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Monday 26 July 2010

Master Chef Madness

What am I going to do with my winter evenings?
I need help or counselling... I’m not sure which? I’m feeling totally at a loss.

What am I going to do now that MasterChef has finished?!

Although I do feel a little sad that the programme has come to an end, I also appreciate that I’m a little sad for getting so hooked. I’ve watched MasterChef in the UK but I have to admit the Australian version surpassed all my expectations. Not only did it grip me but my other half rushed home one evening from a works function in order not to miss elimination. He obviously will profusely denigh this but I know the truth.

Another amazing and staggering fact is not who entered the final or the incredible viewing ratings but Callum and Adam even inspired my son to enter the kitchen. Normally first stop when he enters the kitchen is the fridge, secondly, if the first didn’t hit the spot, the cupboards trawling for tasty treats. I nearly fainted when he decided he would have a go at cooking. Yes, Cooking!!!! In order to reduce the risk of breakages, burning himself or in the worse case scenario burning the house down, his pressure test was an omelette!

How I stayed away listening to all the clanging, hissing, crashes and profanities I have no idea but finally the dish was completed and ready for the judge’s decision. Well, it would have been but my son wouldn’t give up food easily at any time never mind when he’s produced it himself!

Verdict... “could do better” (his words not mine)....but whether he takes up the challenge again will remain to be seen.

I’m now heading through the website checking episode’s I may have missed (fat chance) and recipes that have taken my fancy.
I’ve seen the sneak preview of the Junior MasterChef due to arrive soon, but quite frankly that just scares me. It’s taken me literally decades to acquire the few skill’s I have and to see these kiddiewinks hardly able to see over a counter top producing exceptional dishes blows me away.

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