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Friday, 18 May 2018

Paint Party Friday... How Now Brown Cow

I haven't been partying with the PPF gang lately, but I thought it was time to get my act together and link up. 
I've been very busy, but I have managed to produce some art.
This highland cow has been evolving for quite some time now.
He/she has highlights, so I thought he/she should join in the Paint Party Friday too.
It's a practice piece before I start a serious commission.
I've bought new paints and been having a great time getting to know them.
I've had music blasting out and dancing whilst splashing about with a paintbrush. 
It's been very liberating! 
I've also been working away on my @Makeartthatsells assignment.
We are currently completing the final month of Bootcamp.
I will really be sorry to finish this class.
I think I'll be signing up for more, as there are lots to chose from throughout the year.

The sketch below was a personal one.
It's 'Ernest' my Great Granddad who was born in 1867.
As I sketched, I was lost in my thoughts about my family and it's history... 
a little like 'Who Do You Think You Are?'
For those who might not be familiar with that tv programme... it's where a celebrity traces their family roots back through the years.
I find it fascinating.
I also thought I'd use this sketch to practice my very weak lettering.
I fear now that I've plastered poor 'Ernest' on a 'WANTED' poster!
One fact that I did come across from my research notes, was that he was a 'Tole Dealer'
I had no idea what this might be... so after more delving, I found that it involves ornately decorated trays or chandeliers etc!
Who knew?
How strange especially after painting precisely that in last months assignment. 
Who knows, Ernest might have been a painter too!
I had many thoughts on how his life might had been back then. 
He actually married Mary, the daughter of a Scottish farmer, when they were both 31 years old.
I'm thinking that this was rather old for marriage back then.
Maybe that's why he is wearing a tartan tie... to impress Mary?
I also wonder why this photo was taken... was it for some special occasion?
I haven't done much lettering, but now I know that I've obviously got a lot more practising to do!
Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll join my over at the Paint Party Friday.
Eva and Kristin do an amazing job of sharing everyone's great artwork.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Love your art, always have and always will!

    1. Aww Sandee... that warms the cockles of my heart.
      Thank you so much :D

  2. Your great-granddad and that wonderful brown cow, are fantastic art pieces!!!
    Denise, you just keep on dancing and painting and have a great time 🎼🎢🎡

    Happy PPF 🎨

    1. Thanks Jan, I did have fun so will take your advice.
      Happy PPF to you too 🎨

  3. Your brown cows are delightful. I think it is interesting that your chose to sketch your great grandfather (and probably discovered a few things about him as you did it). Love the description of your paint sessions. Happy PPF

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Christine, I appreciate your lovely comment :D

  5. I love the highland cow, and what a lovely portrait of your great grandfather, Denise! When I read "Tole dealer," I thought of decorative Tole,, I do wonder if he painted it as well!!
    My little grandpa Mel was born a bit earlier, in 1880 (in S Dakota) happy PPF!

    1. Thanks Nadya, I would love to know if my Great Grandfather painted, but I don't think I will ever know. The 1800's seem so long ago and so much happened since then... it's a whole new world!
      Happy PPF to you too and thanks for visiting my place :D

  6. So lovely Neesie, the details of the highland cow, its hair and eyes are marvellous.
    You can be most confident in your lettering, it's beautiful indeed. Your Great Grandad's portrait is incredible. All the details are beautiful, right down to his tie... such a personal and loving work of art.
    Happy PPF :D)

    1. I can't believe it's the first time I've actually painted seriously on canvas. I have to admit that I loved it and have two more canvas' waiting for my next projects.
      Ooh lettering is a little scary and I feel I've got lots of practising to do before I'm happy... but thank you for your encouragement. It's greatly appreciated.
      Sketching my Great Grandad was very special. I took in so many details that I wouldn't otherwise have notice.
      Thanks for visiting and Happy PPF to you too :D

  7. I adore the highland cow, and your portrait of Ernest is fantastic Neesie!

    1. Aww thank you Linda,
      I've missed posting to PPF for quite some time, but I hope to visit soon. Happy PPF to you :D

  8. The highland cow is fantastic and Ernest looks incredible!

  9. love the coo :) the hair is perfect :)

    I use to watch Who Do You Think You Are? when iplayer was free but haven't seen it for years because I refuse to pay for a TV licence when everything I watch is online anyway lol always made me want to look up past family, but no one can really remember much to help me :/

  10. Your cows are always so good - full of personality.
    Your drawing of Ernest looks pretty dog gone good as well as your lettering!


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