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Wednesday 22 October 2014

I'll have the Gin please...WOYWW #281 & PPF

I'm having terrible trouble getting going this morning. 
I'm putting it down to the ridiculous temperature of only 5 degrees. 
I've said it before but I'll say it again...
I'm not a happy bunny once the temperature drops below 16 degrees, so I think I may have to rethink this whole thing.
I just couldn't drag myself out of my warm cosy bed, although yesterday could have something to do with it as well as the chilliness. 
Not only did I battle the hurricane (although I think we were very lucky here)
I had lots of running around to fit into the schedule.
Mum's taxi was very much in demand and I even took the car in for a service half way through the day, as well as attending my art group.
Mulit-tasking to the max. 
By the time our dinner was over last night, I was ready to mould myself to the sofa! 

Anyway... I'm here now. 
A few chores have been done and I'm contemplating nipping out a little later, but it is Wednesday after all, so how about taking a peek at my desk. The WOYWW (what's on your work desk Wednesday) group will be well and truly partying by now, so if you want to catch up with Julie and the gang then click here.

As I mentioned I met with my art group yesterday and I grabbed the gin bottle... (cough) 
Let me clarify that statement please. 
Although it had been a busy hectic morning I wasn't that bad, besides the gin bottle was empty. 
It was one of the subjects for us to study and paint. 
There were other options... tins of beans, mustard, oxo boxes but for some reason I gravitated towards the gin.
I think it was the colour.... HONEST!!!

Here it is in the early stages on the desk in my art group.
I think they must suspect we maybe a little messy with such mass amounts of plastic sheeting everywhere.

I didn't realise when I chose the gin bottle just how detailed it was. 
For a start, I didn't know that Queen Victoria makes an appearance.
I can imagine her saying 'One is not amused' if she saw my version.
Then there's all of that lettering! Eek!

Anyway, here's my interpretation so far... yes once again I'm showing you unfinished work, but it took me well over an hour to draw the bottle.
I now wish I'd have thought about it a little more and perhaps changed the angle, so that it isn't so flat.
I'm aware that my blog is heavily into art at the moment, but there's lots of other things happening around here, but just whilst I'm attending this art group it seems to be taking priority.
I'm happy about that so will join in with the Paint Party Friday gang.
Click here if you'd like to be transported to the party too.
(Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting once again)

Paint Party Friday

Another thing that I am taking part in during October is an instagram photo challenge. 
You may have noticed my instagram link in my sidebar has lots of changing photos.
Some I'd rather not have included here, but I'm following the list for each day's challenge so it's set and not my choice. So far I've managed each day... (quick pat on the back for me).

I'm also getting excited because Aggie (the Aga) is due to wake soon. 
Oh I've missed her and will no doubt be cooking up a storm once she's fully awake and with it! 

Well that'll do for today... I'll love and leave you for now
Enjoy your Wednesday and I hope to see and visit you soon
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p.s. Oops I nearly forgot to thank you for your support in the pillow fight Ohh Deer competition.
I'm now on the first page! Woohoo
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  1. Hmmm. "Still Life with Bombay Sapphire" - would Van Gogh have approved?? (I certainly do). I remember visiting the Vinopolis place in London and learning about how Gin is made, and what flavourings are used. If I remember correctly, the flavourings for Bombay Sapphire were deemed a trade secret, not to be revealed!

    1. I'm so glad you approve Mark,
      I'll just have to hope that Van Gogh would have liked it.
      At the moment I'm willing to do lots of research into Bombay Sapphire and must say so far I'm enjoying it immensely!
      I did hear somewhere (maybe a tv programme) of how involved and what's in the making of gin. I hadn't a clue there was so much to it.
      I can imagine Bombay Sapphire to have a trade secret can't you?
      It just adds to it's appeal.
      Thanks for visiting... have a great Wednesday ;D

  2. Golly, who would choose the tin of beans over a gin bottle? It looks fab - I really like it! 5 degrees sounds a bit nippy. It's much warmer down here in Gloucestershire! Have fun creating! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #45

    1. I KNOW! That's what I thought Zsuzsa ;D
      Gin or beans... no contest!
      I just can't get warm today for some reason. Maybe I should just give in and settle down cosily in front of the fire and visit everyone.
      Thanks for stopping by and a warmer Gloucestershire sounds like I need to come for a visit.
      Happy WOYWW to you in the meantime

  3. Love that drawing Neesie! And i caught a glimpse of your gorgeous Sunday photo too! Wow!
    Its chilly here too(50 Fdegrees but i'am NOT complaining!!Its been such a long hot summer.......No rain yet but still hoping..... Hugs! deb

    1. Thanks Deb, I'm glad you like it and the photo ;D
      Well that is a little chilly, but I suppose it'll be a novelty for you.
      I wish I could say that we've had a long hot summer too but unfortunately we haven't... well not in this neck of the woods.
      Great to have you pop in again Deb... enjoy your day whatever you get up to.
      Hugs backatcha xo

  4. Gorgeous bottle Denise. I'm impressed with the lettering and looking forward to the joinedy up writing bit ;) Is it a case of keeping the lead sharp at all times? What kind of pencil do you like to use? I've been favouring 5H and 2B mostly but need to practise with others too.
    We were very lucky with the weather here yesterday after all, and haven't heard of much disruption overall which is great. Wet, on and off again today but not too chilly. Fine for gog walking anyway. Enjoy the rest of your day ((Hugs)) xo

    1. Well now, here's a little secret between you and me Mo... I might not actually do the joined up writing (grown up) it'll be tough to do with a water colour brush, so I may just do some squiggles. Apparently, it's allowed ;D
      The class has only used three pencils so far. HB, 2B and 4B so that's what I'm trying to keep to for now. I'm doing as I'm told! (maybe a first for me... hehe)
      I drew the bottle using the HB pencil.
      It sounds like we're having the same kind of weather but I just feel cold here today for some reason. Maybe I've got the dreaded lurgy hiding but hopefully I'm wrong.
      Gog walking?... hehe... Is that some new kind of fitness regime?
      Sorry I couldn't resist!
      I delegated Muffy's walk today, but maybe thinking about it I should have gone for a walk to get my blood flowing and then maybe I'd have warmed up a little more.
      Thanks for visiting and I'll pop over to you soon... there's football blasting out here so a cuppa and natter would be good ;D

  5. Nice drawning, well done.
    My day today it is also not, many mistakes... very cold is here too and rainy, I was soaked to the shirt when I took 2 chairs with my bicycle through the half town (have not car) - - -
    Have liked and shared your pretty pillow (my name at facebook is "Mieze Katz") , good luck for you :-)

    1. Oh my... you sound like you've had quite a day Mascha.
      I can't imagine carrying 2 chairs with your bicycle and in the rain too. You poor thing. That's certainly multi-tasking ;D
      Bless you for liking my pillow... I tried to find you on Facebook but there were quite a few Mieze Katz so I wasn't sure which one was you.
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment and visit.
      Enjoy your Wednesday and had fun with the rest of the week.

  6. Wow, Neesie, I think you caught that gin bottle really well....it does suggest that you've had a bit of prior experience ;-). Seriously, your drawing and washes are fab, it's really really good!
    Aggie the Aga made me laugh! I've never cooked on one but my friend swears by hers...one day maybe......
    And I think I must have Nordic genes somewhere as I love the colder weather....the hotter days were not fun for me!
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

    1. Shhh LLJ... I was keeping that as a secret, but now you've sussed me.
      I have to admit that I do like a wee nip of gin (with tonic and lime of course) ;D
      Aggie is being given encouraging cleaning in readiness for her to wake... won't be long now. She's amazing and spreads her warmth throughout the house plus she's not bad to cook with either!
      I don't mind the cold weather if I'm geared up for it... thermals and indoors or it's not damp, but I also don't like it too hot either. I know a funny fuss pot!
      I've sussed my ideal temperature range is from 16 to 28 degree's. Not much to ask for expect this is the North-East of Scotland!
      Hugs back to you and thanks for stopping by with such a lovely comment.

  7. My favourite brand of gin. Perfectly drawn too.

    1. I'm glad to hear that... I'm quite partial to it too ;D
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
      I hope your Wednesday is going well and will pop to see you soon

  8. I'm no art critic, but I reckon that's absolutely brilliant! How lovely, to belong to a class. Enjoy! Chris # 3 PS Give me a shout when Aggie gets going, and I'll pop over for a cuppa ... well maybe not, Aberdeen and Worcester are just a bit too far apart for that! Have a lovely week, and I hope things warm up for you x

    1. Aww thank you Chris,
      I'm so happy to read your comment. It's always great to receive positive feedback.
      Aggie should be awake by next weekend so I'll pop the kettle on ready for you if you decide to pop by ;D
      The fires roaring so I'm very cosy and a happy bunny just now, as I nip around the WOYWW. See you soon

  9. Fabulous drawing Neesie. Love the colour of Bombay sapphire. Hope you get warmer soon, it can be miserable feeling cold all the time. Beloved Hubby suffers from Reynaulds, and hates to be cold- his fingers turn grey! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #28 xx

    1. It really was the colour that drew me in Shaz, I just hope I can duplicate it in my painting.
      I'm happy to say the wood burner is blazing away and I'm very cosy now. I just obviously never put enough logs on today... I won't make that mistake tomorrow ;D
      I have to admit that I had to look up Reynaulds, as I hadn't actually heard the name before. Having read about the condition, I'm aware of it and sympathize as it must affect your Hubby's quality of life when he's suffering.
      I'll pop by shortly to see what's on your work desk.
      Thanks for visiting my place.
      Keep cosy and enjoy your day.

  10. Hello!

    Your artwork is beautifully done! I went to the site and left a "like" for you! :<) Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

    1. Aww bless you Barbara, that's so kind of you and I really appreciate it.
      Thanks also for your visit... have a happy day too ;D

  11. I'm with completely with you about the colder weather, Nessie, I hate it too, why can't summer last much longer??? Although you must feel it even more after living in Oz.
    Love your artwork as always.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs Lisax #37

    1. Well I'm a funny bod Lisa because I like the seasons so wouldn't really want summer to last. I've lived in locations where it's been hot for the majority of the year and it's both boring and not nice. Maybe six months of summer and then a month of autumn, one of winter then spring for the remaining. How does that sound? ;D
      Our first summer back was a good one followed by a mild winter but this last summer hasn't been that good here so I've obviously not stored up enough heat!
      Thanks for your lovely comment and visit... I'm about to start my desk hopping now.
      See you soon

  12. Oh I can imagine why you chose that bottle. It's beautiful. I love a G&T myself and a brightly coloured gin bottle would immediately catch my attention.
    I'm sorry you're feeling so cold. Why do you have to wait so long to turn the AGA on? I love the warmth of an AGA. I don't dare tell you that I'm still wearing sandals and t-shirts. (OK, I live in Spain....)
    Thank you for letting me have a peep of your workspace.
    Have a good week

    1. I love the colour of the bottle too Lisca... it was just too good to pass on.
      I'm happy to report that I'm really cosy and warm now, as the wood burner is burning bigger logs and the heat is blasting out, I just never loaded enough logs into it earlier today. I'll not make that mistake tomorrow.
      At this time of year the temperature can fluctuate, so it's difficult to judge. If we light the Aga too early, then it can be a little stifling, as it warms the whole of our downstairs. We've got central heating too once the temperature drops and stays down. I think next weekend will be a good time to wake her ;D
      Hmm... Spain... now if the winter gets too much then maybe we'll have to rethink our plans. We have friends who are relocating to Spain in the new year.
      It was my pleasure to have you peek into my place.
      Have a great week too

  13. You're certainly talented alright!

    And I was just looking at little Muffin standing in the sneakers in your sidebar ... oh, my! What a little darling :)


    1. Oh that's such a lovely comment to read and what makes blogging worthwhile ;D
      Thank you Wendy... Muffin says thanks too ^..^
      Have a great week whatever you have on your plans. Have fun!

  14. Lovely art work Neesie. It was quite windy here yesterday but I have known it worse, much better today, out in the garden most of the day. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 41

    1. Oh Angela, I need to get out in the garden but this week has been a real runaround. Hopefully the weather might be okay at the weekend for me to catch up ;D
      Thanks for your visit and comment.
      Have a great day and happy crafting to you too

  15. Dear Nessie, next time draw a catnip mousie! They are nice and no wetters on them or queens. You did very good wif your bottle. Kin I hab a drink now? Love, Dio. #79

    1. Hic! Oh brill yant idea bout the catpip moose no.79
      Soz none left 'ere hic!
      (thanks for your fun comment... have a great week and I'll pop across soon)
      Happy WOYWW to you

  16. Talk about spoil my imagination, I was picturing you quickly sculling the bottle of gin before class and it's a picture (sigh). I have to say your drawing is fantastic. Your lettering is just perfect. I'm hopeless with letters, they always seem to run down hill, might be because I'm a bit bent. This really is beautiful, I hope you are going to frame it and then sit back with a real bottle and toast it :)
    Have a great week,
    Luv Von #13

    1. Sorry to spoil your illusion of me Von... you obviously have such a high regard of me ;D
      I never even noticed the writing until I started drawing the bottle. I'm finding that now... something may look simple until you look closer. Hmm... could apply to many things but a little deep for a Thursday morning perhaps?
      You'll be happy to hear that there's a replacement bottle in the wings for emergencies and toast!
      Have a great week yourself... Enjoy! xoxo

  17. I can perfectly understand why you would grab the gin bottle the Blue is gorgeous. Love how it is coming along. Beautifully detailed.
    Sandra de @16

    1. It was definitely the colour that grabbed me Sandra, I love blue and this one is just gorgeous ;D
      I'm hoping I can carry on with it at home and not ruin it. Fingers crossed.
      Have a brilliant day and thanks for your visit and comment.
      Happy WOYWW to you

  18. GIN?!?! You can chase me with it, I feel it tastes like medicine. Gin lovers would tell me it is medicine :-)
    Now your Gin bottle is medicine for my eyes! It is awesome! Very well done Neesie!
    Gabriele 33

    1. Well I used to be the same Gabriele, especially when I was younger, but I seem to have acquired a taste for it ;D
      Not in excess you understand... just when I have one... I enjoy it.
      In fact, I can't remember the last time I drank one but maybe with all of this talk, I'll have one this weekend.
      Loved your medicine for the eyes comment. Thanks so much ;D
      It's great to get such lovely feedback.
      Have a brilliant weekend... hugs backatcha!

  19. Brrrr! That sounds very cold! I'd have a hard time getting out of bed too! Your Gin drawing/painting looks great!

    1. Struggling again this morning but at least it's bright. I even have plans to rug up and get into the garden. I've got lots of pots to plant up for winter and there's even some C...massy ones. I can't bring myself to use the c word just yet. Worth getting chilly for though.
      Thanks for popping into my place... have a great weekend ;D

  20. I hear you loud and clear on the multi-tasking. A constant here with me. Glad too see you taking time for yourself. Your Gin bottle looks great. Creative Blessings! Kelly #61

    1. I think generally speaking women are multi-taskers... it's a case of having to be sometimes ;D
      I would like to get back to the gin bottle, but I think I'm going to make use of the brighter weather and get outside.
      Creative Blessings to you too. Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned.

  21. So lots to comment on... attracted to the colour my foot... you are a glug glug woohoo girl from way back I bet lol... and I like the instagram feed on the side... I have loved watching each days subject... not to mention I saw you are reading the Goldfinch... it is on my pile but I was thinking of waiting until holidays... it is a whopping read from the looks of it... plus i went and liked your cushion... it looks amazing doesn't it... how exciting... but more than anything I am so impressed you actually taped your paper... did you do the full wetting and stretching first... I am always too rushed to do that... very very impressed...xx

    1. Oh Trace you've blown it now... everyone will know I'm a woohoo girl! HAHAHA! Emoji
      I've managed to keep up the instagram challenge, but have to say I don't always like the photo and wouldn't have posted them on my blog, but there you go! Last nights for instance wasn't the best. The candles didn't show up very well but hayho!
      Mmmm... the Goldfinch. Shall I confess that I've been reading it since before the summer. Don't get me wrong I'm loving it, but just don't get the time other than last thing at night and let me tell you when that baby lands on your nose when you nod off... IT HURTS! I'm taking it with me for my weekend away, so hopefully I'll give it full attention.
      I'm also aware that I haven't answered your question for my top ten books... but I'm still working on it!
      It's such a huge ask... but I'll hopefully get there.
      Bless you for liking my cushion by the way. I'm hovering on their first page now, so I'm keeping everything crossed (fat chance of winning but isn't it the taking part that's important?)
      Whata you mean? Wetting and stretching first?!!???! I just taped it then put a wash on the bottle. Not the whole thing, although I did do that for my watercolour mountain landscape.
      It took me nearly two hours to draw the bottle! Everyone else was painting away whilst I was still in the preliminary stages.
      No wonder I'm always showing unfinished work.
      Love having you visit... have a wonderful weekend

  22. I love the idea of moulding yourself to the sofa-i have a rather less ladylike expression for the same thing which is to 'park my @rse'!! I think you're definitely in the wrong part of the UK never mind the world if you don't like temperatures belie 16 degrees! ! I do sometimes wonder why we didn't move to Australia instead of Scotland! I think your gun bottle is looking great - all that lettering would've put me off as that's defintely not something I'm good at so i admire you for taking it on!

    1. Call me a fool on numerous accounts Nic... one for taking on an art subject that had masses more to it than I first thought and secondly moving back to a place that can be covered in grey, cold, damp cloud for a number of days at a time!
      No seriously, I'm loving being back in Scotland... it's such a special place... I just need it to tweak the temperature a wee bitee. I do manage with lower temps (even -27 in Canada a few years ago and loved it I might add... see older blog post for more) but it's this change over when it's chilly but can change rapidly, and it's not really cold enough to have central heating on as well as a wood burner and Aga.
      But it may well be soon. Watch this space and all of that!
      Great to have you pop into my place. I'm off out in the garden to make use of the lovely sunshine today. I NEED IT! But I'll be visiting later.
      I just hope the sun lasts whilst I add on all of my layers! hehe
      Have a great weekend xoxo

  23. Love the fab sketch and that wonderful lettering. Enjoy the weekend. Happy PPF Annette x


    1. I'm not so sure it'll be wonderful lettering when I've finished with it Annette! (hehe)
      Thanks for visiting my place... and I hope you enjoy your weekend too.
      Happy PPF

  24. I love this! I mean your painting! and I like bombay gin :)
    Maybe I need to start practicing this kind of painting too...
    Happy PPF!

    1. Hehe... This is all new to me too, but I'm having fun so I would recommend that you try it too ;D
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope your weekend is off to a great start.
      Happy PPF to you too

  25. How wonderful! Your paintings are extraordinary. By the way, I think the Queen would be delighted with your rendering of her. Just beautiful.

    1. Ahhh bless you Beth, for such a lovely comment.
      I'm hoping to perhaps carry on with painting it over this weekend.
      Thanks for visiting.
      Have a great weekend ;D

  26. Oh neesie I wouldn't want to get out of bed either-brrrrr!!! I'm already beginning to feel that way and yet it's in the 30's - 40's (F) nights. It's going to be a LONG winter...anyhoo- marvelous watercolor sketch of the bottle, and congrats on the attention you're getting with your pillow! Happy PPF!

    1. Well now Linda here's the bizarre thing... I haven't even had to light the fire during today. It's been quite a good day with lots of sunshine. So much so that I've been busy outside in the garden. I suppose that's why everyone is always talking about the weather in the UK.... there's never a dull moment with it.
      I know we've got to get through the winter to appreciate the spring. I love each of the seasons for different reasons and missed them so much when living in the Middle East. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that the winter isn't too severe ;D
      Glad you like my sketch and thanks for your encouragement with my pillow.
      It's exciting.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Have a great weekend and happy PPF to you too

  27. Friday night and a bottle of gin... what could be nicer :)
    You have made a fabulous job of the bottle, glass is so tricky, and yes, I too am a warm weather person.. I think I need to find a way to hibernate.

    1. Well tonight I've not gone for gin... I've a little glass of red.
      Your lovely comment made me smile...it's always great to get such positive feedback. I can't believe the difference here today from yesterday. It's been beautiful and really quite warm for most of the day. So I made the most of it and went into the garden.
      I think my dog would love to hibernate... she's very often shaking with the cold but then she was born in the Middle East.
      Have a great weekend and thanks for your comment.

  28. What a glorious colour of blue on the gin bottle, but what a difficult thing to draw with all the small details, not to mention her Majesty. I think your drawing is fabulous.

    1. That's what I thought, I just couldn't resist it. I love any blue but this blue I think is amazing. I really didn't think it though when I chose it... but once I looked at it with an artists eye, I realised I'd picked a real challenge.
      Thanks for your praise and visit Sheila. I really appreciate it ;D
      Have a brilliant weekend whatever you have on your plan... have fun!

  29. What a lovely painting, and beautiful color too. I have not tried to paint any glass yet, but it's high on my to do list.

    1. With joining this art group Laila, it's making me draw and paint things that I wouldn't normally do. But it's surprising what you actually can do when you step out of the box. I've had lots of surprises and fun so far ;D
      Thanks for visiting and I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

  30. Love the gin bottle..you did a marvelous job!! Always impressive around here!! As for the cold I finally broke down and put heat on today... too stormy around here with temperatures dropping!! Cozy beds are the best!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Well thank you Giggles, but I've still got quite a way to go with it yet.
      I'm hoping to carry on this afternoon.
      Would you believe it that after I wrote this post, the temperature has risen (slightly) and it's been so much brighter so I've been fine. The fire is still blasting out but we haven't succumbed to the central heating just yet... but I don't think it'll be long now we are nearly entering November!
      Have fun this weekend and hopefully you'll have sunshine like us ;D
      Thanks for visiting once again

  31. I have never seen this bottle. You did a lovely job of painting it...and in an hour! Amazing! Congratulations.

    1. Well the sketch took over an hour Irene, but I think it was worth spending time on getting the angles and proportions right. I was the last one to finish drawing. Everyone else in the group was well into painting there work when I lifted my head ;D
      Thanks for stopping by my place. Have fun and enjoy your weekend

  32. hi Nessie the thing about draw OMG what you see is that sometimes we don't ...see that is until we actually study... Oh boy THEN we notice these works of Art we didn't realise were there. So much detail in a gin label. You did it justice though and may I suggest you slow down and enjoy a glass of the contents 😀
    Janet @22

    1. Still a long way to go Janet, but I had another little dabble yesterday which worked out well... plus I did take your advice and had a wee tipple ;D
      That was after I painted some of the lettering and Queen Victoria!
      Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon
      Enjoy your Sunday

  33. I'm not a happy bunny once the temps go too much below 50 (in so. FL). I use to live where it would be -25. So glad to be here now. Love the artwork :) Blessings, Janet PPF


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