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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Take a peek Tuesday

Everyone is talking about autumn here at the moment, even though we're still in the month of August. I suppose if you look at the temperature records we've been experiencing over the last month... post ex-hurricane 'Bertha' it's not surprising. 
If you stay out of the biting wind and the sun is shining, then it can still feel reasonably warm. 
It reminds us we are still supposed to be enjoying summer, even if it's the tail-end and
I'm hoping because the last month has been so cold, we will have an Indian summer.
Well there's nothing wrong with being hopeful is there?! 
In fact, I'm determined to stay positive until the snow arrives (apparently 'they' say it's going to be a hard winter) Argh... 
If you're a regular visitor here then you may remember my tractor ride with the local farmer whilst in the middle of cooking the Sunday lunch. 
Well the above and below photos show the results of expert ploughing! 

Now I must admit when I see these photos they do make me think of autumn but I NEED heat. Not for selfish purposes (although it would better not to look like a 'mummy' bound up with layer upon layer of fleece), no it's because I have more visitors arriving from Australia! What am I to do? 
They'll freeze even though they've come from an Aussie winter!!!
Does anyone know if/where I might be able to a buy tartan onesie? 
I can see teeth chattering and not in a nice nattering sort of way.
I'm cleaning fireplaces ready to penetrate their layers and warm their bones once they arrive. We might be okay in the house but how am I going to get them from A to B or to see the place? 
I'm obviously going to have to be creative! 
 A neighbour's cat coming through the field. 
Good job Mufftypup hasn't seen him!

With the Great British Bake Off now into it's fifth season it's inspiring me to bake once again. Both my sister and I are keen bakers and we constantly send each other photo's of our latest creations. Click here to see her latest collection.
I baked Chocolate and Orange cake last week and yesterday I used some over ripe bananas for a banana loaf. 
I've searched through my blog to find the post that will have this recipe, but I can't seem to find it. 
I'm sure I've posted it previously but it must be hiding.
It's a very simple recipe, so if anyone wants it just let me know and I'll send it through. 

I would post it here but I've got lots to get through today and the times marching on. 
I'm on the final prep for the visitors... but there's the fresh linen and towels to put out (no I'll not be making animals out of the towel like on the cruise ships, but they will be folded neatly onto the bed with the must have chocolates etc.
It's all to detract from the cold.

I'm linking up for the first time with Our World Tuesday
Our World Tuesday Graphic
Have a wonderful week peeps and I'll try to catch up with you as and when I can. 


  1. Great shots, wonderfull farming, wheat fields, greeting from Belgium

    1. Hello Louisette,
      Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a lovely comment ;D
      Waving from a sunny Bonnie Scotland

  2. Great picture of the cat! Don't worry about the need for heat - buy your Aussies a hat and tell them to toughen up!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: note the address!

    1. Hehe... they're coming from Melbourne Stewart.
      It's a small world.
      We came back to the UK last year after living there for nearly six years.
      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.
      Have a great week (well how could you not living in Melbourne!)

  3. HI Neesie
    We've had extreme weather warnings today all around us and it's really wild in Sydney, so Bonnie Scotland will be a breeze - ha ha :) How could anyone not be captivated by your countryside, looking at your fantastic photos. Your visitors will love staying with you - wish it was me!
    Wren x

    1. Hi Wren,
      Hmm... I think we're having a little more than a breeze. I've just had to hang onto the washing line otherwise I might have had a quick trip to Norway!
      Bless you for your lovely comment about my snapshots... I'm hoping to distract the visitors any way I can so it should be interesting if nothing else.
      Hey... maybe you should nip over too and that way more bodies huddling up might create more warmth!
      I'm really struggling for time but I'll try to nip across to see you. I am loving this link up and would love to visit everyone. Maybe I might manage it one day.
      Enjoy your winter (suppressed laughter) sorry I meant enjoy your week!

  4. Thanks for your visit, to my Our World Tuesday post, so enjoyed peeping into your life and am now your latest follower. I do not have time to come back and check out replies so do not worry about ever leaving me one. You may also find my other blog Travel Tales of interest. Great to meet you albeit virtually. :)

    1. Well hello LindyLou,
      I've seen your little face numerous times on my travels around blogland, so it's lovely to finally meet (even virtually) ;D
      I'm afraid I'm of the old scho ol though... if you leave me a comment I try to always relpy. My mother would be proud of me (hehe)
      I'm going to love popping around to globe once I find a little more time or perhaps when my visitors have left. I think it's a great link up.
      Hopefully see you again soon. In the meantime have fun!

  5. I love your stove with the brick surround. Hate to have summer end, it is my favourite season. - Margy

    1. Ahh... so you like my Aga! (stove)
      Yep she's pretty special. At the moment she's sleeping, but I can't wait to fire her up once the weather gets colder.
      Then the heart of the house comes alive ;D
      I love each season as they appear for different reasons Margy. When we were living in the Middle East I missed them all so much.
      I now try to appreciate the good (heat) with the bad (cold).
      Have a wonderful week and thanks for visiting my place

  6. Such lovely pictures! I am staying positive and hope for more or better some sun! I have the impression that summers are getting shorter every year! Or is it that I get older and need more warmth? Whatever - I your visitors will love the countryside and your cake looks perfect!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment ;D
      I think you could have something there...older needing more warmth but there again I'm only 19 years old (HA! I wish) so I shouldn't feel the cold at all.
      Thanks for visiting my place... enjoy your week

  7. Beautifull pictures and that banana loaf looks delicious! Here in The Netherlands it's cold as well... thinking of turning on the central heating, although it's not really to bad a few hours into the day. It's just that it's such a difference from a few weeks ago!
    Debbie / Daqa

    1. The banana loaf disappears very quickly Debbie, it's one of the favourites around here.
      As to the heating I have the same dilemma... first thing in the morning it's rather chilly but then some days it would be too hot to switch the switch for the heating. We're managing on the wood burner for now but I can't wait to wake the Aga! ;D
      Apologies for taking so long to reply to your lovely comment but I've had visitors from Australia here so it's been rather busy.
      Have a great week whatever you have planned and let's hope the sun shines.

  8. I'm sure they will be cold. Good thing they aren't coming in the winter...although that would be quite the experience for them to tell everybody when they got home. ;) That loaf looks just yummy!

    1. You're right Rita I think they were cold at times, but we had the wood burner fired up so hopefully it wasn't too bad for them. We had sunshine and showers but we still were still able to get out and about.
      They are on their way down to England now which is very wet just now so I'm glad Scotland wasn't too bad.
      The loaf disappears very quickly and at the moment there's not a crumb in the house. At some stage today I need to bake. I just can't decide what to bake. I think Jam Doughnut Muffin's might be on the menu ;D
      Have a great day and apologies for my late reply.

  9. Beautiful pictures! Yes, it seems all like autumn, with us too...
    Have a great time with your visitors :-)

    The cake looks so yummy!

    1. The robin is singing which is a very autumnal sound but the trees haven't put on their colourful display yet, but I don't think it will be long before they do.
      Thanks for visiting... have a great day


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