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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Prahran Market....

Prahran Market has always been one of my favourite markets here in Melbourne. It stems from the early days after our arrival. It was within walking distance of our first apartment, and as soon as I wondered around and drank in the atmosphere, saw the plentiful seasonal produce that was available, I knew I'd found somewhere I'd be happy to frequent regularly.
Prahran Market is known as "the food lovers market" because of the quality and range of their food.
There are also so many other aspects to the market ranging from the children's amusements, pets corner, the cookery school, a wide range of activities, live music and events that are a regular feature, to name but a few.

I never realised there were so many varieties of tatties, but if you state what dish you are about to create then you'll be advised which potato will be most suitable for the job in hand.

I once saw the largest mushroom I've ever seen in my life on this stall.
It was larger than a serving platter.

I think you can get virtually anything and everything at this market.
This little hardware store is a treasure.

Even Ostrich eggs?......imagine dipping your toast into that chucky egg for breakfast!

Always a favourite with the children...Pets Corner where they can feed the animals - getting up close and personal.

The Fish Stall is amazing and well worth a visit ....

It's a shame I haven't featured all the stalls but then you'd be here for hours, so this is just a snippet to give you a flavour of the place. For all the stalls that didn't get a mention I apologise - its not for any particular reason just time, space and possibly I didn't get a good enough photo! So blame me....

The aroma as you pass this stall is incredible (not that you'll likely pass without stopping) 
It's a pity this screen doesn't have a scratch and sniff button....

This chalk board was so impressive with the full explanation of all the different types of coffee. It was well worth stopping for another cuppa, just to take in all the information.

There are even happy chappies always willing to carry out your wares to the car.
Now that is a service I really appreciate, but unfortunately has long disappeared from many parts.

There was a little rivalry between these two guys, so I had to take the two chaps photo.
But he was so happy it was a pleasure.....I left them deciding who was the most photogenic...

And then there's 'The Essential Ingredient'....wow... I hyperventilate when I visit this shop. Yes, I know for some its shoe shops, fashion boutiques, or handbags but for me its kitchen equipment and books!
I was very honoured to be allowed to take these photo's in the store - so thank you for your permission and hopefully I've done a good job!

Cookery books galore.....

Learn more about Prahran Market from their website....I especially like all the history behind the market.

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