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Friday, 27 January 2017

The Firecrest... PPF

Oh my, what a busy week... so much so that I didn't even realise that we were already on to Friday!
I can't believe it, but I managed to actually throw some paint about this afternoon.
I've had a few appointments this week and hadn't managed to draw or paint anything up to this point.

I've also been watching Winterwatch on TV this week and heard about a tiny bird that I have never heard of before. 
The Firecrest
(photo credit by Ian Redman on #winterwatch)
The Firecrest... is one of our smallest birds, but I'm probably not going to see one around our bird feeder, because they don't seem to want to come this far north. 
So it inspired me to paint one instead.
This photo is obviously a work in progress and shows the under painting stage.
It feels wonderful to be painting once again.
If you'd like to know a little more about the Firecrest and how they sound... click here to access the RSPB website.
I will spend more time finishing this painting off over the weekend. 

Talking of the weekend... it is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch here in the UK this weekend.
I've participated in the bird count on numerous occasions and if you would like to know more or to join in click the link above.
It only takes an hour of your time... counting all the bird visitors that come into your garden and the RSPB monitor all the results. 
It can really be interesting knowing just exactly what is happening to our native wild birds.

Right... I'm off now to enjoy my Friday night, but first I'm linking up with the Paint Party Friday link before I do.
Have fun everyone and thanks for popping into my place. 
Enjoy your weekend


  1. What a pretty birdie, never seen one before, well done! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

    1. He is pretty isn't he Valerie, even though I know he won't be visiting me up here in Bonnie Scotland I'll still be keeping a look out for him because you just never know. Fingers crossed.
      Happy PPF to you

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Clare, I'm enjoying painting him :D

  3. Your bird is looking brilliant already-I love it! Happy PPF!

    1. Aww thanks Linda,
      I have to admit that I'm enjoying the process so many that comes out in the artwork.
      Happy PPF to you

  4. He is coming along beautifully...I would love to see how handsome he is when you are finished.

    Happy PPF!


    1. Thanks Jan, I plan to finish him off today as the weather is grey and wet. Perfect for staying home and painting.
      Happy PPF to you too.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Christine. I'll finish him off and then let you see the final piece. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Hello Neesie, your dear little Firecrest is looking good. I always feel that once those first few strokes are done, the painting is off and running!
    Great to see your closeups and it will be great to see your piece completed.
    Hope you had an enjoyable Friday night and a happy bird count. We have similar Birds in Backyards over here. So nice to know more about our native birds isn't it.
    Cheers and Happy PPF :D)

    1. Hi there Sue, I totally agree with you. I sometimes have more trouble looking at the blank white paper!
      I'm about to carry on painting and I'll be sure to let you see the finished Firecrest. Hopefully it'll be worth sharing.
      I adore having three different feeding stations for the wild birds but the trouble is that the numbers have increased so much since I started a few years ago, that I'll be shattered after trying to count them during that hour. I counted over 30+ goldcrests yesterday on one feeder alone... just practicing for tomorrows true count. I'll have to be armed with a cuppa, camera, lists and a comfy seat!
      Have a wonderful weekend and Happy PPF to you

  7. too many cats around here to do a birdwatch. The only thing we get around he are drunk flying wood pigeons, rooks and lots of gulls. all too big for the cats :p

    1. What a shame Jennifer, although we do have neighbours cats visit every few days, but all of my feeders are hanging from tree branches... so well out of reach for them ^..^
      We also have masses of wood pigeons and crows. I suppose it's the farmland all around that attracts them.
      I hope you're enjoying your weekend :D

  8. Ohhhh wow that is a pretty bird and your art of him is gorgeous.

    1. Aww thank you so much Nicole, your kind words mean a lot to me.
      Have a great week

  9. What a sweet little bird - Did you take painting lessons? How long have you been painting? You are so dang good!!
    Sandy xx

    1. Nope no painting lessons Sandy... only at school. I stopped all forms of artwork whilst bringing up my family and travelling, but I decided in Melbourne (whilst not working) that maybe it was time I did what I loved and so I started once again. I still feel a little lost and haven't really got my own style or meme yet, but I hope if I carry on it will emerge at some stage.
      Thank you for such encouraging words once again... it really helps to keep me positive.

  10. It was lovely to see your works in process to your beautiful painting!


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