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Monday 29 December 2014

Turkey Tricks

Well how was it for you?
Personally, I had a wonderful time and I hope you did too. 
I know it's just a short pit stop on it's way to Hogmanay, but I thought I'd nip in here for a quick natter.

Have you had snow?
We've yet to see snow, even though my daughter has been thoroughly scruitinizing all of the weather apps and skies trying to find some... but so far we've only had minus temperatures, frosticles and lots of ice, for the last week or so. 

One thing's for sure... Mufftypup is not impressed with frozen grass!
At the moment for her toilet break she nips out and back into the house in record time... like a whippet. 
There's no need to stop to sniff when there's a comfy spot next to the fire waiting. 

Besides it's a little tricky walking on the ice... imagine the scene from Bambi when he goes out onto the ice with Thumper and you get the idea. Not with the long limbs of course... more Stumper than Thumper! 

Thinking about it Mufftypup has had quite a time of it really... 
For a start it was agonizing waiting for Santa to call.
And don't get her started on all of the culinary delights that just didn't come her way...
even when she used her most cutest "oh woe is me" look with those pleading eyes.
There's also the mystery of the dodgy doorbell.
She's been disturbed from her chicken-filled dreams, so many times when the doorbell has rang. No one escapes her welcome no matter how snoozey she's is... she's a martyr to the cause! 
But so many times, when she's ready to receive... sitting pretty staring at the door handle no-one enters, no matter how long she sits there patiently waiting. It's a complete mystery to her.
I don't quite know how to explain to her that it's a certain Christmas Carole that has a similar chime to our door bell... 
But I'm thinking the exercise is good for her (right?) especially as she's not walking for as long these days and she's looking a wee bitee chunky (for her)...
Or maybe it's just her winter fluffyness?
Just in case she is putting on a little excess (hey aren't we all?) we've decided for her to have a daily workout. My daughter really makes her work for the turkey treats! 
See what you think... after this routine she then does a few yoga stretches on the mat in front of the fire, before seriously meditating for a few hours...


So that'll just leave me to wish you all good luck and I hope you have healthy and happy New Year.
 Thank you so much for being a part of my year... it's been great. 
But I feel 2015 will be the best one yet! 
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  1. Stopping in to wish you a Happy New Year. Hope you have a hot drink waiting for me, it sounds really, really cold in your part of the world.


    1. Hi Darla,
      You know me there's always a hot drink on the go here... but I've also upped my game with all of this chilliness to include soups.
      What would you like... carrot and ginger, mushroom or Christmas dinner soup? The choice is yours?
      Great to see you... have a brilliant New Year and hopefully I'll have a little more creative time to share with you soon

  2. she does work for her treats, wonderfilled video, what a beautiful home you have and I love love your daughters onesies ( sp ? ) !! Happy Happy New Year to you all, best wishes from Canada!

    1. She has to work for it Laurie... because if we gave her every time she asked she'd pop!!! This way at least she works up an appetite (lol) although I have to admit she did drag it out a little ^..^
      That onesie has been a huge hit. I only bought it for fun, but she's hardly taken it off since she opened the parcel. She's been suffering with tonsillitis, so it's been perfect to keep her warm and comfortable. It's the Tatty Teddy design from Marks and Spencers. So cute ;D
      I see your computers crashed but I hope you get this message...
      I wish you the best of everything for the New Year with health and happiness, love and joy for you, Gary and all of your family.

  3. Aww, Nic worked her hard huh? What a clever pup she is.
    Wee Man says "Nic looks like a kid in her onesie" Lol.
    Your home looks perfectly cosy for the current weather. The fire is fabulous, and I wouldn't say no to one o' those mince pies! :o) Do you have plans for Hogmanay Denise? My plan is to stay in and stay warm, lol. xx

    1. Well she's clever when she wants to be, but she mostly plays to blonde card ^..^
      The fire has been very popular (plus central heating, another wood burner and an open fire...oh yes and the Aga) Now I've written all that I wonder how we haven't self-combusted!
      I've partied long and hard over many Hogmanay nights over the years, but I'm quite happy and contented to settle down with loved ones this year for a cosy night in, on this occasion.
      We'll enjoy watching the firework from indoors... it's nearer the bottle of bubbly too ...win win in my book!
      Have a wonderful New Year and I wish you all that you would wish for yourself. Health and happiness to you and yours too

  4. LOL Too cute! She's working so hard for that little tidbit. ;) Lovely cozy room with tree and fire. Put a the kettle on company's coming. Warm hugs!

    1. I know Nan... I thought so too
      I must admit she doesn't always work this hard for the treat.
      Come on then... kettles on although a wee nip of sherry might be allowed due to the time of year ;D
      Warm hugs backatcha xoxo

  5. Happy New Year to you all! Mufftypup is getting quite a bit of energetic exercise there! The doorbell in the music is so funny. May this be an exceptional year for you and yours. :)

    1. Isn't she just Rita,
      It depends on whether she's been able to have a walk or not as to how intense the titbit training goes. In this instance the weather had been minus degrees so she was reluctant to stray far from the fire.
      I hope your New Year is the best one for you and yours... with everything you would wish for xoxo

  6. I am cold right about now where I am sitting and it looks nice to look at your photos. That fire is looks so warm and your dog looks so comfy in there.

    Dropping by from http://pixiedusk.livejournal.com/329864.html

    1. It's definitely the best spot in the house... she's an expert and knows these things ^..^
      There's been two fires roaring here for a few weeks now. I'm a BIG fan!
      Stay cosy and thanks for stopping by for a warm ;D
      Happy New Year to you and yours

  7. OMG, she's so terrific with those tricks. I'm not surprised though, she's a smart little girl. Makes mom and I miss Lasha, they look so alike! Hugs to you and Happy New Year Neesie!

    1. I've taught her all she knows Jenn ;D
      I dread the day when she's not here with us so I totally sympathise with you and your Mum over Lasha,
      I send hugs to you both and wish you the best of everything for 2015.
      Muffy sends her love too ^..^

  8. Hi Nessie,

    How delighted I was to read your comment! Sorry that it took me so long to comment, but I’m home from the hospital now and using a new laptop.

    Thanks for your good wishes.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  9. Adorable...love the video...the cutest!! Very cozy! Can you see I'm catching up!!

    Hugs Giggles


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