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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Not exactly Wordless Wednesday

You're probably not going to believe this but last night I had a bath! 
I know that's a shocking statement to open up with this morning, but it's a big deal in my book. 
A bath is a real luxury for me...to take time out...light a few candles...indulge in smelly's and bubbles etc takes effort and time, which I don't often indulge in, especially to treat myself. 
To shock you even more it's the first bath I've had in this house since returning last July! (Gasp)  Now steady on there before you back up in case of body odour or in disgust, let me tell you for the record that I shower daily. 
For regular visitors, you'll know that we've been having major renovations around here since we arrived back from Australia, one of which has been to bring the bathrooms from the 1980's to present day. It was wonderful to luxuriate in a bath (with ducks even...obviously not live though as I have my water way too hot) and appreciate just how far we've come. 
But we're not the only one's to benefit from the work that's been carried out around here. The birds certainly have become used to good pickings with feed stations dotted around the property. Yesterday I heard a commotion on the roof and discovered this family of swallows which appeared to be on their maiden flight. There were some dodgy flyby's and the odd thud of feathers on glass....but thankfully nothing serious.  But I've noticed that some of my new windows have been christened as did my car sunroof just after Hubby washed it at the weekend! 
I managed to capture some of the feeding.
Obviously our new gutters have full approval too. 
Note their sheen. 

It was amazing to watch the parents agility and I'm please that I managed to capture some of it on camera. I would have liked the better camera but that happened to be downstairs and I've come to learn you have to seize the moment. So many times have to gone to tell someone that we've a particular visitor or to retrieve a camera when the subject matter disappears. It can be so frustrating. 

I nearly managed to capture a Jay on the roof of the bird table yesterday, but he was too flighty for me. He has such amazing colours. Maybe I'll be more successful next time.
We've started to make a list of all the different birds that have visited the garden and we're up to 35. I know I can hardly believe it either. 
The jay is becoming a regular visitor now.
Like these guys...
I know I've tweeted about these guys before, but if you don't follow me on Twitter then you may have missed them. We've had them visit us for a about a month now and have had up to seven on the lawn at once. I've no idea where they've come from or where they go, but it's nice to have them drop in. They're brilliant at hoovering up all of the seed that's dropped to the ground from the feeder. If only I could train them to come indoors to carry on hoovering....now that would be something. 
For the eagle-eyed of you I know you'll have noticed the empty hanging basket hook but have no fear I'll be sorting that as soon as I find the time.
Yesterday I filled two large hanging mangers and I'll post their photo when the sun shines and they've settled in. 
(Another Twitter photo from during the week...it's our Chelsea Flower Show inspired border. I'll let you see how it progresses as the summer works it's magic...hopefully!)  

I was busy working in the garden with Muffy lounging about watching over me (as she does) possibly sulking because I was digging and she gets a such a hard time of it when she tries. But I suddenly became aware that she was missing. 
On the mooch no doubt but nevertheless I started to call and check for her. 
Now she normally ignores my calls and waits until I've worked myself up into a lather before showing her face in some undergrowth, but this time she didn't appear! 
Panic started to rise when I'd done a complete circuit of the house and garden calling all the most successful things that usually work. I needed backup so called my son to come and help find her (this has happened on numerous occasions with him having to pole volt over the barded-wire fence to retrieve her). Anyway as he was getting shoes on etc I heard barking down the lane (unfamiliar barking but a bark all the same) and two cars were parked up. Not a good sign.
I frantically shouted to my son to head down the lane, whilst I checked out more likely spots on the peripheral
 of the garden. 
Just then a car turned into the driveway and a woman popped out to her boot and retrieved a completely oblivious pooch. 
Mufftypup had done a runner!
 Something that we just never thought would happen...had happened. 
Apparently, the woman stopped when she came across Muffy sitting smack bang in the centre of the lane. Muffy had followed a dog walker who's dog obviously must have had longer legs than her because she gave up after about half a mile. 
Too much hard work for a diva! 

The rescuer asked the dog walker if she knew Muffy but then when she didn't she decided to backtrack up the lane and thought our house was probably the best option. 
Nearest for one of little leg!
I couldn't thank the woman enough, hugging her whilst her dumbfounded little wee one's in the back of the car watched such a mad woman basically throwing a tizzy.
I went through all the various sinario's all afternoon and evening after that...she could have been run over, dognapped, dinner for numerous beasties like foxes and buzzards...oh I can feel the panic rising again so I'd better stop now. 
Here's the cheeky wee bissom out on one of our walks...nearly lost in the long grass. 
As you can see we'd have had great difficulty in finding here if she's gone further afield. 

I was going to link to a Wordless Wednesday today but then I'm writing less and less on my blog lately, so I thought I'd just have a natter this morning instead. 
I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Have a wonderful Wednesday...whether it's wordless or waffling!


  1. oh my gosh I feel the panic in your words, she is so very small and the world is so big, that was a wonderful action for the lay to take but the other dog walker should have noticed, muffy following, poor muffy, poor you! Your gardens look wonderful and the bird photos are very artsy, gallery like images, the ark birds against the sky, I like every much!!I'm glad you have finally had your bath, I always thought your house looked a bit like a castle, but I 'm so glad you haven't taken up medieval bathing habits , nonexistent! Hope today is a quiet ay for you,

    1. She's tiny Laurie, to give you some idea she's a mini Shih Tzu and only weighs 4.5 kilos.
      Little minx ^..^ (she's tucked up safe in her bed now, so I can rest easy)
      I'm getting there on the garden front...well in one area. I've not ventured to the other side of the house yet...plans for a veggie plot and greenhouse at some stage there but I'll have to give up sleep to get to that!
      I was thrilled to capture the swallows having breakfast and a pit stop on their maiden flight. It's great having so much bird life around us... although it's costing me a fortune but I think it's worth it ;)
      Hehe...castle indeed. I like that but not the medieval bathing habits. I couldn't do with that. I like hot water too much plus half the time I need it to thaw out!
      I enjoyed my day thanks. I managed a little of everything...even art so a bonus there.
      Thanks for your lovely long comment. It's always great to chat with you
      Have a great day too xoxo

  2. So very glad to see you post AND glad that Muffin is alright. What a great story you weave. I don't do any other social media other than blogging so i'm glad you posted here.Your garden pictures and bird photos are lovely. Hugs! deb

    1. It's great to be blogging again Deb,
      With summer upon us and the day light lasting virtually up until midnight, it's incredible that I still can't get to do all that I'd like to each day. It's a constant juggle!
      I'm so happy to hear that you've enjoyed my storytelling. My blog is usually the main arena for news and photographs so you shouldn't miss anything...I just back it up with all the other social media sites. I prefer blogging though ;D
      Glad you like the garden although now I look at the photo I realise that I should have taken it from another angle, then you'd have seen more colour and blooms.
      I've been out there again today...but it's good to work hard but the rewards are there.
      Glad you like the bird photos too.
      Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I love to natter with visitors.
      Enjoy your day xoxo

  3. I love reading your blog. You should become a writer in your spare time. HA HA Glad to hear Muffy is home safe and sound. I have had that experience to many times to count since we live out in the country. I appreciate your pictures of your gardens, birds, construction, etc. Would love a full picture of the outside of your home. It looks like a castle. (Updated) I too only have blogs no twitter. So keep us update too.

    1. Your comment made me smile Pam...in fact 'grin' would be more descriptive ;D
      Yeah...she's home and safe now but grounded. She was totally oblivious to the dangers and more to the point what she had done to my heart rate! ^..^
      That's the second castle comment tonight (lol). It is a large...ish house but hardly a castle.
      As mentioned above I love to blog more than anything on the social media front, so I'll keep posting and I hope you'll continue to visit.
      I also wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten that I have a little artwork to send to you from the Pass if Forward Party . I'm giving it lots of thought but if there's anything that you'd like, hobby, interest or an idea for something then just let me know.
      I hope to come up with something in the next month or so, but note that you're a no-reply comment. If you could let me know your postal details by emailing me directly then we'll be sorted :D
      I look forward to hearing from you soon.
      Have a great week xoxo

  4. No wordless waffling me, I'm all abut the twaddle ;) Hehehe
    But, back to more mserious business - OMGoodness! I'd have had a hissy fit too! What a wee rapscallion she is, but what a wonderful stranger-lady to bring her home. How on earth are you going to keep her homebound? Lead weights in some ankle cuffs might help ;)
    As for your birds, wow whee, 35 varieties, how cool is that! And I love to watch the house martins swooping around. Their call is so fine to hear. I couldn't make out what the white birds were Neesie. Gulls? Blimin messy, noisy pests around here they are. Like flying rats, Dirty creatures. But that's just imo. The only bird I have a diliking of, yet they're one of the most prolific. Perhaps that's why. Would I feel the same were they smaller? I don't know.
    Right, Time to get the kettle on. Fancy a brew? :o) x

    1. Hehe...hello there Mo ;D
      McMufftypup is a minx...or a wee bissom to say the least. She's such a tiny tot I dread to think what would happen to her in that great big scary world out there... although I think she'd just head to the nearest person and play her cute card. ^..^
      It's always worked before!
      She's going to be staked in future in the front garden. Oh that doesn't sound good but you know the long lead attached to a curled iron stick stuck in the ground thingy. Well we have one but have never used it. Firstly though we have to find it!
      The swallow call is okay unless they're all lined up on your guttering just above your open bedroom window and they are being fed breakfast! Then the noise can be quite ear piercing let me tell you.
      As for the white birds Mo...they are doves not seagulls!
      A brew would be perfect thanks. Just a little milk and no sugar ta...I'm sweet enough! Ha! ;D
      Sleep well and enjoy your day tomorrow.
      Hopefully we'll get a little sun and warmth. I'm not impressed so far

  5. Now that was quite a natter for a wordless Wednesday. (grin) Fab pics of the swallows! You can really make out their distinctive tails. Love the mossy rock border! Look forward to a floral display in front it one of these days. Summer, you have that so far north, huh. (wink) Baths...over rated in my opinion. I won't begrudge you enjoying one now n then tho. Hey now little Ms McMuffy none of that trotting off after the good looking dudes! You'll put your Mum in hospital with heart palpitations. Might need to put a bell on the little Miss whilst your outside, Nessie. Hugs from FL.

    1. I just couldn't help myself Nan...I couldn't keep quiet, so I thought I'd just go for it! ;)
      I think I might have been ill-informed with reference to summer here. There's certainly no sign of it still. In fact we've got two fires burning today. The temperature is only 12 degrees! Just shocking :/
      Oh how you know Muffy well Nan...you're right any handsome dudes and she's off. Little Minx ^..^ I'm not sure about a bell on her...I think we might need a big heavy chain!
      I hope you're enjoying your weekend and you're making the most of the heat (just a light shade of green here) ;)
      Have fun xoxo

  6. Naughty little mufftypup scaring mummy like that. I hope you've had a stiff drink and are now recovering. It's wonderful to see that you have so many different birds there and they are very different to the ones we get here. I can't believe it's been nearly a year since you left our shores, time really flies. Catch up with you soon.
    Luv Von.

    1. Isn't she just Von, she's enough to drive anyone to drink! ^..^
      We do have some wonderful birds....most are small and have delightful voices too.
      I keep changing my mind as to which one is my favourite. The robin is way up there though.
      Yeah...who can believe that it's nearly a whole year since I left. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I was actually there, especially when I see a particular place on the TV with fantastic light and weather .
      I'll look forward to catching up soon...in the meantime have fun

  7. Oh Muffty!
    I'm glad she's OK

    1. Oh me too Laura...she's a scamp for giving me palpitations ^..^
      I'm obviously going to have to keep a sharp eye on her!
      Thanks for stopping by...enjoy your weekend

  8. OMGoodness! That little stinker! You might have to tether her when she's outside if she is going to take to running off. :( She won't like that much, I bet. But you can't have anything happen to her!
    I love the swallows. We have a small variety of swallow that nests all over our building every year. They are so graceful and do so love the wind up here. They swoop and dart and play in the gusts.
    I keep thinking about Muffy!!

  9. Hello Neesie,
    I thought I'd come visiting with my morning coffee and danish. I love the photography in your posts. Very beautiful. I cracked up with the photo of the "frisky cow."

    Have you been doing any zentangles?



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