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Friday, 19 July 2013

Little Wandering Wren....to the rescue

Good Morning to you all...
(or whatever time of day or night that it happens to be with you right now)
As you can imagine life has been pretty hectic over the last three weeks...so much so that I've actually lost nearly 3 kilos! 

Not misplaced like an overnight bag (containing crucial anti-wrinkle cream) or my favourite wok, which hasn't turned up yet, but really lost! 
To move half way across the planet isn't the best weight loss programme I have to say, because in fact it can work out pretty expensive per kilo but it does work! 

So before I carry on with my current adventures and get you up to speed on everything that's going on here...
I have something very important that I want to share with you. 

I realise that quite a few of my visitors enjoyed keeping up to date with what was happening in and around Melbourne...or just Australia in general and so guess what? 
I've got my stand-in or should I say my replacement ready and waiting for you.

(photo thanks to Google Earth)

Jenny Wren has been a keen follower of my blog for quite some time and so when she decided she'd like to join our merry band out here in blog-land, I couldn't resist helping her get started. 
We shared some quality time together over copious amounts of tea and snackets (it's compulsory when creating as you know) whilst I blindly led her through what I'd managed to pick up along the way.
It was a sheer delight to see her excitement when slowly each piece of her blog came to life.
Remember those days? 

Little Wandering Wren (as her name describes) has traveled extensively and would love for you to join her on her travels and adventures. She's a Brit too so what more can I say...we could be from the same egg! 

She wrote an amazingly clever post upon my departure and even managed to capture some of your blogs within the tribute...so go on make her day and pop across to see what's happening in her neck of the woods. 
I know you're going to love visiting plus she's promised to pop the kettle on for anyone who stops by... 
I'm sure she'd be even more thrilled if you just let her know that you've been there by leaving a quick message. Thank you for your support...I knew I could rely on you lovely lot :D

I'm going to be back up and running here from Monday...thank goodness we'll have full internet access from then.
Muffy has lots she'd like to tell you about and I've been clicking my camera like a mad woman!
Plus we had a fabulous day at the fairy tale wedding in the castle. 

The weather's been fantastic even though it was expensive to freight across...everyone has been very appreciative so it was well worth it!  
I can't wait to share it all with you...so come back soon

Enjoy your day and make the most of every minute...its a gift! 


  1. Hi Neesie - you're too kind. I'll always have the kettle on for any friends of yours. I am missing you big time! I lost two blogs last week, are you sure you didn't pack 'em? sob, sob all round...

    I can't wait to hear all about your new life, apart from the brilliant summer weather which we can see on the cricket. It's poured with rain here for two days!
    On a brighter note, I seemed to have picked up your extra kilo's but am still looking for your anti-wrinkle cream!

    1. Hello there Wren,
      Oh I'm missing you and a post too! What's going on?
      It's happened to me before but I thought it was because I was using a laptop that I wasn't familiar with and had inadvertently pressed a wrong button. Don't you just want to weep when that happens?
      In fact lately I'm thinking I'm also missing my mind too :$
      I'm just putting it down to the trauma's of the move...obviously nothing to do with age, being blonde or anything like that!
      The air freight arrived this afternoon so 260 boxes down only 10 more to go...whoohoo!
      Thanks for finding my kilo...don't worry about sending it back you can keep it :D
      Enjoy the cricket...whoops should I say that? (:*)
      Keep that kettle on the boil...Chat again soon

    2. Hi Neesie
      No I don't want to weep, I want to start throwing things around. On a good day I only throw a tantrum, but other days I want to throw my IPad out the window...

      Do I need therapy? ;)


  2. I've missed you, Nessie. So glad you will back in blogland next week. I guess you'll have to change the location on your blog now. I'm very interested in how Muffin is doing in her new home.

    1. ....And I've missed you too Boo! ;D
      I've got lots to sort out on the blog. I did try but it put up a fight as I don't think I've enough 'umph on the dongle. Or maybe I'd ran out of 'umph?!?!? lol
      Anyway hopefully from Monday things will settle into some sort of routine.

      Muffin can't wait to tell you all about her adventures! I've also taken lots of photos because you know what she's like...she loves her photo taken! ^..^

      Thank you so much for nipping across to Little Wandering Wren. I know she's going to love having visitors...well don't we all? :D

      Hope to start visiting soon so get that kettle on xoxo

  3. Glad to see you posting! How was the trip for Muffin and how does she like her new home? Not an easy way to lose weight. Sounds like you will need to buy a new wok. Now where on earth could the wok have gone? Settle in and take lots of pictures!! :)

    1. Hi Rita,
      It's good to be back although, I'm dashing in and out at the moment.
      Muffin has been incredible and taken everything in her stride.
      I plan to do a post about her journey with photos once I get a little more organised...probably early into next week. ;D

      Rest easy Rita...the wok arrived yesterday! I've got three other woks, but the one that was missing was my favourite which was typical. The trouble is that it doesn't work on the induction hob, so it'll have to wait for the aga to be switched on.
      Also glad to report that my anti-wrinkle cream appeared as if by magic too :D

      Camera snapping constantly so stand by to be inundated soon.

      Hope all is well with you and Karma.
      Chat again soon xoxo

  4. Hello Neesie,

    Welcome back to Britain - dare I say welcome home??
    Good to have you in Blogland - looking forward to reading all your eciting adventures.

    1. Well hello there Margaret! ;D
      Thanks for your lovely welcome back and yep we're home at last.
      It's surreal to be here, but it does feel good.

      I hope to be back blogging during the next coming week as things keep popping into my head and they're backing up big time!
      I've also been snapping away taking so many photos that I'll be running out of space soon.
      I hope life is good with you and hopefully will be able to visit soon.

  5. Hi Nessie, So glad you are back blogging... I popped over to the little wren & joined up... So Glad to hear wee Muffin is doing good so looking forward to her post...Thanks for the gift of bringing over the sunshine But you know what I'm melting here in the South tee-hee..... I hope you are getting some sun too.. Hugs May x x x

    1. Morning May,
      It does feel good, although I'm only sneaking in and out just now. We're sharing a dongle and it's quite a battle to get access but have no fear the Internet Engineer is here! ;D
      Well he was but he's had to nip off somewhere for more bits! Possibly a coffee but I did offer refreshments.
      I'm starting to put together Muffins post today...so not too long before you can see her ^..^
      I thought you'd like the sunshine but realise I may have been over zealous in my quantity. It's been brilliant here but I fear on the tad hot side for those further south. I think today is reporting it could reach 33 degrees Celsius!
      The trouble is that not many houses have A.C so it gets mighty warm, especially at night.
      Can you believe that we've actually managed to eat outdoors six evenings since arriving. Now that's something I didn't think we'd manage to do.
      Anyway I must dash on and get posting. Stay cool but enjoy all this beautiful sunlight.
      Hugs to you too


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