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Friday 9 June 2017

The Eye of the Tiger...PPF

There hasn't been much time or motivation to return to my art over the last few weeks, but yesterday I decided that I have been missing it and that I should get back to it. 
My house guests have left and everything is reasonably tidy, plus the weather has been horrendous this week, so there's no way I want to spend any time outside.
In other words it's perfect for zoning out with my art supplies.
My screensaver type art...the artwork that I never think to seriously about is drawing with ink.
I'm still playing with the tiger drawing that I started weeks ago.
I'm in no hurry to finish it as it's my therapy.
He looks a little fierce for my liking, but that's sometimes the fun side of art...a creation evolves into it's own personality.
It could be the gold highlights that I added to his eyes that gives him that scary stare.
Maybe I'm a little angry and that's what's coming out through my artwork.
Who knows?
I have a commission on the back burner, but thought I'd try out a few designs to try and get my act together. This leaf was one of the trials and now I realise that I'm just not firing on all cylinders yet.
This is a long way from where I want or need to be.
Once again because the gold ink pen was to hand, I couldn't resist adding little touches, but I think they are hard to see on this photo.
I have to admit I have no idea why it's come out like an autumn leaf, as we're supposed to be in the middle of our summer now. Maybe it's due to the terrible weather we've experienced this past week.
Our Tardis (the plastic greenhouse) took off and was heading to Kansas (Oh Toto) 
It lifted and threw all of the plants enclosed within.
Tomatoes went toppling, lettuce were launched, avocado ascended, fuchsia's flew...in fact I don't think anything remained intact.
I was awake for most of the night, listening to the wind howling around the house with such force...it was a little scary. I was imaging the whole of the veg plot devastated...all that hard work gone in one night. The storm was far worse than we experienced during winter.

I also wondered quite how the baby birds and fledgling managed.
Here's a photo that I took this morning of Mummy Blue-tit getting some well needed sustenance for her babies in our kitchen window feeder.
Her babies are in a nest box in that large tree on our driveway to the left of this photo, so she doesn't have far to go.
By the sound coming from the nest box...there's quite a few squished up inside there. 
They sound nearly ready to fledge and hopefully we might actually witness it.
Our very own Springwatch!

Thanks for visiting my place...I hope to have time over the weekend to create a few of the things that are cramming my creative brain at the moment.
It's a good sign...now I just have to execute them.
Have a great weekend and thanks Paint Party Friday link for continuing to inspire.


  1. Love the leaf! Such pretty colors and details.

    1. Thanks...I wasn't sure what to paint so I just started and this was the end product. I think I'll try to paint something summery and then maybe the weather will take the hint!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Clare, it was just much needed therapy, but I hope I can improve and produce more work this coming week.

  3. Love your art as always, cute photo of the bird too.

    1. Aww thanks Christine, always nice to hear positive feedback.
      Have a great weekend.

  4. your tiger is amazing looking Neesie! Perhaps it isn't anger, but strength and determination. I do know how you're feeling and how difficult it is to get back into the swing of things after the loss of your beloved pet. Sorry to hear of all that damage from the weather-how awful! Your leaf is very pretty and yes does look like an autumn leaf. Hope you get much nicer weather real soon. And thanks for sharing your birdie-hope you are able to get a few picks of the fledglings soon. Happy PPF!

    1. Oh now that's interesting and something I hadn't thought of Linda. Strength and determination! I like that.
      I know many many people have suffered the loss of a pet and so much more, but it still hurts. I'll always miss her...I've just got to accept that and get on with things. Thankfully we have thousands of photographs to cherish and look back on.
      The weather has improved slightly but it's still far too wet! It's been wet all week and I think it's time we saw the sun once again.
      No sure I'll be lucky enough to capture the fledglings, but that won't stop me trying!
      You'll be sure to see them if I do manage it.
      Happy PPF to you too

  5. Your tiger just gets better and better! Have you ever read "The Life of Pi" or seen that movie?

    1. Thanks Debra, I certainly have read the book and watched the movie. Now when I look at my tiger I see that film. Thanks for pointing that out. I thought it was a brilliant film and the music was brilliant too.

  6. Your tiger is fascinating and I totally understand "therapy art". That is how I feel about pencil drawing. Watching TV and drawing is so relaxing compared to painting which I feel is very difficult.

    1. I feel exactly the same Fran. I have to concentrate so much more when I try to paint. I wish I didn't!
      Maybe if I keep practising it will become easier...I'm hoping anyway ;D

  7. Love your bright tiger and lead, wow, what an adventure your green house had!! Happy PPF!

    1. I know Nadya, I thought we'd never see our greenhouse again!
      Thankfully it got caught up once it had wrecked all of the plants and pots, so it's back in situ now. The wind has finally dropped but we're still wet and soggy!
      I'm happy that you liked my tiger and leaf. Thanks :D

  8. A wonderful tiger drawing of this kind and the leaf is so pretty!
    So a storm only good that no bigger happened with you.
    the baby birds,I'm curious how many out there!
    Happy Weekend

    1. Thank you Elke, there could have been so much more damage from the storm...so we were lucky to only loose a few plants.
      The baby birds are still being well fed, but I'm not sure I'll be able to capture them leaving the nest or counting them. I'll try my best though.
      Happy weekend to you too and thank you for your visit :D

  9. Hello Dear Neesie, it was the tiger's eyes that drew me into your drawing first and foremost - and so it was very interesting to know how you have used the gold pen. Also for the leaf - a beautiful study.
    Such a bad storm you had, but in the calm how lovely to see the Mumma bird out foraging for food.
    Cheers and have a very happy weekend :D)

    1. Thanks for your lovely praise of my artwork. It's so nice to hear positive feedback. I feel I need to go up a gear now with my artwork and concentrate on producing much more.
      The baby birds are continuing to be well fed. Their parents are doing a fine job. I hope I can watch them leaving the nest, but I'm not sure I'll manage it. I'll try my very best. One year I did manage to see eight babies leave. If I manage to capture a little video clip I'll be sure to share it.
      Happy weekend to you too and thanks for your visit once again.

  10. Oh I LOVE your tiger!! Amazing work of art! Sorry for all you've been through lately. Hope you feel more "back in the groove" soon.

    1. Hehe...oh thanks Laney. I've actually just finished drawing him. I wanted to put his whiskers in so badly that I was determined to finish him today. Thanks for your thoughtful kind words too.
      I'm hoping to focus more on art and hopefully produce better work.
      Have a wonderful weekend and Happy PPF to you

  11. They both still look great. Maybe it's just plain good art therapy.
    We have had insistent wind for the past two days. Only 40mph, but enough that a gust picked up one of my brown lawn chairs and lifted it up and over my new planter box and left it in the bush next to the patio. My new baby plants have been getting quite the rough initiation. Whoever survives this will do well out there--LOL! Plants have to be able to survive the wind up here. Love and hugs! :)

  12. What a fantastic tiger and beautiful leaf! They look wonderful. What a beautiful bird too.

  13. I love the way your tiger seems to be watching no matter where one is in the room. Ah, this fills my eyes. Your artwork is extraordinary.


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