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Wednesday 14 July 2010

All your ducks in a row

I've spent many a pleasant morning feeding the ducks on our local waterways since moving here and I know that they certainly appear to be appreciative on these cold winter mornings. I'm convinced that they are beginning to recognise me and can't help but feel guilty if I've forgotten or... heaven forbid eaten all the tit bits ourselves and have nothing to offer. I'm virtually scrambling past in the undergrowth in order not to make eye contact with them but they seem to know and head my way.
Imagine my surprise when they now appear in my own garden. I promise you I never lead them by enticing them with a 'Hansel and Gretel' crumb trail, honest!

Last Saturday we had an invite to a large Sunday lunch and my friend mentioned she wanted to cook duck. My other half was ready to divulge where she could find some fat plumptious health specimens, but I managed to gag him in time. How could he? Anyway, before I could stop myself I spouted forth with a good recipe that I'd cooked and loved. Before you could say 'boo to a goose' I had volunteered to cook four... Argh!
After trials of traffic and footy fans, we managed to get through the city to the Queen Vic Market and bagged four. Four and not out! I even managed to negotiate a small discount.

Once home I realised I had a major assignment - to fit all four plumptious birds in my oven to cook at the same time. Just call me a 'Domestic Engineer' and see for yourselves.
Dah dah....

Looking good and smelling amazing....pity not "smell-a-puter"!

The ducks were delicious and thankfully didn't take flight whilst in the boot of the car being transported to the venue. I managed to keep my guilt to a minimum making up for it on this mornings walk. Fresh deli seeded bread, muffins and fruit cake!

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