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Wednesday 12 November 2014

What's On Your Workdesk and Paint Party Friday

What is it about WOYWW that makes me post unfinished work? 
I'm going to keep my post to the bare minimum today, because it appears that I'm working the night shift... even though the clock says it's 3.45pm in the afternoon... I'm in pitch darkness other than my desk lamp!
So here's my desk from yesterday and the very astute (or nosy) of you will see that I'm actually sharing it. 
My daughter is painting a house commission (see here) and I was painting my little tribute to the fallen hero's by painting a poppy. 
Note I say I was painting because as usual once I added some background I ruined it!
I'm actually really disappointed that I wasn't able to buy a ceramic poppy from the Tower of London magnificent poppy display, I was too late when I applied. 
But I suppose we should be grateful that they've all been sold... all 888,246 of them.
Have you seen the display... it's amazing

Anyway... I must move on... so here's the desk (or kitchen table) 
As usual I was quite happy with the poppy initially, but then I had to go ahead and add some background. 
I should have left well alone and carried on painting just the poppy. 
Due to me gallivanting and missing my first lesson with acrylics last week,  I had to catch up yesterday and I decided after discussing with my tutor that I should start with the background going on my past record... 
to get it out of the way.
So as you can see 'Teddy Bears' were the theme for this weeks lesson. 
Some students even took their cuddly Teds into class. 
I don't want to scare any young toots that might catch sight of my teddy painting and be traumatized...
so it comes with a warning.... 
The staring unseeing Teddy below no longer looks like he's a cyber Ted. 
He's all sorted, although he now has eyes I can't help thinking he looks like he's been on the pop or a wee bit tipsy. I could put an eye patch on him and make him into Pudsey Bear
(after all Children in Need is tomorrow) 
I have tried for two days to get to finish him... all to no avail. 
I will and then I'll show you the outcome.
(The gin bottle has moved on but still not finished... nor the horse... ho hum)
With attending the art group it makes me try new techniques and subjects as well as medium.
I can't believe that I actually like the background here and feel that my first time wielding a palette knife went quite well.  
So that's it folks for today... I must dash... but I'll be back for a natter soon. 
In the meantime, if you'd like to desk hop around the world then nip over to Julia's blog 
Take care everyone until we meet again.
Managed to finish Teddy (I think) so am joining the Paint Party Friday gang to have some fun and inspiration. Come and join me by clicking here
Paint Party Friday

OOPS... nearly forgot to show you one thing that I have actually finished and that's the flutterby cushion.
It wasn't the best light to take the photo this morning but at least it was better than yesterday.
Anyway, here it is along side my daughters stag cushion.
They are happily settling in on our new sofa bed.
I'm really pleased with the quality of the printing and completed cushion.
If you'd like to check out the website that we've entered into a pillow fight
(the prize being that if we win we could be one of Ooh Deer's illustrators)....then click here
I see there's even 10% discount offered. Woohoo!
Thanks once again to everyone that clicked on the 'like' button to help me in my bid  to win the competition.
I'm happy to report I'm still in the pillow fight!
Have a great day peeps and see you soon


  1. Love your poppy. I was lucky enough to be able to buy one of them. Looking forward to receiving it once removed. Your teddy is fab too. I always enjoy seeing your desk Lovely. Take care Zo xx

    1. Oh now that makes me feel so much better knowing that the poppies are going to individuals and I know you'll give it a good home. (sob sob) But just remember if you feel that you don't want it for whatever reason, then I know of a really good home ;) I'll even pay top dollar Zo!
      Thanks for your lovely kind comment on my Teddy but he's still got lots of work to be done on him. I don't like the way he keeps looking at me.
      You take care too and I'll pop across soon to see what you're up to

  2. You are sooooo talented, Nessie!

    And what's on my work-desk? One of my little Shih Tzu's. Life is good :)

    1. Oh you are so kind and generous with your lovely comment Wendy... have I ever told you I like you the bestest??!?!? ;D
      I'm off to check out your desk.... I can't resist seeing a little toot. Muffy's all tucked up in her bed this morning, but there's two eyes peeping out just in case she misses something! ^..^
      Have a great day and see you soon

  3. Shame about the poppy painting as it was looking very pretty indeed... Ted does seem to be staring at me hard... but he is lovely so forgiven! I applied for a poppy too late too... was amazed to find they had all sold out! So where in Aberdeenshire do you live? I am in a little village outside Peterhead. Annette #31

    1. I may revisit the poppy Annette because once I get a thing in my head I want to tick it off and this one just didn't do it for me ;D
      I'm hoping to correct Ted's eyes and fur today... I had to finish early in the art group so that he would be dry in time to carry home but it's driving me mad until I can get to correct him.
      I also have no one to blame with missing the poppy sale because I thought I'd buy one back in August and just let it slip until it was too late. Typical Tail-end Charlie strikes again!
      I've not been to Peterhead yet... 'm in a little village outside of Aberdeen. I did visit further north last weekend though and had a cuppa and wee cakee in a little tea shop in Ellon.
      Thanks for visiting... have a great day and Happy WOYWW to you

  4. Always love to see whats on your desk Neesie! I have trouble with backgrounds too. I like to do an image then am at a loss with what to do with the background..and more often than not i mess it up when i try to add one.My friend June who is a painter, crafter extroidinaire suggests starting at the back and building up. So that would be starting with the background and keep adding layers until you get to the final details... I have yet to work that way but i could see where it would be to my benefit. :) Love all your paintings! And your willingness to try new things is so inspirational! Hugs! deb

    1. Aww thanks Deb, it's always lovely to have you visit,
      I tend to concentrate on the detail subject in a painting then completely blow it when I add the background, that's why with the Teddy (like your friends advice) I started with the background. It's funny because I actually liked the background better than the actual Ted in the end. Maybe I give my all and burn out by the time I get the nearing the end! Who knows?
      You are always so kind with your comments and it's greatly appreciated ;D
      Since I started with this new art group I've certainly stretched and tried new things. Not sure what I like best yet as I'm still on the journey.
      Enjoy your weekend and have fun!

  5. Hi Neesie, Happy WOYWW. Has the teddy got together with the gin bottle then? Your poppy is gorgeous! I would love to have lessons, I doubt I would be that good though.

    Cazzy #69

    1. Happy WOYWW to you too Cazzy,
      Hehe you're comment over Tipsy Ted made me giggle but I'm happy to report he's now sober... or at least I think he is ;D
      I'm not exactly having lessons but enjoying spending a few hours per week trying out new techniques and medium. We have an artist talk and do a little demo at the start but then it's over to us. At least this way I can guarantee that I get at least three hours a week for pure artwork without interruptions.
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to pop over to your place soon to see what you've been up to ;D
      Have fun this weekend.

  6. Your poppy is lovely. Sadly didn't get a ceramic poppy or get to see them :-( Happy WOYWW Anne x #38

    1. I think I'd like to paint another poppy after ruining this one but I'll have to finish off some of my other projects first.
      I keep hearing from people who have been lucky enough to buy one (and sometimes more) which doesn't help but there you go... such is life. I'm just so thrilled it has been such a huge success and so unique too.
      Thanks for stopping by Anne, I appreciate your visit.
      Have a wonderful weekend

  7. I love your poppy but agree, the background just doesn't quite work. I seen the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London on a video posted to FB. WOW!! Cute teddy! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #59

    1. I knew as soon as I started with the background I was doomed Carol and it would take so long to improve and complete it... it was time I didn't want to use so I think I might redo the poppy on it's own. I hadn't got the deep red colour that I had in mind for it so it's unfinished business as they say ;D
      I am so moved and impressed with the poppy display that it surprises me every time I see it.
      The cute cross-eyed teddy has been tweaked and hopefully looks a little better now. I'd never have thought to paint a teddy bear so at least my art group is making me think and act outside of the box ;D
      Happy WOYWW to you too Carol

  8. I managed to snaff a ceramic poppy. I'm hoping the delivery isn't delayed due the extended showing of them. Your poppy is gorgeous. Love the teddybear, he seems a little cross-eyed to me, tho' that could be the angle, but I actually think the cuddliest teddy bears ARE cross-eyed. ((hugs)) x

    1. Arghhhhhh you too TT2, I WANT ONE (wail, stamping of foot, nashing of teeth etc etc)
      I'm SO pleased for you (cough)

      No seriously I think they are amazing and so special so it's good to know that they are going to good homes. I did buy dried poppies and made a new big flower arrangement for my hall after realising that I wouldn't be having a ceramic one for my garden.
      He's no longer gossy-eyed I'm happy to report because I've tweaked him.
      I need to get back to the gin bottle (pardon me that sounds really bad but you know what I mean) and shading of my horse. I'll be missing next weeks class which is to paint an eagle... no pressure there then :/
      Have a wonderful weekend and I'll visit you soon. I may have to come by torch-light as it's hardly getting light during the day.
      I'm sure it wasn't like this before I left... or maybe my memory blotted it out!
      Toodleloo for now xoxo

  9. Love that you sit and paint together
    Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

    1. I'm not sure she's as happy with working so close with me as I tend to natter (hence my blog name) so I try to remember to keep quiet when we're sharing our desk.
      Not easy for someone like me ;D
      Don't ever worry about being late to visit me Laura,
      The kettles never far from boiling and it's always great to have you come to call no matter when you arrive.
      Have fun and enjoy your weekend

  10. Your poppy is GORGEOUS! Poppies are one of my favorite flowers. Great pillows. Good luck in the pillow fight. :-)
    April #68

    1. Really April? You are too kind ;D
      I've planted lots of poppies in my garden so I'm hoping next year I'll have lots to admire and paint.
      We're in the closing stages of the pillow fight now. I think there's only two days left so still keeping my fingers crossed.
      Thanks for your lovely comment and I wish you a wonderful weekend
      Have fun!

  11. Aww, cyber-Ted looks wonderful now, a close relative of Pudsey, I reckon, with those eyes. Well, I reckon your poppy is just gorgeous, background and all. The cushions have come out beautifully, a perfect match for the sofa. Have a wonderful crafty week, Chris # 7

    1. Well yes I think it's quite fitting that I have Pudsey's cousin... especially this week and thankfully he no longer looks drunk! ;D
      You are too kind with your description of my poppy, but thank you anyway. It's much appreciated. As I said I'm really pleased with the cushions. They are really great quality and are just what we wanted.
      I hope you have a wonderful crafty weekend too and thanks for stopping by my place. Happy WOYWW to you

  12. Love the poppy! And the bear is looking good. Move is completed for the most part. A few things to be sorted yet back at the house but it feels good to done packing. Now for the unpacking once I get over this cold which has knocked me off my feet. Warm n sunny hugs. Nan

    1. Well hello there Nan,
      So happy to hear that your nearly done and dusted with the move. If you find one of my black knee length boots in your boxes can you send it home please. I have one but am mystified where the other one is. Oh the joys of moving eh?
      You've probably come down with a cold due to all the stress of the move. Hopefully now you've settled you can relax a little and start to enjoy your new adventure.
      Good luck anyway and thanks for your warm sunny hugs... I sure needed them today. It's barely got light all day.
      Forecast for the weekend isn't good either so stay warm and enjoy ;D

  13. fantastic art projects Neesie! I have seen other bloggers photos of the poppy displays in London-what touching scenes. The red poppy is my favorite flower and you have done a gorgeous painting of it!

    1. I'd like to redo the poppy painting without any background and that way highlight the poppy. I've hear so many people say that the poppy is their favourite flower.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment Linda,
      I'll nip across to visit and see what's keeping you busy soon.
      In the meantime have fun and enjoy your weekend.

  14. Replies
    1. I'm really pleased with the cushion too Haddock,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
      Enjoy your weekend

  15. I'm sorry you were not able to buy a poppy. I did manage to get two one for each daughter so I think I was v lucky. Your poppy painting is beautiful and I love the bear. Children in need is a great cause . Lets hope the evening brings lots of cash for pudsy .

    1. Me too, but I've planted lots of poppy seeds into my garden so I'll have to be content with them... hopefully they'll appear ;D
      Wow you managed to buy two poppies... lucky you. If you decide you don't want them for whatever reason, then you know there's a very loving home here with me. Just say the word!
      I've been so interested in following The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge and amazed at the six youngster's who are doing an awesome job of cycling the 450 miles across England. It's been incredible to see them become so confident and taking up the challenge.
      Children in Need always blows me away with how generous people can be with not only their donations, but also their time, energy and dedication to the charity.
      Let's hope they reach their billion tonight.
      Have fun and enjoy your Friday evening and have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Don't be so hard on yourself! I like the poppy before you added the background, but adding the background made it completely different and not in a bad way. Somehow it looks more stylized now. So I don't really see anything wrong with it, it's just different .... Those cushions are gorgeous!

    1. Aww thanks denthe,
      You are so kind with your comment. I think if I wanted to improve the background then it would have taken quite a lot of time and I wasn't prepared to do that, as I have so many other projects waiting. I may paint another poppy as I didn't really finish this one, but I'll leave the background next time.
      I'm really pleased with the cushions and now have my garlic design lined up for printing on to aprons. I'll be sure to show the results in a future blog post.
      Lovely to see you here and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  17. All your artwork is gorgeous!! I love the pillow so much! Have you thought to scan the poppy before you add the backgrounds that way you can have two versions!! Love the teddy and your pillows are beautiful! Love your daughters art too, especially the whimsical pieces!!Thanks for sharing!!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Ahh Giggles thank you so much for your kind words ;D
      I'm really pleased with the pillow and am just about to try printing my garlic design onto an apron. I'll be sure to let you see the outcome in a future post no doubt.
      Scanning my work is a new thing that I've only just become familiar with thanks to my daughter. I never thought about scanning the poppy first... I just dived straight in there and ruined it!
      Thanks for your compliments about my daughters work too... I'll be sure to let her know. She'll be thrilled. She's just joined 'Not on the High Street' website
      (http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/nicallanartandillustration/product/winter-stag-tea-towel) and had a good response already. Exciting times...
      I hope your weekend is going well... enjoy!

  18. Hello Nessie, Your lovely poppy brings to mind the sweet memory of fields of orange poppies I used to see growing in California. I rarely see them now, maybe a plant or two. Thanks for the memory!

    1. Oh that's so lovely to know that I've provoked a happy memory Irene,
      I'm not sure where you're located now but maybe you could plant some poppy seeds and enjoy them once more. I've planted lots in my garden that I hope I'll be able to enjoy next year.
      Thanks for visiting and I hope you're having a wonderful weekend ;D

  19. Great post. Your work area is so tidy and organized. LOL Love your art.

  20. I love the poppy you did. A shame you were so disappointed at the end. But you can do another one! That's the beauty of being able to draw yourself. I wish I could do that.
    The cushions are 'to die for'! Not literally of course, having just mentioned the poppies. I saw the poppy display on photographs of people who've been there. I hadn't realized they would sell them. Good idea.
    I hope you do well in the pillow fight.
    Sorry I'm so late but I take my time. I love reading through the blogs and looking at the photos etc. I take all week to get through everybody's blog.
    CU Wednesday, God willing,

  21. The poppy is gorgeous. The shadowing of the bear is excellent. The Flutterby is adorable. . . it fits in perfectly. I love the color gray of the sofa. Blessings, Janet PPF


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