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Wednesday 6 August 2014

What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday...WOYWW #270

It's a showery day here today so what's the best thing to do? 
Head into the studio of course. 
Well that's what I thought but it appears that it's already a hive of activity.  
Exciting parcels have arrived for my daughter from the printers and when a new A3 scanner arrived... well that just tipped Muffy over the edge...it's all just too exciting! 
I have something in mind that I'd like to paint today and can't wait to play with the acrylic inks once more. But I'm going to migrate to the kitchen table in order to keep the creative flows from clashing. 
Here's the painting from last week of the feathers that I promised to come back and show you. If you'd like to see more of the WOYWW gang's desks then click here to visit Julia over at Stamping GroundI know I haven't visited everyone from last week but I hope to do that later today...so if you've visited me then stick the kettle on...I'm on my way. 
Unfortunately before I draw I need to iron first. 
I know that in the dictionary crafting comes before housework, but if I don't iron a shirt there's a serious risk my hubby will be going into his office in a vest! 
I've been putting off ironing for quite some time whilst the sun has been shining, but the 53 shirts are all stacked up in the laundry like Mount Etna and seriously looking like an accident waiting to happen. 
Enjoy your Wednesday everyone
Happy WOYWW to all the gang 
See you again soon


  1. Honestly...its so nice to know someone else still irons.....lol....I think its becoming a lost art.. :) As in , my daughter would never DREAM of ironing anything...... is that a new generation thing or is she just lazy...lol...Love your feathers! deb

    1. It's the one kind of art that I wouldn't mind losing Deb,
      I think it's a generational thing because I know of so many young ones that don't iron unless its life threatening or a night out!
      Oh dear I sound like an old grump but that can't be right because I'm only 19!

      But the shirts are done and I've managed to draft a wee drawing so I'm a happy bunny. I just need to find a little more time to get the inks out now.
      Thanks for your visit...have a great day xoxo

  2. Does anyone enjoy ironing? I have to do it before it dries too much, sounds like when our son lived at home ironing all those shirts, a nightmare.
    Love the feathers,

    Jan x No 55

    1. Well the nightmares over for today Jan ;D
      I've ironed enough so that hubby will be okay until next week plus I've managed to draft a drawing too so I'm not doing to bad.
      Thanks for popping by.
      Have a great week and I'll come to visit you soon

  3. 53 shirts!!!! It's been too hot for ironing I have rather a large pile to do as well!!!
    Hope your all settling into the house now
    Jackie 19

  4. Iron! That's a four-lettered word if I ever heard one. I love how the feathers came out. Muffy's reaction to the excitement of the new scanner is precious. It's great how pets get thrilled for us. Judy #70

  5. Oh dear 53 really? Wow that's a lot of shirts. I can't get away with no ironing, we just don't have enough clothes/uniform so it's little and often here!! Fab studio picture, love the shared space. Lovely to see you pop by mine earlier. I've not got much done today as I've been helping others by printing stuff for them and generally being nice Zoe!! Take care Zo xx

    1. Well I may have exaggerated a wee bittee Zo...maybe only 23 shirts! ;D
      My daughter irons before she wears whereby I'm from the old school of trying to clear the basket every time.
      I've kept out of the studio today because it's been quite literally buzzing. Better to stay well clear until all the creativity has been completed.
      I've been having an error pop up all afternoon so have only managed to visit three people so far...and you were one of the lucky ones.
      Good for you passing on the good deed
      Enjoy your week...have fun!

  6. Your feathers are gorgeous! They look so real! And can you say wrinkle free fabric? LOL Or Downy Wrinkle Releaser? He he. I hope your ironing goes quickly. April #54

  7. Mm did bit of ironing myslef todday Neesie try to do it when bring washing in so does not mount up - hate it too... that is why I make room for the ironing boards in the spare room.. :D

    love those feathers how fab!!
    happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #9

  8. What a scrumptious studio and Mufty looks adorable squiggling around on the floor.
    Love the feathers (but you know that). Don't mind the ironing too,much, I used to work in a laundry, but most of my crew don't care, so I just iron for myself and Wee Man and use the rest of my time in play ;)
    Looking forwrd to seeing what you drew
    ttfn - kettle's on:o) x

  9. The feather is so lovely, so simple yet intricate. I shutter when I think of ironing! Diane #52

  10. Hi Neesie! I'm late wandering around WOYWW and so I came in through the front and saw the enormous and delicious array of baked goods! Yum!!. It's now a half hour later and I've given up trying to pry them off my computer screen, so I've made my way back to the studio. Oh my goodness, what a beehive of activity, all of it good! Love the inky goodness on the floor, too. Is that Muffy's painting? Yours of the feathers is sensational!! Enjoy the rest of your week!! Hugs, Darnell

  11. LOL! I hope you got your teetering mound of shirts ironed.
    Always exciting to get new equipment and supplies.
    Lovely feathers. I hope you got in some more painting time. :)


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