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Monday 23 July 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ Monday 23rd July 2012

Outside my window...which is difficult to see out this morning due to the heavy condensation on the inside of the window, which is a firm confirmation that it's a cold outside. The sun is just rising. The sky is a very pale blue having not warmed up yet and everywhere is very still...it's obviously a chilly bright fresh winter morning. I've just peeped at the window on my weather icon in my sidebar and it reads only 4 degrees celcius! That's quite cold for a Melbourne winter's morning. But it doesn't matter because the sun's here and that makes everything fine! ;D
I can't hear any birds at the moment...maybe they're staying huddled up until the sun's warmth reaches them...or their porridge is ready?!!? 
I know there's a resident ‘Tawny Frogmouth Owl' (Podargus strigoides) in our tree in the front garden, because for over a week or so now he's been woo-wooing all night! It's a very strange noise like a low repetative vibrating noise. If you would like to hear their night call click here and then scroll down the right hand sidebar until you come to the call option. It's really quite different to the usual owl type call, but then the Tawny Frogmouth isn't an owl at all, in fact they are actually more closely related to an noctoral bird or Nightjars.  

I am thinking...about the new week ahead and wondering what it might bring? One thing for sure is that it will go quickly, so I'll have to make the most of it! But then I always try to.

I am thankful...for the moon and stars that brighten up our night skies. Last night because it was a very clear night we had a brilliant display. The best night sky I've ever seen was when we were on holiday in the Maldives where obviously there wasn't any light pollution because of the location of the island. I would just stand and stare at the magnitude of wonder above. It really does make you gasp in amazement.

In the kitchen...there's a new huge pressure cooker! It's a scary beast of a thing. I've been toying with the idea of getting one for years because I know some people who rave about them...my sister has cooked with one all her married life...but I've always been a little afraid of them. Especially when they're hissing and steaming away like they're going to 'blow' at any moment!
So I've been instructed numerous times by my OH that I have to read the manual before tackling it. He's read it, but he knows what I'm like with manuals...they're for 'men' that why they're called 'MANuals'.
Women just get on with it!!! Ohhhh...that's probably going to ruffle a few feathers (well we'll see if any men read this journal now...but maybe if they do they won't admit to it eh?)

I am wearing...I'm still in bed...so mind you're own business! ;D

I am creating...I've got lots of ideas again for this week ~ I just hope I can get to them. You'll be sure to see them here if I do :D

I am going...to an appointment this morning and Wednesday I have booked my car in for a service. Thankfully they provide a loan car, so I'll still be able to get around. There's lots of bits and pieces planned but nothing too demanding so I should have a productive week. 


I am wondering...In keeping with the night theme that seems to be running through this journal today...
'Why is it that you must wait until night to call it a day'?

I'm reading...The Seamstress by María Dueñas. I KNOW...I can't believe I'm still reading this book either!
I must emphasise that it has nothing to do with the book. I am enjoying reading it, but I've just not been able to allocate enough time to it. I manage a few pages last thing at night but my eyelids give way!
I think I should be on track for our August book club meeting but it might be a close thing. 
My reading seems to be taking a back seat just now, but it's a good read and I am enjoying it....here's a few details....

Maria Duenas' million copy best-selling tale of adventure, tragedy, love and war, "The Seamstress". Spain, on the brink of civil war, 1936. In love for the first time, Sira Quiroga leaves Madrid, along with everything she knows and cares about, to run away to Tangiers, Morocco with her lover Ramiro. She entrusts him with all her inheritance only to be left by him - pregnant, penniless and in trouble with the authorities. At her lowest ebb Sira falls back on the one skill she possesses: sewing. Moving to Tetouan, Sira survives by sewing beautiful clothes for the English mistress of one of the most powerful men in Morocco and for her German friends. As the women unguardedly gossip about their husbands and lovers, Sira is placed in a position very valuable to the British secret service, and she is soon forced to move to Madrid where great danger lies. A grand and epic story that tells the story of Spain's civil war, Madrid in the Second World War and reveals a world of war, glamour, espionage and passion. "A wonderful novel with intrigue, love, mystery and tender, audacious and clean-cut characters". (Mario Vargas Llosa). "A magnificent novel that flawlessly brings together history and intrigue". (Juan Gomez-Jurado, author of "The Moses Expedition"). Maria Duenas holds a PhD in English Philology and is currently a professor at the University of Murcia. She has also taught at American universities, is the author of several academic articles, and has participated in various educational, cultural and editorial projects. She is currently writing her second novel which she'll probably have finished before I finish this one.
I am hoping...that all the plans and designs that are crowding the right side of my brain at the moment...get to see the light of day and all expectations. I'm still so thankful that Mr Mojo decided to return to me and so far looks like he's willing to stay. :D 
I am looking forward to...yep my answer is still the same...a holiday, vacation or even a 'stay-cation' (whatever you want to call it) just so long as we can have some time away from the normal route to explore somewhere new, relax, eat, drink, have fun and generally recharge the batteries! Obviously somewhere warm or even tropical might be nice right now...but as time goes on I would just like it to be anywhere! Hopefully we'll manage it soon and when I do take a trip, I'll be sure to take you along or if you're not free at least show you where I've been!
Around the house...all ship shape and fairly clean and organised considering. So I need to spend some time outside...because it's a perfect day for tidying and pottering about the garden. There's a lot to sort out and as they say...'when the sun shines'!
A favourite quote for today...'Don't wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you've got to make yourself '.....Alice Walker

One of my favourite things...is to watch Masterchef. I've had such pleasure from watching this fourth series where poor novice cooks have made an incredible journey of discovery. They've had some amazing challenges, trips and mentoring that is priceless...plus meeting some of the best chef's in the business from all over the world! The programme is now entering it's final week where there will be eliminations each night...it's at the bitter sweet part of the series where you want to watch but don't want anyone to leave because over the weeks you get to know all  the contestants and their personalities.  
But leave they must...in order to reach that coveted prize and one of them to be crowned 'MasterChef'! 
Bring it on.....
A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, rest and play but not necessarily in that order : D
A peek into my day...  
 Now that looks like I imagined Australia would look like...
this beautiful place was on our doggy walk today...how perfect is that?

 So that's it for this week; I hope you enjoyed your visit. Don't forget to pop over to The Simple Womans Daybook and check out the other day book entries
Have a fabulous week and hopefully the sun will shine where you are : D


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous Picture Neesie! You live in a paradise. I am like you. I have tons of ideas pummeling my brain, and not enough time to get at them. Life keeps getting in the way, and the necessary chores which need to get done no matter what. Sigh . . . I wish I could just play all the time! Hoping you have a great week filled with possibility and chance! xxoo

    1. Morning Marie,
      I had so many photos to chose from it was rather difficult to only post one...but I suppose over time they'll appear in my posts anyway! ;D
      The more I mention how quickly the time is passing and how badly I'm managing it...things seem to get worse! Maybe the secret is not to...who knows?
      I really feel I'm neglecting my friends ~ so I'll try and visit later, pop the kettle on :D

  2. OMG, I am terrified of pressure cookers for all the reasons you mentioned, especially when they sound like they're going to blow! lol However, I'm thinking of getting a slow cooker.

    We, no doubt, had some Tawny Frogmouths in the bushland behind us until developers moved in and cleared it all a couple of years back. I was quite devastated...we still hear the occasional birdsong in the mornings but nowhere near what we used to. I miss the birdsong the most.

    I understand your delay in finishing the book....I started one myself close to a month ago and I haven't even made it through the first chapter. The book is interesting enough, I suppose, although it hasn't quite grabbed hold of me yet...but finding time to read hasn't been easy.

    The picture is very similar to parts of the wetlands we live close to. I love scenes like this. Perfect!

    Have a lovely week ~ xo

    1. I actually bought the pressure cooker last Wednesday, but it's still sitting there untouched...it may well be there a while before it's used...waiting until I feel brave enough! ;D

      I'd have been very upset about the developers actions too and possibly have chained myself to a tree!

      I'm wondering if we should make or buy a box for our little fella but he seems very happy just being in our tree (and that's not going anywhere!) I wonder if he's one of the three that visited last Christmas?

      I adore birdsong and like you would miss it terribly.

      I'll keep going with the book because I never stop reading one once I start it...no matter what. It does get better...I've got about a third to go.

      I'm also pleased to hear that you like my photo.

      Have a great week too. Thanks for taking the time to stop by ~ I really appreciate it ;D

  3. Hi Neesie, your diary is much shorter this week, could it be because you are still in bed? Anyway I enjoy reading about your thoughts and well done on getting a pressure cooker, mine went years ago and have not replaced it. My Mum used to cook potatoes, sausages and onion in hers and it always tasted devine, no additives, just plain cooking - ah those were the days.......hope you have a good week, see you at WOYWW. Anne x

    1. I didn't realise it was shorter this week Anne...sometimes I am aware that I do go on a little, so maybe that's the reason ;D
      The pressure cooker was so expensive...I'll have to be brave and use it...I make a lot of soup and I've seen some interesting dishes using one so we'll see. I'll no doubt have a story to tell at some stage!
      I can't believe Wednesday will soon be here so I'd better get on with my drawing.
      Thanks for popping by and enjoy your week :D

  4. Hi Neesie! The book sounds interesting to me. I might give it a go!

    One question about this daybook thingy.... how often are you supposed to post? I don't see anything on the original blog at all.


    1. Hi Anthea,
      I used to post a daybook entry every Wednesday but that day is now taken up with WOYWW (What's on your Workdesk Wednesday)
      so I try and write one entry a week ~ whichever day I find the most time.
      If you click on the icon at the bottom of my post it'll take you straight to all the entries for this month. So you could just write once a month if you wished.
      If you need any help with getting started or how to link etc...just email me ;D
      Thanks for stopping by my place...I appreciate your visit :D

  5. I got a chuckle out of the fact that you are a wee bit afraid of your new pressure cooker. My mom is afraid of them. I have a large pressure canner that I love to use for canning veggies and meats so she comes to my house to do her pressure canning so that she doesn't actually have to use one herself - lol - and she always stays out of the kitchen once I get it going! Love your picture. Have a great week :)

    1. I'm nay a weebittee afraid Alana...I'm scared big time! :$
      It gives me the 'Eebeejeebees' in fact.
      So will it be okay if I nip over to your place to use it???
      We can share nicely ;D (LOL)
      Thanks for popping over...I may have to report back if things get too hairy. (Psssst!!!!! ~ that's the steam just in case you think I've flipped)
      Have a wonderful week ~ have fun!

  6. That owl sound is very weird, does it go on all night, it would drive me bonkers! lol I'd be out there in my night gown trying to shoo him away! Then the cops, be out there, ya know reporting about the crazy lady... waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Welcome to my world Sandee! The only way to shoo him off would be to climb the tree...and I'm not about to do that...it's a huge fir tree.
      But I haven't heard him over the last two nights, so maybe he's moved on anyway?
      I've a terrible vision now of a tree climbing nightie clad woman scaling the tree badly and getting stuck...'call the firebrigade'!
      Well maybe that's not such a bad idea after all ;D
      (Trouble is I don't wear a nightie!!!)
      If he comes back I may give that a go?

      By the way I've got a little treat for you on WOYWW later...be sure to pop back for a lookeesee :D


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