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Wednesday 10 December 2014

What's On Your Work Desk... well a dog for starters!

This isn't the normal What's On Your Work Desk post from me today as there's no actual artwork on display. So if you want to see more art/craft then head over to our host Julia at Stamping Ground

For a start I have a dog on my desk... although she's actually Santa's Quality Control Manager and keeping a keen eye on procedures. 
She's making sure that standards are maintained. 
So what is she checking? 
Well basically me. 
I've been recruited as an elf to help with my daughter's Christmas orders. 
Her designs are flying out of the window... well not literally but you know what I mean.
(yes that's rain lashing on that window... see what I'm having to deal with peeps!)
Check here if you'd like a peek at the designs... there seems to be a head to head going on in the league table between Grumpy Owl with his Christmas jumper and Festive Penguins with the Penguins (at the last count) just a beak ahead. 
But that could all change with today's orders.
I've had my troubles with this lot I can tell you... it hasn't all been plain sailing. 
The seal tabs for the plastic wallets have certainly been a challenge!
Once they get a hold of you... the static just doesn't want to let go.
I'm finding them in the most unusual places.... nuff said!
Those little black circles above have white backs that once they are peeled off, make the room look like I'm working in a snow storm.
Talking of which we're supposed to be having a weather bomb hit us today. 
Yes a weather BOMB... whatever that means?
(I'll let you know once we get through it if there's anything to report)
I'm warming the sack here, along with all of my outer wear before heading off to the post office. 
I can hear the groans now as I think back to yesterday's visit. 
There was a queue... as there always is at this time of year, but oh boy they were lined up and wound around the whole post office by the time I left! 
If looks could kill I'd be six foot under now.
I was tempted to shout a cheery... " Merry Christmas Everyone" as I left but thought "Humbug" might have been more appropriate. 

So I'd better get on.... 
I hope to send time over the holidays catching up with everyone that's visited me over the last month or so. I'm horrified that I haven't done that yet as I like to reply and visit everyone.

By the way the art exhibition went well yesterday... I'll maybe post about it later. 
Anyway... I'm away to baton down the hatches now
Hopefully see you again soon
Have fun everyone and keep smiling! 


  1. Your supervisor is absolutely gorgeous. Hope all goes well with the weather bomb.
    Sandra de @33

    1. Gorgeous but tough Sandra de,
      So far the weather bomb hasn't arrived or if it has it's okay.
      There's just a freezing biting wind with the odd rain shower but mostly it's sunny.
      Thanks for popping over to my desk. See you soon
      Enjoy WOYWW ;D

  2. Ms. Muffy looks cold. :) And I love your bow hat in this pic. The last pic you were wearing a santa's hat. See I'm paying attention. ;) Hurry down to the post before that 'bomb' arrives. Huggles from a chilly FL.

    1. She is Nan... She's curled up in front of the wood burner now as near as is physically possible without singeing!
      I know you're very observant (noting my change of head attire from elf hat to pixie ears with bells) but you notice Muffy's Christmas jumper. It has Santa on her back ;D
      She doesn't usually wear this until Christmas Day but I thought it would go well with the photo. By the way it's her 11th Birthday today!!!! I know... how can that be? ^..^
      She's had a visit to the park (even with the threat of the weather bomb landing) and maybe they'll be a little soirée later.
      Post sorted for today and now I might actually get cosy and desk hop!
      Love the huggles... so backatcha
      Enjoy your week and I'll see you soon

  3. The quality control manager is just too cute. I love the sweater. I went to the post office on Monday and it was a mad house. #48

    1. There's a good chance that by the end of the week Regina I may be banned from the post office. I may have to visit a few to spread the load! ;D
      The QM is cute but she's a stickler for detail.
      Have fun with your desk hopping
      Happy WOYWW

  4. I envy your daughter that she was able to make a full time career out of being an artist! She's very talented and lucky to have you to help out! That doggie is so cute wearing that jumper! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #40

    1. Well actually she was a Lawyer up until the summer and then she decided to just jump off the edge and give the art career a whirl. It's something she's always wanted to do... so fingers crossed it works. So far it's going really well.
      I'm just happy to give a helping hand when I can, because I would love to do the same.
      Thanks for visiting Zsuzsa. Have fun desk hopping and I hope to pop over to your place soon ;D

  5. Finally have a WOYWW post linked up. I'm #53 today.

  6. Hi Neesie - what an amazingly talented gal you have there - the designs are wonderful, and she deserves to to really well. So good she has a loving Mum to help out. I hope you manage to sneak in and out the PO without being noticed, this time, and the storms skirt round you. Hugs and blessings, Chris # 13 PS - I meant to add, cute doggie in a cute jumper, BTW!! x

  7. That dog is uber cute and so is your head gear. Love seeing that scenery and rain makes me feel so comfy if I am at home. We have had hail and storms these past few weeks too which is not a good sight.
    Bridget #36

  8. Hope the post office wasn't too bad, and you've escaped the weather bomb! Helen 8

  9. awww, you both look so cute sitting at the desk, working. The mutt looks nice and warm in the sweater, Hehehe, LOVE it. Got the Agga going I'm guessing. We're huddled in here trying to stay warm too. Keep bundled up my friend and make a cuppa to dip your toes into!! :o)

  10. It looks like Mufftypup (who looks very fetching in her wee jacket) is doing a very good job with the Quality Control. Everything looks incredibly neat and orderly!

  11. Well Neesie we are expecting our own storm.... And boy the news people are really playing it up.... they act like its never stormed before...anyway...we have batten down whatever needed it and now its a waiting game... Hubby just made me a beautiful mushroom ,onion, and cheese omelet made from fake eggs that taste pretty darn good.... :) This bad weather will give me a chance to finish up my decorating..... just the tree left to go..... I need to go to the post office today too.... not looking forward to that...uuughh.... I'm so happy your daughters designs are selling so well.... That must be so encouraging for her... Stay warm ! Hugs! deb

  12. what a very busy girl you have been ! we have been hogging the quese in the post office this week too - the perils of home made cards ! Ali #64

  13. Hello to Santa's Quality Control Officer and General Overseer of Things Needing Oversight. It looks like you've been staying very busy. I hope you aren't caught in the blast of the weather bomb. That doesn't sound the least bit fun!

  14. What a delightfully festive workroom you're in there, and so cosy too. I braved the elements, (and the post office queue), today too and got my mail sent on it's way to Norway, Sweden and the US. That's a load off. I took the option of not looking back at the backed-up queue as I left as I'm sure I'd have seen similar looks to what you got. All my cards are different, so they all had to be weighed separately - Oops! Hehehe. I did Australia last week after checking with royal mails last posting dates leaflet, (don't hate me for being organised). So now I can concentrate on my cross-country and local mailings and my hand deliveries. If I can get them all done and dusted by the middle of next week, I'll be a happy bunny.
    As for the weather - BRRrrr - it was awful out today and tomorrow is supposed to be worse around here! Why do I volunteer to dog walk!? It's not even our dog!! AND she looks as miserable as sin when I go in, I'm sure I can hear her sigh as she tucks her nose further in!
    Well I hope you stay cosy and don't have to venture far tomorrow. Ttfn ((hugs) xox

  15. Aw, Muffin. You have to keep an eye on these humans, they can't be trusted!
    I have (just) come to terms with the fact I can't keep grumpy owl and have posted him to grumpy friend, sigh!

  16. That would have to be my favourite photo of the day, you both look so cute. Your daughter is so talented, I love the cards. So glad she decided to give the art a go, she's a winner. We actually had rain hitting our windows, it was a storm but still that's rain. It's been so hot and humid I almost wanted to come and sit at your house to cool down. Hope the weather bomb is not nasty for you. Will write soon.
    Luv Von #28

  17. What a fun blogpost, I enjoyed it and speaking as a firm cat person I think your dog looks really sweet.
    Don't get me started on the Post Office - queue going out the door and down the road - and they start asking me if I want to change my Phone provider?!!!?***!!!
    I don't remember much about the Weather Bomb so it can't have been that bad, hope it was the same for you.


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