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Monday, 1 April 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ Monday 1st April 2013

Outside my window...There's a fresh autumnal feel to the air...I think we may have missed summer silently slipping away. I've felt just that slight chill today which is inconvenient because it's not cold enough to light a fire or turn the heating on, but I feel I need something a little extra to keep me warm. The sun did make a weak pattern on the carpet a short time ago, but it was rather feeble and decided to give up. 
Maybe it's the slight breeze gently touching everything with its cool air that has made it stay away today. The clouds seem heavy but there's no sign of rain. My washing has been in and out like a fiddlers elbow in the last few days, which is very unusual for here but I've decided to give in and let it be for now. 
Plant pots have been emptied and cleaned...they are sitting grouped together like a nursery sale is about to begin. I've noticed our thongs (flip-flops if you are from the UK) are still nestling near the kitchen door but they'll not be needed now probably until next summer. Sad but true.
I heard the crows calling this morning and was reminded of autumn/winters in the country when the crow's calls would resonate across the bare fields. For a second I was transported back.
The garden loungers are stripped bare of their bright coloured cushions like sad skeletons. 
It's a strange time as the season changes...neither one thing or the other but with cold nights arriving the tips of the trees have begun to change colour. Soon all the autumnal display will be a feast for the eyes. 
I noticed one particular tree this morning gently weeping as its leaves drifted to the ground. Have you heard that if you catch a falling leaf and make a wish...it'll come true? I've tried but they always seem to swerve and twist unpredictably as they fall. I suppose making wishes should just be easy everyday occurrences. Not if they are to be special. Our pool must make so many wishes...perhaps to be the size of an Olympic swimming pool one day or to have a water slide because it seems to catch every falling leaf!!!   
This photo was taken last Monday morning...hence a little blue sky peeping through
I love clouds especially when the sun is caught behind them. It lights and highlights their edges like they have been hit with electricity! 

I am thinking...that I will include more photos in my Daybook in future, as I'm always taking photos and it seems a shame not to share them.  

Here for instance are my Easter bunnies and the tulip arrangement I made. The tulips are looking a little sorry for themselves now but they were really stunning when the tulips started to open...like golden cups of sunshine! Unfortunately they'll probably be evicted tomorrow...but then I can play once more with some more flowers and greenery.


(I'm just a little concerned about mummy bunny having no eyes! I can't help wondering why?)
I am thankful...for the technology that brings my daughters voice into the room even though I know she's 12,000 miles away. We can chat whenever we feel like it and that's priceless.

In my kitchen...it's now 1.15am so it's quiet and tidy. I did have an earlier entry for this question but for some reason I pressed a key and whoosh it disappeared and do you know for the life of me I can't remember what I wrote before. I think it was about the ingredients for our meal of belly pork marinated in char siu with fried rice. I'd say that the fried rice would be my screensaver in the recipe department, if I had to pick one recipe. It's always tasty, quick, full of flavour and a family favourite.
Here's a previous post of the recipe if you want to check it out...click here   
I am wearing...before I start I need to explain...I'm a nesh puss and if anyone is going to be cold it's normally me before anyone else! So with that in mind...
I'm wearing trainers, socks, jeans, long sleeved t-shirt, jumper, pashmina AND a quilted sleeveless waistcoat! I know and it's hardly autumn yet. But I've checked the temperature and it's only 12C degrees....remember I've mentioned before that I'm just not a happy bunny when the temperature is under 16C! I think the fire may be light tonight and I'm thinking of going in search of our winter quilt. Well best be prepared I say!

I am creating...an unusual drawing but if I showed you here I'd have to explain why I'm doing what I'm doing and I'm not sure I want to divulge that information just yet. Maybe later who knows? 
It's a line drawing using the Micron pens and I'm pleased with it. 
I'm also looking at the next Artist Play Room challenge...this week it's peacocks so my artistic side better get a wriggle on if I'm to enter by the close of business on Friday! 

I am going...
away at the weekend for one of our trips...so just pack a small travel bag. It's only for a long weekend but I did say I'll take you along. I won't say where just yet...oh I do like to keep you all in suspense don't I?

I am wondering...whilst I recognise that I'm truly blessed right now...I am aware that quite a few people I know are having a tough time at the moment for various reasons. I'm hoping that things improve for them.

I'm reading...nothing! (Gasp) yes I know that was a shock for me too, but I only just finished a book this afternoon and I haven't had time to chose my next one yet. I've read the two books I needed to for my book club so the next one will be whatever I decide. There's quite a few waiting in the wings but it's just after 1am here, so I'm not going to pick one now. I'll have that pleasure tomorrow. Do you find this as exciting as I do...deciding what to read next!
If you have any suggestions then please just drop me a line...I'd love to hear what you've been reading or if you have a recommendation.

I am hoping...that Samuel Johnson gets to keep his promise to his sister Connie to:
  1. Raise a million dollars for Breast Cancer research
  2. Raise awareness of the disease that’s killing her
  3. Break the Guinness World Record for the longest journey on a unicycle.  
Samuel and Connie were born a year apart, so they’ve always been close. Growing up they played together, explored the neighbourhood together... and fought cancer together.
Connie has fought cancer three times in her life and Samuel has been with her every step of the way. This time things are different. Connie is dying and she doesn’t have much time left.
Faced with the fight of her life, she set Samuel the toughest challenge she could think of. It started as a joke in the kitchen. It turned into a promise.
The goal? To set a new Guinness World Record for the most distance travelled on a unicycle, raise $1 million and spread Connie’s message of breast cancer awareness.
Samuel has consulted all the experts, taken none of their advice and he’s setting off on the challenge of a lifetime. He made a promise and is determined to keep it!
Samuel left Melbourne on Friday February 15 and is out there as I type.
No matter which way you look at it...riding 15,000km zig zagging around Australia on a unicycle is an epic journey and an inspiration one to us all.
Take a look at their story here there's some amazing clips, info and photos about the journey that both Samuel and Connie are undertaking. 
I wish them success and maybe you might feel the same and make a donation too via their website. ;D

I am looking forward to...both my weekend away but also another trip that's planned soon. You'll need a bigger case for this trip.
I'm also looking forward to all the autumn colours...the trees dressed in their beautiful colours

Around the house...there are two boys (well I use the term boy rather loosely for one of them) and two dogs. Its Easter Monday here and both boys are off from work. One boy is rustling through what seems like huge treasure maps but happens to be architectural plans for our house and the other is upstairs in his part of the house with the music playing and heaven knows what! It's an area I try to stay clear of at all costs!
The dogs (Zac is staying with us just now) are having a rough and tumble with lots of gruffs and growls...all harmless and obviously they love it by their look and body language. 
Here they are waiting for me to produce their breakfast...obviously not quick enough...you just can't get the staff....
The atlas is open wide on the coffee table indicating where our forthcoming trip will take us...don't look...you'll spoil the surprise! 
The Easter eggs have mysteriously disappeared, which is a great shame but my waistband sighs with relieved. I was thinking I'd have to head into the elasticated slacks but we may just have everted that cataclysmic tragedy!  Not that I have any elasticated waisted slacks you must understand...phewph...just wanted to make that clear!

A favourite quote for today...Nothing is more highly to be prized than the value of each day
~ Johann von Goethe    

One of my favourite things...well it happens to be a BIG thing...it's Muffin of course. Our mini shuh tzu dog. I don't think I've included her in my favourite things before because anyone who visits here regularly will already know this. It's the same and family and friends...it's kind of obvious really. 
Mufftypup is with me every day...she's like my shadow. I know her so well and she knows me. But of course she can manipulate me very easily with a look or the quiet way she gruffs to make a point (which by the way can drive you insane if you try to ignore it...it's impossible) She makes me walk out the door every morning no matter what, even when I don't feel like it but once I'm walking it's such a special time. 
She's had quite a life so far with being an expat and has even flown half way around the world....probably business class knowing her! She's only 9 years old but I have moments when I wonder just how will manage when she has to leave us. She's the cutest, cuddliest, fun loving, playful, funny pup I've ever known but then I may be a tad biased.  
A few plans for the rest of the week:  At this point I normally say.....Work, rest and play but not necessarily in that order...it still seems appropriate! : D

A peek into my day... well actually it was a day or should I say evening last week. The photo was taken whilst we strolled along the South Bank of the Yarra Valley here in Melbourne. 
We had a beautiful meal in one of the many fabulous restaurants to choose from and enjoyed one of the last (possibly) warm evenings. Two Black swans were out enjoying the evening too.  

 The building on the other side of the river is the famous Flinders Street Train Station which is an iconic building here in Melbourne. It opened in 1910 and is the oldest station in Australia.
 So that's it for this week; I hope you enjoyed your visit and if it's your first time reading my daybook entry, I hope you enjoyed it.
Don't forget to pop over to The Simple Womans Daybook and check out the other day book entries

I hope you've had an eggciting Easter and hopefully the sun will shine for you....keep smiling!

https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif I hope to see you again soon...
Have a wonderful week everyone. 
Bye for now 

p.s. just a little note...it's now 1.30am so if there are any errors above please just turn a blind eye and forgive me...I need to sleep ZZzzzzZZZzzz zz x


  1. Thank you so much for stopping in to say "hello". I had to laugh that you are talking about summer slipping away, and I am desperate for it to begin! Have a blessed week!

    1. It is strange isn't it...how we can be complete opposites but then immediately connected at the touch of a button. ;D
      Today is a showering day but that's fine by me...rain is always welcome just so long as it stops now and again!
      I really missed the seasons when we lived in the Middle East.
      I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a whole new week to start...how exciting!
      Have fun :D

  2. Love those bunnies, and your tulip arrangement looks beautiful! Have a great day!

    1. The bunnies are made with a furry green moss kind of effect.
      Thanks for popping by my place...I appreciate your visit ;D
      I hope you had a great weekend and an even better week ahead.
      I'll be visiting soon :D

  3. Lovely photos, nice to read about your life and thoughts! Have a good trip at the weekend, and don't forget to give those poor dogs some food! Hugs, Valerie

    1. I suppose it could be like a docu/soap thingy on the tv but not quite so exciting!?!!? :$
      Don't worry about the poor wee doggies...they have a way of getting their own way Valerie. I have no misconception about who's top dog in this house!
      In fact I'd better get a wriggle on because its 'walkees' time ^..^
      Have a great day and thanks for popping over. I plan to do some visiting later today.
      Fingers crossed ;D

  4. I enjoy these posts so much, mostly because its like catching up with a good friend, have a wonderful trip this weekend,

    1. Well that's so good to hear Laurie because although they can take quite a time to write I enjoy posting them.
      I was awake until nearly 3am last night due to writing it so late and then I couldn't find my switch off button.
      I also always read before going to sleep but with finishing my book during the afternoon I was at a loss because I hadn't picked my next book!
      I'll be on the case later today for sure! ;D
      Thanks for your visit...I hope you'll join me on my little trip. Not sure what to expect on this weekend away but there's bound to be something that catches my attention.
      See you soon my friend xoxo

  5. Adorable tulips! they catched me... unable to stop looking at :)

    1. Fresh flowers have that effect on me too Natalie,
      They are like little rays of sunshine :D
      Thanks for stopping by...have a great week!

  6. your tulips are so attractive!

    1. Hehe...thanks,
      I wish I could say I grew them myself but I did pick them out of the florist! :D

  7. Hey Neesie! Love the variety in this post, especially the glimpse of Melbourne and the "love your sister" story and site. Wow. Sad and amazing. I can't wait to find out where this ext trip of yours is taking you to... I travel vicariously through you!:-)

    1. Hey Minnemie...fantastic to see you here again, how've you been? ;D
      I'm so glad you liked the post...this type of post seems to be popular although I'm always blown away by that because it is just my natterings!
      The 'Love Your Sister' story is incredible and something that since I first heard about it and saw it on the tv has stayed with me.
      I just wish there was going to be a happy ending....

      Shall I tell you where we're going? Nah! The anticipation is all part of the journey. I hope you won't be too disappointed when you find out! :$
      I hopefully will be able to make the two trips a good experience. The first is only a weekend away, but then a 10 day trip and then...and this is hot off the press...a looooong trip!
      More about that later. (I'm such a tease aren't I?)
      In the meantime have fun, take care and give yourself and those boys a hug from me xoxo

  8. Love the pic from Southbank... my uncle was the lead designer and architect on that project and the hotel there all those years ago and so it reminds me of him to see any pic from there... now he is forever away living in Brussels and doing his thing there ... and those two pooches look adorable together... those look like I want treats or a game faces if ever I saw them... and we are off on a trip as well... just 6 nights but sea breezes and salt air will clear the head and brain and I will have the chance to read some books.... have a pile a mile high to take with me... can't wait ...xx

    1. That's fascinating to hear about your Uncle Trace,
      The whole of the Southbank is a really happening buzzing place to visit...with fantastic restaurants and hotels plus the casino. I wonder if much has changed since he last saw it?
      You're right about the treats and games with those pooches...I'm worn out and have had to nip to the Yarra Valley to chill out in the wineries for the weekend!!!
      Hic! LOL
      Your beach trip sounds just wonderful too....aren't we lucky! ;D
      Have a fantastic time and I'll catch up with you later xoxo
      p.s. I only brought one book but I've also got my kindle as a back up just in case.

  9. Oh, how I have missed these. It is like sitting over the kitchen table chatting. Fall is my favorite time of year. I have a while to wait. Enjoy your trip! :)

    1. I think you should enjoy spring and summer first Rita, especially after all that snow you've been having.
      I do love fall too...all those beautiful colours changing each day.
      Melbourne is having a brilliant autumn so far...with beautiful sunny warm days but the temperature drops at night so the leaves are just beginning to turn.
      I love all the seasons and that is the main thing that I missed whilst living in the Middle East. I appreciate each one for different reasons.

      I'm glad we had our little chat over the kitchen table...we'll have to do it again sometime soon. ;D
      Take care and enjoy your weekend xoxo


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