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Friday, 27 July 2012

Artist Play Room ~ Pen, Paper and Ink

Well here I am again giving myself such a hard time over whether or not to post an entry to the Artist Play Room? Why, oh why do I leave it so late to work on a piece?
I'd promised myself last week that I would give myself more time and I did actually start planning early on but then whoosh the time went flying out of the window.
Jenn decided that this weeks topic would be ink, pens and paper. 
So to post or not to post....Hmm....
Now please remember I was thinking outside of the box Jenn! 

Okay well here it is.... no ink pots, scrolls, or fountain pens in sight...it's the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House of course.
Did you know that the bridge had her 80th birthday this year?...You may have witnessed the fantastic New Year firework displays that brought the old girl to life ~ she's one party animal and certainly not feeling her age or prepared to sit back quietly. 
Okay so maybe I am stalling before showing the drawing...
I'm not sure about this drawing and feel I may redraw it again this weekend...I like the idea but I'm not sure about the execution!
(I'm off now for a few hours sleep before an early rise tomorrow morning to watch the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Unfortunately we'll have to view most events here at silly-o-clock, but I'm sure it will be worth it.)
 Why not pop over to Jenn's place to check out all the other fantastic talented artists.....I'm sure you'll be in for a treat! ;D


  1. Great idea and work as always. I can imagine it'll be silly o'clock viewing for you all, I shall be glued to my tv for the Olympics too, but it starts at 9pm here. Still quite late for little ones I feel. Ah well, hope you're okay lovely. Zo xx

    1. Hi Zo,
      You were really quick to visit...I'd only just hit the post button and actually went back in to edit, but you were already there. (hehe)
      I'm feeling very tired tonight, so maybe I shouldn't have posted now...I should have been getting my beauty sleep!
      (I need all the help I can get!) :O
      Let's hope the opening goes well and the sun shines...it's looking good so far. Have fun!

  2. oh wow, I think this is absolutely amazing!!!!!Just beautiful, you have such a talent.

    1. Awww...thanks Laurie you're so kind,
      I'm not going to say I wasn't pleased with it because that's beginning to sound boring as I'm constantly saying it (in a whisper...but I wasn't!)
      I'm really beginning to sound like an old record!!!

      Thanks for popping over here...I love to have you visit :D
      Have a wonderful weekend xox

  3. Sitting here with the soccer game on, watching it and my computer, will find it hard to go to my craft room :/ It's so much fun though! I love your tangling piece, I mean it used pens and ink, right? lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. That's what I thought Sandee...and Jenn did say think outside of the box didn't she? ;D
      I did have lots of ideas for the challenge but
      I very often mutli-task but then I'm not so sure that's a good thing anymore....I just don't seem to do anything well.
      But I'm going to concentrate on APR next week and not WOYWW and see if that helps.
      waving from the cosy covers of my bed (LOL) ;D

  4. Love it!
    You should learn to have more confidence in your work - it really is good!!
    Enjoy the opening ceremony...

    1. Hi Laura,
      I didn't manage to get up at silly-o-clock this morning to watch it, as I'd gone to bed at silly-o-clock last night!!!
      I'm hoping that they will have it repeated on one of the eight additional sports channels that we have for the Games.
      I'm away now to flick through to see....
      Thanks so much for stopping by and I will try to be more confident next week I promise...I'll knock your socks off!!! ;D

  5. Perfect zentangled picture for an Aussie girl like you!! I think it turned out great! Chuckled at the 80 year old bridge out partying for her birthday. ;) I am very late this week, too. Cheated and used an old sketch, but made up for it in pictures--ROFL! Where does the week go so quickly!!?? ;)

    1. Oh Rita I just don't know where the week goes...I wish I did!
      With only just getting back to art, unfortunately I've not got any old sketches I can use.
      But I'm going to make APR my priority for next week and see if that helps.
      Yep that bridge is one party animal...any excuse and she's there...80 or not!!! I hope to be like her ;D

      (Psst...by the way you do realise I'm not really an Aussie don't you? I'm a Cheshire girl actually just enjoying myself here in the sun for a while...well I will be once winters over)
      Thanks for popping over to my place.
      Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy!

  6. This is a lOVEly drawing! Why the doubt - I have no idea!
    I'm sat here just now waiting for the actual ceremony to begin. I'm SO excited! It's great for us Brits to NOT be awake at silly o'clock to see the games for a change, hehe. Ideally I would be sat here for the next two weeks or so, just nipping out occasionally for the necessaries, BUt the reality will be arguing over the control to watch the games ahead of CBeebies, having to go shopping, having to go to school holiday clubs and having to do the usual chores *sigh*
    I hope everyone enjoys watching as much of what they like as much as they can :0)

    1. Thanks for your kind comment...I really appreciate it. :D

      I hope the ceremony went well and we did a good job...I'll be away to watch it as soon as I finish chatting here. Well I'm hoping to find it on one of the new 8 channels especially provided for the Games.

      Have you thought about hiding the remote??? It's just a idea...not that I'd do something so sneaky! ;D
      Or maybe take it in turns to decide who gets to watch what?

      I hope we put on a great show...I've been watching programmes called 'London Calling' that has given lots of insights into the preparations and atheletes stories which has been really interesting.
      Enjoy and let the Games begin!!!

  7. Hi Neesie,
    I'm sitting here watching the Olympics opening ceremonies and David Beckam just drove the boat with the flame. Your drawing is spectacular, I wouldn't change a thing. Hugs my friend,

    1. Oh you are too kind Jenn,
      Next week I'm going to focus on the APR challenge and give it the time and effort it deserves.
      Maybe I should nip over and check what the challenge is before I say that! ;D
      I knew David would be in there somewhere...hmm....delish...I can't wait to see him (cough...ahem....) I mean the ceremony! :D
      Have fun and thanks again for being such a wonderful host. xoxo

  8. This is an amazing rendition of the Sydney Opera House, Neesie. I love the intricacy of your design, I am watching the opening of the Olympics as I type, and laughed hysterically at Mr. Bean's performance. I also loved the British music through the decades performance. Anyway, thank you for you kind words on my blog, and blessings!

    1. Thanks Arnoldo, I had other ideas to add to the design, but then questioned should I stop or go on. I decided to stop but I'm still not sure. It's always a difficult call isn't it? ;D
      It's been a fantastic year for the UK...with the Royal Wedding, the Tour de France win, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and now the Olympics. I just hope the weather behaves!
      Have a great weekend and thanks for popping over here to my place ~ enjoy :D

  9. Love it Neesie! I adore your art work. So inspiring.

    Lol at your comment! Thanks for your visit. I do feel rather chuffed, having visited everyone, but I don't suppose it will ever happen again! I'm really behind because I've been mega busy finishing a special card for the weekend (long blog post just uploaded!!) and also glued to the Olympic Opening Ceremony this evening - quite wonderfull!

    As for the anotated photo, it's easy peasy with a desk top publisher.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Oh thank you so much Shoshi ~ that means a lot to me.
      I'm having a little blip and wondering if Mr Mojo is about to leave me again! I hope not because last time he went AWOL for 12 years!
      Anyway, I'm so pleased that the Opening Ceremony did us proud.
      Let's hope we can now go from strength to strength.
      It's been quite a year so far hasn't it?
      Thanks for popping over to my place.
      Enjoy your weekend too :D

  10. I am so glad you decided to post! It is a beautiful piece! I love the designs inside the design! Thanks for commenting on my inkblot! I do "see" things sometimes that are not there! Hum... The opening ceremonies going great so far. Really interesting cultural history.

    1. Hi Gloria,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment.
      I too see things but it depends on how much I've drunk (hic) ;D
      I'm so happy to hear everyone's reaction to the Olympic Opening Ceremony...it's been a fantastic year so far for the Brits!
      Have a wonderful weekend :D

  11. I can boast that I have been there - and I dare say, you have gotten the roof and it's tiles just right!!!

    1. Which is more than I can say Kimmie...but I hope to rectify that soon. I plan to climb the bridge too ;D
      Well if Oprah can do it...why can't I?
      Hope your weekend is going well. Thanks for stopping by :D

  12. I love this pic of the Opera House, you certainly don't have to redo it, perfect just how it is. How did you do with the 5.30am start on the Olympics, I have to admit I didn't turn on the TV until 6.30am. Loved the Queen and James Bond but my favourite was Mr Bean, he is so funny. Tried to stay awake for the sports but kept falling asleep, have to catch the replays in the mornings.
    Don't stay up too late watching.

    1. Do you really Von? Thanks so much....
      I've decided to leave it alone for the time being, because I have so many other things I need to get to first but I may revisit it at a later stage.
      I've had to watch the Opening Ceremony online in snippets unfortunately, because I hardly got any sleep the night before... in fact I only got to bed at 3.45am! There was no way I could drag my tush out of bed at 5.30! I was so annoyed at missing it.
      But everything I've seen has been great, which is a relief. I wanted them to do a good job.
      I agree with you, I had such a giggle at the Queen and James Bond spoof...I think that was definitely thinking outside of the box. As for Mr Bean ~ what a hoot!
      He translates his humour to any nationality without words which is very clever and brilliantly done.
      We've watched some sports so far, that I wouldn't normally watch which is what it's about I suppose. I always feel I want to get up and do something when I see all these healthy people at the peak of their fitness....a bit like me!!! ;D ROFL

  13. What a beautiful drawing and adding all the tangles - brilliant! You ought to be very proud. :) Warmly, Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I had a blip this week with my time management so felt I hadn't really done the challenge justice. I may well revisit and redraw, but we'll see how the time goes this week.
      Let's hope it's a good one and the sun shines! ;D

  14. I think it is a great entry.... and I am late getting here because I am totally disorganised and hopeless... but drop off is now done and I am here... and it is awesome... very very cool... I think the execution is great... you are hard on yourself aren't you...too hard xx

    1. You sound like you're in my gang Trace....where did July go!?!?!?
      I know I need to lighten up but when you constantly juggle the plates and don't feel you've done justice to something it niggles away. Having said that at least I'm still doing!
      There would be a time when I'd have come up with excuses not to do so at least that's an improvement. Now I just need to drop the negativity!
      Ready for another fun packed week of creativity! Yay bring it on :D


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