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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all
I hope you had a fabulous festive holiday.
Now that all the festivities are over and the shortest day has past, I must say that I'm enjoying the prospect of waiting for signs that spring is on its way.
There are actual signs already... snowdrop shoots and daffodil tops are already peeking through the earth.
A few of my Christmas presents will help me capture everything... hopefully creating beautiful images.
My son has been having fun with setting up the night camera in various locations around our property and the first night showed masses of activity!
It wasn't until we checked the next morning, that we realised that the low hanging branches of a tree and a tarpaulin (covering a pile of logs) flapping in the wind, was the only images captured. 
What a disappointment.  
But look who passed through on night two!
A fox
But then last night's footage has thrown up a mystery... 
we have no idea what the animal image below is? 
Some say it's another Fox, others say a Badger.
There's been talk of Wild Cats and even a Pine Marten
We've even sent the image to the experts, but they haven't replied yet.
So what do you think?
I'll post the answer if we get anything definite from either the experts or more definite footage.

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Have fun and thanks for stopping by my place. 


  1. Replies
    1. Well I did mention a Badger Debra, but there's still no more concrete evidence. If we do then I'll be sure to post about it.

  2. Replies
    1. Team Fox is very popular, but we haven't got better footage yet to prove one way or another. We tweeted and BBCSpringwatch and NE Scotland Wildlife thought perhaps that it might be a pine marten! Now that was a surprise.

  3. Iiiik 🙌 what exciting photos!I think it's a fox 😼

    1. Okay sirkkis, we still haven't got conclusive evidence as to what it was, but when we do I'll be sure to post about it.
      There has been Pine Martens mentioned which came as a complete surprise. We need more photos!!!

  4. Oh how awesome those toys are! I would be so much delighted if i receive toys like those! Can the night camera be set to slower shutter speed?

    1. I know Andrea aren't I lucky. The night camera was for my hubby, but it seems that my son has taken to it. Either way I don't care as long as we capture some images. I think the shutter speed can be altered, but we're still learning. Hopefully we'll be proficient soon.

  5. Not sure, but I love a good mystery! ;)

    1. Hehe... yes me too Rita, but I do want to mystery solved at some stage. There's lots of ideas out there, but hopefully we'll get better coverage soon. If we do I'll be sure to post about it.

  6. I thought maybe a Pine Marten but the legs look too short...maybe a cat? would be cool if it was a Wildcat :)

    1. Now there you go Jennifer, because we tweeted various wildlife Twitter accounts and both the BBCSpringwatch and North East Scottish Wildlife came back with the possibility of Pine Marten. I do hope it might be a wild cat too because when we last lived here I saw one by our woodshed one night. He looked directly at me and I at him. It was quite a moment. Maybe it'll be son of or a relative of that particular one. Wouldn't that be awesome!

    2. that would be pretty cool if it was a relative :) (and a good thing for the species)

      would love to see one in the wild, there are a pair the local wildlife centre so seeing them there is better than nothing


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