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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Goodies, Geese and Getaways

Today started brilliantly when a parcel arrived at my door... it had traveled all the way from Australia
from my friend Tracey Fletcher KingI hugged it just in case some of the heat was still contained within but alas it didn't... but then it had traveled 12,000 miles!
Tracey has relaunched her fantastic Cuppa With Friends Project so why not pop over to see her amazing artwork. You will not be disappointed. 
Here's some of my goodies from her The Tea Spot giveaway and I have to say I've been grinning from ear to ear ever since I opened it. 
First thing this morning, even before the postie arrived we had another visitor...
it was a lovely way to start the day. 
It's the nearest that she's come to the house but I hope that she keeps coming. 
The photo above reminds me of yet another gift that I've received in the last week... 
I'm such a lucky bunny aren't I? 
 ... and it's not even Christmas yet.
Isn't he cute... and he helps to keep my cosy too. 
It's just the perfect size for cuddling.
I now have two hotties... the other heart one shown below was from my son as part of my mother's day pressie. 
 As you can see it's well loved
Although the weather has been atrocious over the last few days... hardly getting light yesterday at all. 
But last weekend was glorious. 
The type of day that you just need to get out and enjoy.
So we took a drive further north and stopped off at the little town of Ellon.
Here is the bridge crossing the River Ythan.
Of course we had to stop at a little tea shop for a cuppa and cake to keep us energized.
We also stopped at a farm shop in Crimon and met these inquisitive coos.
The countryside around Aberdeenshire is spectacular with huge skies
I wanted to get a little closer to these visiting geese, as they refueled in a nearby field before moving on... but as you can see even though I thought I was stealth-like in my approach they spotted me and scarpered.
It's good to get out and about especially on a day like this. 
I treasure these things and store them away for wet, dark rainy days.
Roll on spring although I wouldn't mind a little snow. 
(Eek....did I really say that?)
Whatever you are doing this weekend... have fun and enjoy
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to natter again soon


  1. So nice lovely goodies, I'm glad for you :-) And beautiful pictures...
    That's what I am doing too: store the impressions and moments of the bright warm time for the cold winter days.
    Have a nice sunday

    1. I think it's a good plan Mascha,
      Today isn't too bad but there's no sun unfortunately. I'll just look back at some of my summer photo's for my fix.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend too ;D
      Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  2. Hey Denise - I'm not surprised you keep grinning about your goodies, they are spectacular; what a haul! Tracey is so very generous. It is a pity we can't bottle the sunshine, but your photgraphs are a super substitute. I know where I'm coming if I need a fix ;)
    I love your hotties, or hottle bottles as I've heard them called too, hehe. I think the stag one is particularly gorgeous.
    Right I'm off to do a little more snooping while I have my lunch and then carry on with some organising before my visitors arrive on Friday.
    Enjoy the rest of your day whatever you are up to ((hugs)) xox

  3. Wow! You've gotten some wonderful gifts in the mail! How fun! I'm curious about the Cuppa with Friends Project but the link isn't working right now. I'll try again later. I've joined up with one on Instagram too. It's called, "virtualcuppawithfriends".

    Wow...that's a lot of geese! I bet that was so exciting to see! Enjoy that beautiful weather! :-D


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