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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

WOYWW #278 ... Pomegranates

I know that we'll all be saying the same thing this morning... 
"Where on earth did September go"?
I don't even know where July and August went never mind September! 
Anyway, here we are... it's Autumn and it's Wednesday, so it's time to share what we have on our desk (or kitchen table in my case). 
Keeping it brief as is the wish of our leader and linky host Julia over at Stamping Ground
Here's my desk...
I've went to my art group yesterday and entered new territory. 
It was certainly scary stuff because I used oil pastels for the first time.

In keeping with the autumn theme we drew pomegranates. 
Little Ruby Jewels
This was my practice piece in my sketch book.
It gave me the opportunity to get to know the pastels and how they worked.
I can't really make up my mind if I liked the pastels or not. 
I suppose it's early days yet.
I think I'm going to have to play a little more to come to a definite decision. 
I liked the way layers can be built up but became frustrated that I couldn't be more precise and how messy I (and my pad) became when using them. 
(Note to self... never wear white jeans again when I use oil pastels)

One more thing before I start desk hopping... I must tell you about yesterday.
My daughter joined an art class but didn't even have to leave the house. 
Whilst sitting comfy on the sofa, she linked into a live stream via our TV (hooked up to the internet), to a class being filmed in San Francisco! 
How cool is that!!!! 

It blew me away!

So that's it for this WOYWW entry... 
Have fun desk hopping and I'll just get ready to hopefully see you soon.


  1. Hi Neesie, obviously no number yet but noticed you'd posted so thought I would drop by. I agree, I don't know where the time goes but that's what happens when you are enjoying yourself Lol!
    Love your art work and the online course, these things just blow your mind.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela @ Felix the crafty Cat x

    1. I ran out of steam at 12.07am Angela, so I decided to post and crash until this morning.
      I must admit I think you might be right about life rushing by... I'm having a great time and long may it continue. I know it's all balanced precariously so I'm making the most of it.
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm hopefully going to try to carry on with my art this morning... but that's a secret just between you and me ;D
      I wish you a great creative week too... have fun!

  2. the pomegranate is amazing!!!beautiful work and wow, imagine not even having to leave your comfy spot for an art class,

    1. Aww thanks Laurie, that means so much to me ;D
      As for the live streaming classes well it was amazing and mind boggling to see. I must admit I'm enjoying leaving my house for a few hours to have fun with my classes because it guarantees I not only meet like minded people... I actually draw/paint uninterrupted for three whole hours!

  3. I forgot to tell you I am switching to a voice activated program, my blog might disappear for a bit but I will be back soon,

    1. Ohh that sounds very techy. I hope it's an easy option for you to be able to carry on with your lovely blogging. We need to keep hearing your voice and seeing your memories come to life through your words.
      Good luck but I'm sure you'll be fine. You'rs one switched on lady ;D

  4. Technology is amazing isn't it - love your pomegranate - I did art classes but never opted for oils as watercolours and acrylics were good for me. Another top tip is to not wear brand new black jeans whilst supergluing a broken nail whilst sitting on the settee - you can guess the pickle I ended up in whilst stuck to said tube of glue! Sunshine Girl #6

    1. I have to admit that technology constantly blows me away ;D
      One of the reasons why I chose this particular course is that I get to play with all the different mediums. We will move on to watercolours and acrylics in the coming weeks, but I've used both of them before.
      My favourite so far has to be acrylic ink and nib pen.
      What a giggle I had reading your superglue episode. Sorry... that was uncaring I know but what a laugh!
      Thanks for that and for visiting today. I'll be desk hopping later.
      In the meantime have fun and stay away from that glue!

  5. I was just trying to explain what a pomegranate is to my daughter and bingo you drew one, what a coincidence. She was looking at a recipe with them in. good drawing, now she understands what they are, the likeness amazing.

    Hugs Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan
    Happy WOYWW #2

    1. Isn't that amazing... it's just a pity I didn't draw the inside of one so that she could have seen the juicy seeds. I love to sprinkle them onto my cereal at breakfast time. Little jewels and they certainly lift a dull beige cereal.
      Hugs to all three of you.
      Happy WOYWW Eliza ;D

  6. Well, there you go, Neesie - technology! Amazing, isn't it? Loved your pomegranates - we were in the supermarket the other day - and the shop had labelled them as PEACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, can you believe that? Folk would get a real shock when trying to eat them the same as peaches!
    No - smudgy grey jeans might work less hazardly for the next pastels class...
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

    1. I know Margaret, the young just seem to accept these things without batting an eyelid. I remember when, if you wanted to know an answer to some random question you had to wait for someone in the family/friends circle to provide the answer, or go to your library for the answer. Some would now ask..."what's a library'!
      Oh listen to me... like an old grump. I just keep reminding my kids (probably much to their annoyance) that it was tough back in the day, without google to instantly answer any query!
      Moving on quickly whilst stepping down from my soap box... I can't imagine someone getting peaches and pomegranates mixed up. Sounds like someone isn't getting their five portions of fruit a day, if they don't know the difference.
      I've made a mental note that I'll be going to my next class in my scruffy's.
      Take care too and I hope to come to see your desk soon.
      Blessings ;D

  7. I laughed so much at the white jeans line...sorry..but have been there so many times myself. It was Bramble jelly dripped down a favourite top yesterday..sigh..you know how much blackberries stain... So you're in good company!
    The pomegranate is amazing btw, you've got the colours brilliantly :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 30 xx

    1. I know it was hilarious LLJ (not!) ;D
      But I know so many of the WOYWW gang would be able to relate to that having been there and done that in one form or another.
      Ohh blackberries... yep I know all about them too after picking 2 kilo's in our lane. There's a photo in my instagram link on my sidebar, showing my hands after the expedition. All worth it though. We had apple and blackberry crumble last night... yummy!!!
      I was pleased with the outcome of my drawing, especially with it being my first time using the oil pastels.
      Thanks for your visit... I appreciate your time.
      Hugs to you too. Have a great fun creative week and I'll pop across to check out your desk soon.

  8. Wow, art classes in the home - the young will never quite get over our amazement at these things Idon't think - we are the generation who received the change, they are the generation who really know how to use it!
    So sorry about your white jeans...but worth it - your rendition of the pomegranate is gorgeous. Interesting comments about the pastels, I wonder if you'll come around to them..
    and I can't go without saying - oh what a lovely position your desk is in. And really - is your cat wearing a jumper?

    1. My daughter was giggling at my reaction to this phenomenon!
      My jeans weren't too bad and someone suggested that I could use them by decorating them in my own colourful design. I must admit I'm quite tempted. Then I could keep them for class and it wouldn't matter ;D
      I think I'm swaying in the pastels favour, but to make sure I've bought a set yesterday and plan to use them today... just to keep on top of it and get to a conclusion. (any excuse eh?)
      Yeah, desk is perfect for light and view plus I can see what's happening as I'm in the centre of everything.
      You're half right about the jumper, but not the right animal. That's my dog!
      I'd just bathed her and after a quick blast of the hairdryer and a run around she was still shivering. She's such a woos, so I put her jumper on to stop the look she kept giving me for dunking her ^..^
      It's a beautiful aran jumper to be precise... and I could do with one myself for the coming winter. It's a bit much when your pooch is better dressed than yourself!
      Anyway... I've got lots to fit in today so must dash.
      Toodleloo for now and thank for your visit. I know how many you have on the list, so it's quite a task. Have fun and I'll see you soon.

  9. What a lovely view from your crafting table! Your pomegranate is perfect - but maybe the old paint covered jeans next time - lol! x Jo

    1. I never tire of that view Jo,
      It changes every few minutes and with the different seasons. I know I'm very lucky to have it ;D
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I've made a note about the jeans... ;D
      Enjoy WOYWW and I hope to see you soon

  10. Hi Neesie, Happy WOYWW.

    I am in awe of your pomegranate, I would love to take art classes. Maybe I will, if I can afford it! On line art classes, sounds interesting, was it any good, and did it cost a lot?

    Cazzy x #52

    1. Thanks Cazzy,
      The art classes are fun and enable me to play with different medium. It's also great to mix with other arty people. There are free art courses out there... or at least video tutorials which are very inspiring and informative.
      The one we watched yesterday was all about becoming a working artist by Lisa Congdon.
      Here's a link that might be of interest for you to other live streaming classes.

      Happy WOYWW to you

  11. I'm right there with everyone else about your Lovely view and beautiful light....!
    and then your Big Red Fruit, Wow! it's a Beauty for sure!!! You may have just created new pants for painting in is all... they will become your favorit pair to play in I bet.

    1. Thanks DottyA... I know it's a very special view and one that I never get tired of.
      We do have an art room but it seems to have been taken over by my daughter. I'm okay with that as this spot is just fine for the kind of art that I'm creating.
      I think I may well have some arty jeans now.
      I quite like the idea of adding to the design each week ;D
      Have a great week and thanks for visiting.

  12. What gorgeous light you must get into your room with all those full length windows. It is so interesting to see you with a different style Neesie, I reckon you could get used to it, Your Pomegranate is amazing if you can smudge your jeans then I'm completely sure my fruit would look like a smoothie on the page! You've done well Girl, I think your shadow under the fruit has great potential as well I can see stormy waters and boats tossing in all that pretty blue with seagulls flying overhead... Oh sorry is that the next lesson? ! Love your work
    Wren x

    1. Hi Wren,
      Well yes the windows make it perfect for doing artwork, although the view can be a little distracting at times.
      Hey no-one is more surprised by this new style than me let me tell you... it just goes to show what joining an art group can do!
      It makes you think outside of the box and your usual comfort zone.

      You really got into that review... stormy waters and boats etc... it was only the plastic table cover but hey... you go for it girl. I'm loving it!

      As far as I know we've got one more week on oil pastels and a portrait of a Spanish lady (heaven forbid... poor thing) and then we're on to watercolours.
      Living on the edge here Wren ;D
      Thanks for all your support. It means so much to me.
      Have a fabulous weekend my friend xoxo

  13. Wow! Art in your own lounge? How cool is that! You could even be in your PJs! Love your pomegranate. I just googled her and will look into this...it looks so interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us. #20

    1. Pretty cool I'd say Belinda,
      I know I'm very lucky and try to appreciate it daily although I haven't ever done any artwork in my PJ's...well not yet anyway!
      It was my pleasure to share and I hope you are having a brilliant weekend.

  14. I love pomegranates and I think you made them even nicer, than they are in nature. Stunning work, great colours!
    Gabriele 28

    1. I have to admit I had what I think was the best pomegranate from all the pomegranate models. It had so much depth to it's colour it made it easier.
      I had no idea that they weren't round until I started to sketch it. I think it looks like it's got a hump... but it really was that shape.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.
      I hope you're having a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my place.

  15. That;s a very yummy looking pomegranite Denise. I'm super impressed that it is done with oil pastels. I love mine, but I'm rubbish at using them, so don't. Need to check youtube for practise lessons I guess. It's great that you're going to use lots of mediums in your class. Very useful.
    And how wonderful that your daughter got to do an online class at home using the big screen of the tv! Most classes are from the US and in the middle of the night for us, I've found - Yawwn - lol.
    Enjoy the rest of your week ((hugs)) :o) xo

  16. I imagine we all do the same thing when we see your desk shot, Neesie. We sigh deeply! What an incredible room for creating!! And what an incredible job with the pomegranates!!

    I'm with you on the amazing things being down with technology ~ blows me away, too!! Happy WOYWW! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell #23

  17. Not sure I want to be friends with someone who can wear white jeans!! (Not really, only jealous!) That fruit looks fine to me - good for you, trying something different. I wish I could have a neat and tidy desk like that, too. Have a lovely week, Chris # 16

  18. Very tidy and organised space. Love the drawing. Thanks for sharing. Hope that you have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #81 x

  19. You are so right--that is EXACTLY what I was saying to myself this morning!!
    (Pretty pom! We look forward to them being in the stores around Christmas time here!)
    And that's VERY cool about your daughter's class, amazing, isn't it?

    70 this week
    with a mish mash of stuff

  20. Hi Neesie, What a beautiful spot you have to get to grips with your oil pastels. Your pomegranate looks amazing to me, love the colour you have achieved. Just looking at the gorgeous colours of those oil pastels in their box is enough to make me happy lol. How cute is Muffin in her Aran jumper keeping you company. Hope your weekend is a productive one, whatever you do. Hugs Lottie # 61

  21. I love your work area, all that light! Thank you for sharing, Have a great week Ginny M #63

  22. Your pomegranate looks fabulous. I am sure your white jeans look fabulous too. Make a feature of it lol! I think technology is quite amazing. I have it to thank for how my art has progressed over the past few years (along with my illness which cleared the space and time for me to do it). Without it, I wouldn't have started my blog, and I wouldn't have been able to tap into the worldwide art community, learn so much, and make so many friends - not to mention the joys of WOYWW!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #37

  23. I love trying new art supplies, but at first it's a bit intimidating because I don't know how they work. But it is fun trying them. I usually go back to pastels and now with the pan pastels, I'm in heaven. I think you did absolutely marvelous with your first venture. Blessings, Janet PPF

  24. Wow, this seems very nice creative painting, pomegranate wonderful!


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