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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The wheels on the bike.....go round and round...

Now that I've felt the wind through my hair and riding at speed on my rollerblades (hardly - well downhill maybe) my other half decided last weekend to go one step further.
He bought me a new bike.

He's a real biker but not the ponytail, tats, and leather clad kind of biker....he's more of a Mamil: middle-aged man in Lycra....see link to explain this further. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-10965608

I have to stress here, that as far as I am aware he hasn't taken to shaving his legs - well not yet anyway...

He actually cycles in and out of the CBD daily to work - about 32k
I'll hardly be doing that kind of mileage and I'm not too sure about the lamps that he bought at the same time either - I certainly don't have plans to cycle in the dark!

However, I did look at baskets for the front for Muffin but decided after the sales rep scrunched up his face in disgust, that if I wanted to take her with me she'd prefer to be in a backpack with eye goggles....oh I can see her now...

But I do think I'm going to be a fair weather cyclist

The fact that my other half's wheel exploded on the ride home yesterday didn't inspire me to think about travelling far.
Well, for one reason I wouldn't be able to get on the phone and have a superb rescue service like he has....namely me driving to the nearest point to rescue and collect both him and the injured bike to transport home.

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