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Thursday 31 March 2011

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

After much deliberation as to which day might be the best to visit the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, my friend and I decided yesterday would be the best...well according to the weather forecasts etc. But we are talking about Melbourne here, so even though the grey clouds were looming, off we set. As you can see by the time we arrived it was blue sky's and sun....typical Melbourne.

We decided our plan of attack would be to peruse one side of the grounds first, then up through the sculpture exhibit, on into the Royal Exhibition Building for the floral hall and then to the other side of the grounds, trying to make sure we didn't miss anything in between. Oh, and of course a few stops along the way for tea/coffee's, lunch and a little vino....well its compulsorary and all part of the experience, also very enjoyable too ;-)

There were so many things to photograph I was in danger of my batteries running out....oh and the camera's too.
The light shining through these trees was spectacular
And of course you never know who you might bump into...above Graham Ross - Garden Expert from Better Homes and Gardens 
and below Jason Hodges - Channel 7 Resident Gardener/Landscaper  
I don't wish to brag but Jason did come over to us and chatted for a few mins.
Positively charming!

Not too sure about these next characters though....but they were hilarious and entertaining the crowds with they're antics. The dog was quite naughty....but everyone had a good laugh.

And with the sun still shining we headed into the Exhibition Building.
What a fabulous building.

The perfume in here was quite powerful, but I can imagine as the show moves towards the weekend, it will only intensify as the displays bloom. Some of the arrangements still had numerous buds still to open.
It was a floral feast for the eyes.

This particular bouquet reminded me of my wedding...wow...what a memory....to go back that far!
 This display was good enough to eat...then we realised we hadn't had lunch.
Once outside the crowd was being entertained once more, but this time with this cute snail. He was being enticed around by the 'lady' dangling a piece of lettuce (I never thought I'd think of a snail as cute, but this one was).
In his little shell behind there was a brilliant caravan home with so much detail. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a picture of that.  
I loved these huge teak balls....

Oh, I forgot to mention all the freebies, competitions, children's face painting, cooking demonstrations, and masses of retail display areas too. Well, in fact I've probably still missed lots, but then you should just go and visit yourselves. 
This is a vertical wall of plants...I think definitely better than a concrete wall.
I have to admit it was difficult to keep a blogging head on, because I just kept being swept away with the enjoyment of the day. My sister and daughter will appreciate what I would have been like and will sympathize completely - we usually visit flower/garden shows together and all hyperventilate though-out the visit!
So I may well have to revisit again before Sunday, when the show comes to a close.
Beside, I'm hoping that like the UK Flower Shows ie Tattenhall Park and Chelsea, on the last day of the show at approx. 4pm there's an heightening of excitement, as everyone expects the imminent sale....suddenly a bell rings and then everything at the show is for sale. There's always some brilliant bargains to be had, plus sometimes even things you just wouldn't normally be able to buy.  
I love to see everyone trying to make they're way to the car park carrying or dragging or in fact doing anything they can to get their treasures home.
Some of the sights are truly amazing and hilarious.

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