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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Opportunities could be around the next corner....?

I had so much pleasure watching a robin bobbing and bouncing around the base of the bird feeder the other day. But then he flew onto a pot hanging on the house wall.
Nothing unusual there I hear you say, but then he dived down into the side of the outer pot! 
It was a tight squeeze. 
Most odd I thought...but then I realised he was going to get a drink from the surplus of water contained in the base of the pot. 
This made me realise that the water bath which was located at the rear of the house was totally in the wrong place! 
Cool fresh water was on hand but not just handy enough. 
All the birds were oblivious to its presence. 

The feeders are proving to be incredibly popular but like a good meal in a first class restaurant you need a nicely chilled drink to accompany it.
So the bird bath had to be moved nearer to the feed station...and oh how that has proved a big hit! 
There's virtually a constant queue. 

(Here's Robbie taking in the new spa...I hope you can see him as he's a little difficult to spot)

That got me thinking how life can be like that bird bath.
We might all be missing opportunities that are just out of sight or around a nearby corner.
Maybe we just have to look a little further or step out of our comfort zone to find all kinds of possibilities. 
There could be all sorts of wonderful things lying in wait for us. 

Opportunities don't always come right into our path...sometimes we have to go and look for it!
Just a quick post today...I'm working away in the studio (spare room... hehe)
I hope your Wednesday is wonderful and full of opportunity.

Oops I forgot to post the view outside my window on the 1st September...forgive me? 

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  1. Hi Nessie

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Your gardens look amazing along with that view, I could sit and watch birds in a bath all day, I find it funny when they dive into the swimming pool, but I do like bird baths.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda

    1. Hi Eliza (& Yoda)
      I used to find it funny when each afternoon a Wattlebird would come to dive into our swimming pool when we lived in Melbourne.
      Well maybe funny isn't the right word for it, because he usually arrived just after I'd spent time cleaning it!

      Thanks for stopping by...I know you're in for a busy time in the next week or so...so I appreciate it :D

      Have a fantastic weekend

  2. Such sweet photos. I don't know how you get any work done with the view and feathered friends!

    1. Precisely my point Laura, I don't get much work done at all! ;D
      Well not as much artistic work as I'd like.
      But I think it's good to stop and appreciate these special things...and there's always inspiration out there.

      Lovely to see you again...have a great day.

  3. hi neesie
    great photos, your garden is looking lovely as usual, my bird bath is made from a metal dustbin lid but the birds love it.
    janet #37

    1. Hehe...a metal dustbin lid obviously works. It's just perfect by the sound of it ;D
      My bird bath went from here to the Middle East (where it was very popular as you can imagine) then on to Australia and now back here again...it's a well travelled bird bath.
      When I think of all the different birds that have been able to visit it...it's quite incredible.
      And it's still in one piece (or three)

      Have a wonderful day whatever you get up to and thanks for calling in.

  4. Very philosophical! But true, I reckon. Carpe Diem and all that... Love the view; wish I had that.

    1. Carpe Diem indeed Mark,
      I did have rather a philosopher's head on yesterday didn't I? ;D
      Happy to hear you liked my view...it is rather special.

      Now I'd just like to get a lovely view of a beautiful, flourishing, neat, productive veggie patch! Not a lot to ask eh?
      Soon I'll be posting a photo of the potential plot which is just wasteland at the moment. Brace yourself it's not pretty!

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day whatever is on your plan ~ enjoy! :D

  5. It is so pretty where you live. I can tell you are making
    great friends with all the wild life in your area.

    1. Hi Boo,
      I am indeed although I suspect that there's a lot more out there hiding! ;D
      I'll introduce my new friends as and when.

      I hope your day has gone well...I'll be across to visit you soon.
      Thanks for stopping to comment. I really appreciate it :D

  6. Hi Neesie
    I was just popping round for a cuppa but then a little bird told me I could have a whole bird bath full of drink at your place and there I was all of a flutter diving down to where I was told it was and now my head hurts.....when did you move it????? I've heard it's become that popular that it's 'first in best dressed these days'?!!!
    Have a lovely week

    1. Didn't you get the memo Wren? Sorry about that.
      Take a perch and rest awhile...you've had a long journey! ;D

      But be warned...you may have a little wait for your dip. The spa is getting more and more popular. Someone's spreading the word!
      I suspect it's that Twitter! LOL

      I hope you have a lovely week too...plus a wonderful weekend.

  7. Gorgeous photos, The wildlife I feel is drawn to your Beautiful Garden...It's so relaxing to watch the birds...Thanks for sharing... Have a great week... Hugs May x x x

    1. Hello May,
      Great to see you and thanks for the compliments on my photo's. I'm not too pleased because most have to be taken through the window but I've dusted off my poor old camera and I'll get back into the swing of it.
      The garden you have seen here is only the side garden...they'll be no relaxing once I start with the other side. I want to plant a veg garden but at the moment it's just a wasteland!
      Are you free by any chance because I could certainly share the digging too? ;D

      Enjoy your day with hopefully lots of creativity.

  8. So glad the bird bath is in a good spot now. Funny that it was too far away for them. Whenever it rains here and that puddle forms in the parking lot there are birds who seem to come from all over to drink and bathe constantly until it dries up again. Must not be that many water supplies for them nearby. I love to watch them cavort and play! :)

    1. Hi Rita,
      Maybe you should place a little container out on your balcony (if I remember rightly that you have a little balcony)...but then it would probably send Karma crazy! ^..^
      I had to fill up the bath twice yesterday. The birds are just going mad, drinking and splashing all the water over the edge. It's like having a water feature or fountain in the garden! ;D

      Well Monday is here again...let's hope it's a good week :D

  9. Love your photos and such sweet little robins, as you know we don't get them here. I've got two bird baths and the duck pond as it gets quite busy around here - bird wise. Plus our birds are a little bigger. You might find you have to get a couple more bird baths as well once the word gets out. Not posting this week, I'll write later and tell you why.
    Have a great week.
    Luv Von

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Von, I know you're busy,
      I got your email this morning and will reply once I've finished replying to these comments.

      I think you might be right...I think I'll need another bird bath and more feeders soon.
      I can also see that this is going to cost me a fortune. I'm having to top up the feeders everyday.
      On the menu this week are peanuts, sunflower hearts, dried mealworms and suet logs! Not bad eh?
      No wonder its a popular restaurants!
      They are obviously spreading the word on Twitter! lol

      Monday's here so that's the weekend over already...let's hope that this coming week is a good one :D
      Chat soon

  10. Replies
    1. Hehe...that's what we want ;D

      But the weekends over Darla...it's time to get up and running to max out this next week.
      Have fun xoxo


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