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Friday 30 June 2017

My Menagerie... PPF

No surprises today in guessing what I might have drawn for this weeks Paint Party Friday link up.
Of course it had to be chook related at some stage.
We have two breeds of chicken living here with us... Maran and Bluebell.
My painting is a little mix of both of them.
Definitely free range with my painting...haha! 
(Sorry I couldn't resist that)
This painting could be 'Flo' the soft sister of 'Big Bertha' (Maran) and 'Canny Annie' (Bluebell) 
(nee Anxious Annie... I've changed her name, because I think she's actually really switched on. 
She works the system and gets just what she wants/needs!)
The bowl of eggs show our morning collection of fresh eggs. 
All four girls are firing on all cylinders and we have four beautiful eggs daily.
Happy Chooks indeed.
I couldn't resist popping them into this bowl with the rooster on it.
It's a really old cereal bowl, that we got when my children were very small and we lived in Brunei.
As you can probably guess...it came with a famous cereal.
So this portrait is called AnnieFlo' 

Now who remembers 'Hetty'?
NO! Before you mention it...we haven't got a Highland Cow now!
I draw the line there...although with my hubby and his hobbies...ie hot tub he may well decide to try and persuade me to have one!
I met up with an old friend last week and she mentioned how much she liked my Highland Cow painting, so I thought I'd revisit it and have a go at painting another. 
I find it fascinating how my painting is progressing and it's not until I look back that I see and realise that I'm evolving as an artist. 
Do you find the same with your art?
Hopefully, I'm moving in the right direction! 

I have also had the pleasure of receiving photographs of my Giraffe painting in their new homes.
I have two in Australia, two in USA and a few in the UK.
That seriously makes me smile :D
So on that happy note I shall love and leave you this week.
Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting PPF once more.
Have a brilliant weekend everyone 


  1. Now THAT is a noble looking chicken.

    1. Hehe...thanks Debra
      Have a great weekend :D

  2. Lovely art Neesie! How wonderful to have fresh eggs from your yard!

    1. Thanks Christine,
      I must admit it is lovely to have fresh eggs and we are finding more and more recipes to use them. My favourite so far is crepes.
      I'm also able to pass out cartons to family and friends too.

  3. AnnieFlo is quite serious looking-probably wants to know where her eggs are going:). How nice to have the freshest eggs. What a beautiful highland cow!! I think you should get one since I can't. And those giraffes are the sweetest. Happy PPF!

    1. You could be right Linda, because Annie is showing broody tendencies. I'm sure I wouldn't want my egg to disappear after all that effort to produce it! Erm...no I don't think we need a Highland Cow thank you very much...although a cow for milking would come in handy. We do go through quite a few litres!
      Happy PPF to you too

  4. Wow! Neesie, the portrait of AnnieFlo is beautiful! And I love the Highland cow and I'm not sure I saw it before.

    1. Thanks Faye, I never like to post paintings that I've shown before, but it's good sometimes because not everyone sees them.
      'Hetty' was quite a hit when I first painted her.

  5. The chicken and the highland cow are lovely! Very sweet also to see your giraffes in their new home...

    1. Thanks Lisa, I must admit I was thrilled to see my giraffes in their new homes, especially with being spread out across the globe.
      I just hope that I can do a good job on the highland cow now.

  6. Free range painting, you are a HOOT my friend! Personally I think you should get one of those highland cows, I can see the adventures now, hee hee

    1. I'm glad you liked that Sandee... I must admit that it gave me quite a chuckle (sad that I am) No to the Highland Cow thank you very much!
      My hubby's bad enough with his new ventures without adding a cow into the mix!

  7. She's a gorgeous "free ranging" hen, Nessie! From what you've shared over the past few years I'd say your art has grown. Mine is still in the beginning/exploring stages. Love your giraffes and the highland cow! How cool to have your art in homes all around the world! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

    1. Oh you are too kind Nan...my painting has grown, but I'm still in the exploring stage and I've still got so much to learn. But I read somewhere that it's not always the end product that's important...it's the journey! I was thrilled to see my paintings out there in the big wide world. It really is amazing.
      I hope you have a great weekend too

  8. Your art work is delightful Denise - I remember the cow. I thought it was wonderful then and I think it is wonderful now.
    I might evolve if only I would do something!!!!
    I do love following you Sugar.
    Sandy xx

    1. Thanks Sandy, I know you've always liked the cow. I'm hoping that I can better it now with this new painting.
      It's lovely to hear that you enjoy following my blog. It gives me a feeling all cosy and warm inside...plus a huge grin :D

  9. well a highland cow would eat any plants you need gotten rid of, make great lawnmowers :p

    1. Erm...no thanks Jennifer. I think a cow might be one step too far, besides the chickens do a fair decent job of getting rid of any plants if we don't keep an eye on them!

  10. You are one LUCKY woman. Now I know why I love chooks, the free eggs! I need four chickens so every three days we have enough eggs to make a quiche. Here we're eating quiche for dinner every night. High protein and tastes so darn delicious that I can't even believe it. SO easy, actually, I should write down our recipe! Hmm, that's a great idea for a new blog post, thanks Neesie, now if you can just send me those chooks in an envelope I'd be so appreciative. ;o)
    Oh and by the way, great looking art and YES my art changes as I practice, practice and practice. I keep trying to remember everything our favorite Tracey taught us, relax and enjoy the process, underpainting and good shading. She's a wonder and I couldn't express enough my gratitude for her help. Hugs to you my friend. Thinking of you often (Nessie is still "pinned" to the fridge!)

    1. (Hehe) We have four girls Jenn and if there was a way I could send them through to you I would...in exchange for the odd one or two quiches! They sound delicious and when I read your comment out to my hubby he immediately wanted a quiche. Hopefully you'll post that recipe soon... but don't worry we have four eggs every day so we'll not run out!
      I don't think I practice my art enough. I would love to do nothing else all day, but that's never going to happen!
      I'll just have to enjoy the times when I have scrapped enough 'me' time and indulge.
      Ahh that's wonderful to hear that Nessie is behaving and still living at your place. I know there's a few running free in Brissie too :D
      Hugs back too you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Wow Denise your animal art is just stunning.

    1. Aww thanks so much Nicole, I really appreciate that :D
      Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my place.

  12. Hi there Neesie, I'm so very thrilled to see your lovely drawing of AnnieFlo - she's gorgeous and with stunning feathers too. It's a great feeling collecting fresh eggs every day isn't it. We love it too with our hens.

    Your Highland cow is absolutely wonderful. All that detail in its hair - amazing work you're doing!

    That's so beaut for you to see where your lovely giraffe art have found homes. Good for you Neesie and I'm really glad you're right back into your art again. Big cheerios to you :D)


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