more often the culprit even in areas where there are wolves. The owner is lucky it was not shot. That is what would happen around here. I know too many shepherds who've had dog attacks. Anyways love your art.

    1. Aww thanks Kate, I really appreciate your lovely comment.
      My neighbour who came to join in helping the sheep said the farmer would be quite within his rights to shoot the dog, so I was glad we chased him off and that he wasn't shot. Hopefully the owner (who was possibly hiding in the woods once they realised what there dog was doing) will have learnt a lesson too.
      Have a great week ahead... with lots of creativity ;D

  9. Beautiful wolf! Yes, make a copy. Would be fun to color.

    Sorry about the mean little dog. Poor sheep! He's lucky he high-tailed it into the woods because farmers will shoot dogs attacking any livestock over here. At least I can't see Muffy ever trying to heard sheep--LOL!

    1. Thanks Rita, I really enjoyed drawing him and am thrilled with all the lovely comments. The farmer was very relaxed about it all but then I think he's that kind of guy.
      Muffy has noticed them from an upstairs window and gruffed... not knowing what on earth they were... but she hasn't ventured near the fence boundary (yet!)
      Have a wonderful evening and I hope next week is a great one for you and Karma.

  10. Amazing, fantastic wolf! Such detail. The black and white is so striking.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Laney,
      It's fantastic to hear everyone's positive remarks.
      I'm now thinking about a new design.
      Have a great week

  11. firstly, your wolf is the best pen work I've ever seen you do!! (and that's saying something since I've been in love with your pen work for years!) Second, so sorry to hear about the sheep debacle. darn terrier. Made me s mile to think of you chasing the sheep around though. you go girl! Now you deserve a good cuppa and a warm blankie. I'm thinking muffy would be happy to keep your feet warm. We're just as cold here, agh the terrors of climate.

    1. Thank you so much Jenn... I was pleased with the final design.
      Well I didn't round up for long. I delegated the task to my son. Much fitter and younger than me (which doesn't take much!)
      We've had our first flurry of snow this weekend and let me tell you Muffy is NOT amused. We're both cuddling on the sofa next to the fire and yes... she's in her jumper!
      Have a fantastic week ahead... with lots of creativity.

  12. Poor sheepies, being nipped and annoyed by the wee terrier. And poor farmer being resigned to it all. Some people just shouldn't have dogs.
    Wee Mufty Pup looks SO adorable sitting on the desk, and I love your elf hat :D
    We've had snow and sleet here this evening and the wind is wild again now. The temperature has dropped a lot compared to the last couple of weeks, so the warm socks are on and an extra blankie on the bed. Hope your fire is keeping you all cosy. Have a good weekend Denise. xoxo

    1. Everything's all quiet on the western front now Mo... no more over excited dogs and mayhem. Well for a start the sheep were all well disguised under the cover of snow and I don't think my dogs were out walking with all the frosticles lying on the ground.
      Muftypup certainly wasn't. I don't think she's moved more than a few feet from the fire all day. I think I'm going to have to get her out there tomorrow or she'll be ceasing up!
      We've had two fires roaring today... it just felt needed. A perfect relaxing Sunday.
      Have a great week ahead

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks Christine, you are so kind.
      Have a great week next week ;D

  14. Very festive...love it!! Your wolf is amazing..just stunning and so unique!! As for the Jack Russel...oh my, a neighbour had one and described their energy as if you put the dog in a blender then took the lid off!! If he ever got out he was hell on wheels and impossible to retrieve! He drove her crazy! She had a big mountain dog too...so it wasn't as if she didn't understand animals! So it's likely that little dude got free and decided to wreak havoc!! With temperature dips there's a possibility of snow here next week too! Stay warm and hug that little sweety for me!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Aww you are too kind Giggles, but I love to hear all these amazing positive comments.
      I know I really enjoyed drawing him, so much so that I'm going to design another, but a different animal this time.
      Oh my what a discription for a Jack Russell, but I know exactly what you mean. I've heard since that he belonged to an elderly lady... so no wonder she was nowhere to be seen. She hadn't got a clue where he was. He just took off in the woods!
      I've been hugging the little sweety all day. She's hardly left the fire or a lap no matter who's... she doesn't care as long as it's warm.
      Our snow flurry wasn't too bad and I think it might disappear by tomorrow. The sun's been fantastic and bright today.
      Hugs back to you and I hope you have a great week ahead.

  15. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Linda,
      I had a great time drawing him and plan to draw another design soon.
      Have a great creative week

  16. OOOHHHHHHHMMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!! Nessie this is magnificent. I love how you started this and the finish is simply.... well.... like I said MAGNIFICENT!!!!

    1. I enjoyed drawing it so much Nicole. I left the paper out on the table all week and just visited it as and when I had the time. It was great fun and so relaxing.

  17. The detail is amazing! I'm speechless. All that detailed pen work, can't image doing it. I am certainly thinking of participating in the RAK art day. Not sure what I can whip up in time but will come up with something. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hehe thanks Diane, I had fun drawing him so it wasn't a chore at all.
      I'm now thinking that I will draw another design of a different animal.
      I've got to get my art ready for Friday when we're Flooding the streets with Art.
      I'm trying to decide which pieces to leave and how many.
      Friday will be here before I know it!
      Have fun and enjoy the RAK if you participate.

  18. Your wolf is awesome with all of the patterns, texture and black, white and grey! The eyes are captivating! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was my pleasure to share Renee. It was fun
      Thank you for your lovely comment and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  19. So enjoyed your lamb story. I could just picture it. You are a good storyteller. also your wolf is fantastic.

  20. What a gorgeous wolf! I love it. How good of you to try and coral the small dog...

  21. Your wolf is amazing. I still don't understand how you get the time to do so much and be so very good at the same time. But compared to me you are a Spring Chicken!!!
    Sandy xx

  22. What a fantastic piece filled with incredible detail! Wow! LOVE your hat and furry friend. :)


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