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Monday, 16 September 2013

Ahh...remember those play days...

Muffin isn't amused this morning...she's even reluctant to go outside for a quick sortee because the temperature dropped last night to only 3 degrees!
It came as a sharp shock to us too, but Muffin has just curled up to stay cosy and isn't happy. I can relate to that because once the temperature dips below 16C degrees, I too want to shut down.
I think I may be in trouble this winter...what do you think? :(

Anyway two chimneys are now sending smoke signals out to the locals and we're slowly warming up, so all is not lost. We do have central heating for reinforcements plus the Aga but I don't want to rely on those just yet. At this time of year it can swing from warm to chilly and back again, extremely quickly. 
Hold the thermals but have them handy!

I was just watching Muffy snoozing and snoring like an old trouper with her legs and muzzle twitching away and thought "I wonder what she's dreaming about"? 
Then I thought maybe she was having fun playing with her bestie Zac once again! 
Ahh...remember the warm sun filled days...chicken filled tums...and a good tough and tumble on the carpet ^..^

Here's a little video clip that I took when we lived in Melbourne. 
Zac was staying with us at the time so there were lots of play-time. 
The video was taken on a Sunday just before lunch hence the dulcet tones of Louis Armstrong's 'What A Wonderful World' playing on the radio in the background. 
Very appropriate for these two. 
Gravy stirring music as I always like to think of these kinds of tunes. 
It's a must when I'm cooking a Sunday roast dinner to have this kind of music playing. 
I have so many lovely memories of helping make Sunday lunch as a child and one of my jobs would be to stir the gravy
There would always be a Swooner Crooner singing away in the background.  

They had such a special relationship. 

Thanks for stopping by...I really love to see and hear from you.
Have a great day and don't forget to have fun too!


  1. what little darlin's, so sweet, you'll soon be conditioned to the cold, you'll see, this is a tricky time, cold nights and mornings and then hot afternoons, these were the days my children always left their jackets at school! They need them in the morning but come afternoon, way to hot!

    1. They were such good friends but Muffy always had the last word...typical female some would say ;D
      It's certainly a tricky time of year isn't it?
      Yesterday was glorious and really quite warm, but it's really chilly today. I've got the wood burner plus an open fire on the go just to take the chill off the place.
      We used to call these type of days "it's a jacket on, jacket off, jacket on kind of day"
      I hope you are having some warm sunshine before that snow comes to call.
      Stay cosy xoxo

  2. Wow I can't believe it's so cold there!! I'm not thrilled that cold weather is getting closer to us as well:(
    What a cutie you have!! Your best little friend !!


    1. Oh but it will get so much more colder as winter approaches Vicki. Tell me again why I left Australia? ;D

      As with any friend my bestie can be very annoying at times...but then she'll just do something adorable or give me 'that' look and I melt. I know I'm so weak and what's worse is that she knows it too ^..^ (minx)

      Lovely to see you...thanks for checking in
      Have a lovely week xoxo

  3. Yep, I know what you mean. We have had a couple of very cold nights this last week. The garden has definitely slowed down. BTW, have you started your digging yet?? That veg-patch has to be up and running for next Spring! :)

    1. I need my garden to stop never mind slow down Mark, whilst I catch up! ;D
      ...and no I haven't started digging yet (panic setting in)

      My plan is that I'm hoping to talk to the farmer to see if he'd be willing to swing by with his tracker to turn it over and flatten the plot. The trouble is he's so busy with harvest just now, so we're having to wait. Meanwhile the weeds are growing like trifids! :(

      Just seen your harvest so I'll take inspiration from your plot.
      Enjoy your produce xoxo

  4. Hi Neesie
    The Queen puts a flag on top of her palace when she's home, you send up smoke from your two chimneys - I like your style!!

    Just so you're not pining for the sunny days of Melbourne, we had them with all the promise of a long last summer ahead, but we're now back to rain and cold here BUT as you know no lovely Aga or fireplaces that work...
    The Crazy Poodle like McMufty spend the day firming tucked up in bed yesterday as well!!!
    Hugs from us both

    1. Hehe...I put a flag up too Wren, when I hang my sheets out on the washing line! They can be seen for miles (probably even in Norway on a good day) Trouble is I don't want all my intimates hanging out for all to see...so I have to be selective on which flag to fly! ;D

      These mutts of ours certainly know how to make the best of things don't they? ^..^
      McMufty is curled up in her basket wearing her best Aran jumper again today...it's a dog's life eh?

      Stay warm until your summer gets her act together.

  5. Those warm/cold days are confusing aren't they? We get a lot of cool overcast mornings, warm afternoons this time of year. Not quite the fluctuation you have though.

    BTW, I clicked the video and got the message "This video is private". I could however see those cute doggies in the picture.


    1. Whoops...thanks for letting me know Darla,
      I've just nipped back in to hopefully reset the clip. Fingers crossed it will work okay now :$
      Yet again a steep learning curve going on here!

      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by :D

  6. Waaaaa, the video won't play for me. It says it's private. I'm
    feeling a little bad for Muffin. Does she have a sweater? You've moved her to a cold climate and I wonder if she understand where that cold weather came from??? I say.. grab a blanket and you and Muffin snuggle up with a cup of tea and a sketch pad today.

    1. No doubt McMuffty is a little confused Boo, but then she can be confused about so much more than just the weather! ^..^
      Thanks to Jenn's Mum over at http://www.justaddwatersilly.com/ Muffy has a beautiful hand knitted Aran jumper and looks the bees knees as well as being cosy.
      But I do like your suggestion of a blanket, cuppa, good book or sketch pad and an open fire! Now you've sown the seed...I'm heading to the study ;D
      I did actually sketch last night whilst there was footy on the tv here. It was fantastic so I'll be doing that again.
      Apologies about the video...I've been in to correct it so I hope it will work okay now. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

      Thanks for letting me know. Much appreciated.

  7. I love Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World". It was my daughter's choice of song at her wedding for their Father-Daughter dance. Stay warm!

    1. Ahh...what a perfect song for such a lovely dance.
      I missed dancing with my Father on my wedding day as he died when I was 16 years old, but I know for sure I would have had something along those swooning crooners types for our dance.
      I'll have to make sure that my hubby practices for his dance
      hopefully one day with our daughter when she gets married! ;D

      Lovely to have you stop by...enjoy your week :D

  8. Yup! Pretty similar over here. We've been in the 40s at night, but now we're supposed to be back to 50s-60s at night Might even hit 80 tomorrow for a moment. You're so right about it changing rapidly up and down.
    I was smiling through that whole video. They are were darn cute together. You can tell they were great buds!
    Stay warm!! :):)

    1. Topsy turvy weather for sure.
      Glorious sun today but feeling very fresh!
      We'll just enjoy the warm and rug up for the cold shall we?
      Glad you enjoyed the video clip. It was lovely to watch them play and you could seriously lose an hour or two just doing that! ;D

      I'll take your advice and stay warm...you too.

  9. Argh.... 3 degrees, that's downright horrible, serves you right for leaving us!!!! I won't upset you by telling you it 30 degrees here right now, oops looks like I just told you (mwa ha ha). I think Wandering Wren has something with that flag idea but sheets won't do, the knickers sound more like you (he he). How cute are those woofies, love the video, it played okay for me. I think Muffy should have her own personal heater or a heated jumper might be nice, plus matching heated booties for her ablutions. Poor Muffy having to suffer freezatious weather. Enjoy yourself, it'll be snowing soon (ha ha ha).
    Luv Von :)

    1. Hehe...well it's risen to a high of...are you ready for this? 12 whole degrees!
      I'm not sure I'd like 30 degrees Von :$ (can you see my nose growing?)
      Have you seen my knickers!!! I don't think so lady!
      Sheets are good enough unless I buy some special ones to fly the flag! lol

      If you see some of those heated jumpers and booties then yes she'd probably want them...I don't doubt someone out there has them for sale...there seems to be everything else!
      I know there is a thunder jacket that heats up which helps calm dogs in thunderstorms. I have a cheaper version...I just hold her tight and keep her snuggled close so she's warm. It seems to work. She's not half as bad as she used to be...but I suppose she could be going deaf!??!?! ^..^

      You have a wicked laugh Von...snow indeed! :$
      Thanks for visiting (I think? LOL)
      Have a great week xoxo

  10. Sorry I am so late in commenting but things just got in the way. Oh the memories that video brought back - their instant bond when they first met; Zac's exhaustion after each meeting from trying to "play!!" with this beautiful female and his anticipation each morning when we set out for our walk. Thanks for the memories. Zaccie and I send our love to you and Muffy (sorry McMuffy) Hope your weather is not too cold. XOXO

    1. Hey everyone Zac's in the house HEHE...

      Oh please don't apologise...I'm the worlds worse for arriving late. It's just a lovely surprise to see you here ;D
      I know it provokes such wonderful memories of the two poochy pals just being totally engrossed with each other and their play.
      I remember Zaccie pulling on his lead desperately trying to reach his beloved when we met up for our walks.
      I know he can be fickle, so I suppose he's just moved on now, but she certainly put a spring into his step didn't she? ^..^

      We send our love back to you two too (and cocky too of course ;D) ♥x♥x♥

      It started off beautifully at 6am but we've clouded over now. I think the thermals are getting near the front of the cupboard!
      Having said that though we are supposed to get 20degrees this coming Sunday...crazy days! x


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