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Friday, 17 October 2014

Pastel Portrait and Pillow Fights

Hey... so it's Friday once again and it's time to party! 
I've had a great week and even managed to finish another piece of art... (woohoo)
I think I might be on a roll here. 
It's the oil pastel portrait that I started in class. 
(If you didn't get to see my previous post and would like to then click here)
This was my first practice portrait in my sketch book, but I actually liked it more than the second one drawn on good paper. I think I'd given it my all which is what I tend to do... I concentrate so much when I first start, that by the time we're ready to move on to good paper... I'm pooped!!!
I just wish I'd have moved her down the page a little, so that her hair would be able to fit on. 

Another plus this week is that I've entered a competition with the online store 'Ohh Deer'. 
Because I received so many lovely positive comments about my flutterby design I thought I'd enter the competition to have the design made into cushions.
Apparently I'm now entered into a pillow fight! 
If you'd like to help me win then by clicking on the link below and follow the link on the right hand side of the page by liking or sharing my cushion design you can help me improve my chances. 
Flutterby CushionFlutterby Cushion

Ohh Deer competition entry click here

Here's some details about the Ohh Deer cushions.

Our cushions are Vegan, yes we know that you have no plans to eat them, but we just wanted to assure you they contain nothing harmful to animals. They're made from super soft faux suede and come complete with a fibre insert. To make postage cheaper you can opt to receive the cushion without the insert.
They measure 43x43cm a smashing size (contains 50x50cm insert to keep it plump). They're machine washable at 30c and are hand made in the UK. The cushion has a stone coloured back cover - and zip fastening.

If you'd like to carry on partying then let's join in with the gang over at 

Paint Party Friday
I'm also linking to Dion Dior's Friday Sketches.. here's the link if you'd like to visit
So that's it from me for today... I'm off to let the weekend start! 
Many thanks if you're up for helping me win that pillow fight and for visiting my place.
Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you again soon.
Have fun everyone https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif


  1. she is lovely! A beauty! Great pillow as well, I will go vote!! Good luck!!!

    1. Phew... made it back to the comments at last!
      Thanks so much for your vote Laurie... it appears I'm now on the first page of entries!
      I hope your weekend is going well and not as manic as mine ;D
      See you soon xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Valerie,
      I was surprised I could even do it never mind how it turned out. I wouldn't say portraits are my thing ;D
      Thanks for stopping by. I'll pop over to you soon
      In the meantime have a great weekend

  3. great job on the finished portrait, wow!

    1. Hehe... thanks Christine. I have to admit I'm both surprised and rather pleased with her.
      Thanks for visiting and I hope your weekend is going great!

  4. beautiful portrait-and your butterfly looks fab on the pillow!

    1. Thanks Linda... It's been quite a week!
      I hope you're weekends going well and I'll nip across to see what you're up to soon.
      Have fun ;D

  5. Really good to see your lovely portrait finished, and made with oil pastels too, I think that's very clever.
    Good luck with the competition, the cushion looks good.

    1. Well I'm not sure about clever Sheila, maybe just good teachers and a wee bit of luck ;D
      Thanks for your good luck wishes for the competition. I'm now shown of the first page of the website thanks to everyone's support.
      Have a great weekend and I'll see you soon

  6. wishing you good luck with the pillows, am sure they will love your butterfly Neesie and am liking your portrait. Happy PPF, Annette x


    1. Thanks so much Annette,
      It's all very exciting and it's been quite a week.
      I hope you're have a great weekend and I'll pop across to see you soon ;D

  7. She has very expressive eyes, lovely Nessie!

    1. It was her eyes that made me decide to carry on with the sketch book portrait and not on the expensive paper. They were much better than the second version.
      Thanks for your visit and I hope your weekend is going well.
      Hopefully not as manic as mine! :/

  8. Gorgeous illustration! Voted for your wonderful butterfly!! I always look forward to my visit here!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Aww bless you Giggles,
      My flutterby is now showing on the first page of the website thanks to you for your vote.
      You always make me smile with your lovely comments too. ;D
      Thanks so much and I hope to start my visits soon... well as soon as this mad weekend calms down a wee bittee!

  9. I like this portaite very much. I swear I wore my hair this way once upon a time. LOL

    1. It's a very classy hairdo Nicole,
      I was tempted to draw it down but the photo had it this way so I stuck with it. I was trying to get out of doing the ears! ;D
      Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my place.
      I hope to start my visiting soon

  10. This is very pretty. I love her eyes. ♥

    1. I was pleased with her eyes Teresa, especially because I didn't think I could draw a portrait at all ;D
      Thanks for your lovely comment and visit
      Have a great weekend

  11. Very beautiful portrait :D You're a dab hand with any medium it seems :D
    Best of luck with the pillow fight :D ((hugs)) xx

    1. Aww bless you TT2 ;D
      Learning all the time... but it's fun and I'm really spending more time being arty which is wonderful.
      Thanks for your support with the pillow fight. I doubt I'll win but it'll be fun to try.
      I'm now on the websites first page and fluttering around there so that's great.
      Have a great weekend (although we may speak again during)
      Hugs to you xoxo

  12. Elegant, stylish....you know what I mean! :)

  13. Beautiful portrait, I love her eyes..... Good luck with your competition! I liked it on Facebook :-)

  14. What a lovely lady! Isn't that furstrating - I've done that as well, liked the early 'trial' version better than the 'good paper' (or whatever) !! Ah, well
    Yea, pillow fight! Good luck :)

  15. Great Nessie and I LOVE those eatable pillows. haha Good luck with the competition. Thanks for sharing :) Happy Paint Party Friday!
    Tam Hess

  16. What a wonderful portrait, Nessie! Luscious use of color & texture! And, do love the Flutterby pillows, too!


  17. Oh, my--this just fills my eyes. I look forward to seeing your artwork every single Friday. What an inspiring artist you are. ((hugs))

  18. She looks like a close friend. Love your work. Blessings, Janet PPF


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