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Thursday 19 August 2010

Is this really Australia? Yesterday was grey, damp and had an incredibly cold blustery wind. As my mother used to say "It's a lazy wind....it doesn't go around you - just straight through".
But at certain points on our walk there were beautiful glimmers of yellow.

Firstly, I picked some flowers from my garden that just wanted to come inside out of the cold wind and join the others I had in my vase.

Then a neighbour spreads her goodwill at this time of year by placing a bucket full of lemons outside her garden gate. Her trees are laden with lemons. Unlike my poor specimen. My excuse is that its still recovering from the hail storm we had a few months ago.

I'm ashamed to say that there's only one lonely lemon on my tree. I can only dream of having enough to share with neighbours. I just look on with envy.
Last year she did the same thing about this time of year and after walking past for two days and wondering if they were meant for people to take, I noticed a post-it attached to the bucket saying 'thank-you'.
Walking away with my pockets smelling beautifully lemony, I went home and baked a lemon tart. I thought it only fair that I should repay their kindness and take a few portions around to the house to pass on my gratitude.

This year my other half thinks its only fair that if I take them again, then I should bake them another lemon tart. The fact that its his favourite dessert has nothing to do with it, or so he assures me....yeah right!

So after posting this I'll be baking. There might even be photo's to share later. Sorry I can't distribute any lemon tart. You'll just have to make do with the photo's but just think of the calories you'll save.
Lastly I was hoping that the third yellow object might be the sun, but that wasn't to be, but I did see these little cuties.

Maybe spring is just around the corner......

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