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Monday 30 August 2010

Pumpkin Soup

Today I decided to make the most of the winter seasonal produce before salad season starts.
I wanted to indulge in a warming winter soup.
Pumpkin soup has recently been voted the winner in our house.
So pumpkin it is.........
Firstly you'll need some good chicken or vegetable stock.

Chop pumpkin into chunks and place in an oven tray. Oven setting 180 degree's (Gas Mark 4)

Drizzle chopped pumkin with good extra virgin olive oil. I add a little seasoning but not too much
as I like to add to taste once the soup is underway.

Place in oven until roasted.
Meanwhile place a knob of butter into your soup pan and saute onions until softened.
Add the stock.

When roasted put pumpkin into a suitable container and blitz (skin and all)

Next I like to sieve to make sure no skin gets through - I don't like bits!
There's nothing better than a really smooth creamy soup.

This sieve is the third one I've tried and thankfully its perfect for the job. Previous ones took forever and far too much effort.
There's more to life!

Only thing left to do is to enjoy......

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