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Wednesday 20 January 2016

Animal Tales

I thought I'd bring you a little something different today and this little fluff ball is definitely different!
When I think about what she's seen and experienced over her little lifetime, it really is quite remarkable. 
She's traveled to three continents, been in temperatures ranging from +50C to -5C (so far), been reported as having leishmaniosis and given a death sentence, which thankfully was overturned when the tests were repeated and proved to have been an error. She's had a little fracas with a staffie in the park and had to be rushed to the emergency vet, served a month in the penitentiary quarantine, and these are just a few things that come to mind! 
But the main thing about Muffin is that she's been the best friend anyone could wish for! 
 I know some of you may have seen these photo's if you follow her account on Instagram,
(the_world_according_to Muffy
but I've been asked to remember to include them here too, for readers who don't use Instagram.
See I do listen.
These photo's were taken once the floodwaters had receded, but the cold snap had descended. 
Muffin, (Muffy, McMuffy, Mufftypup or whatever name you know her by... don't worry she knows them all and will respond no matter what you call her) needs an extra layer at the moment, so we've go this 'ADIDOG' jacket for her. It fits like a dream and even manages to keep some of her tummy dry, which is a major achievement. 
But then there's still need for a bath after every walk... well more like a doggy dip really than a full bath.
Don't worry that she looks so unhappy in this photo because although she hates being cold, she's working it so that she makes me feel guilty and she'll get a treat.
I personally think she likes this part because after the lovely warm soak, she's wrapped into a towel and transported to sit on top of the Aga for a wee whilie.
Isn't that what Aga's are for? 
I mean just look at that face now.
The next part is her favourite... she gets a little chicken treat. 
And then finally a little grooming.
I don't normally put anything in her hair... I'm not one for dressing up a dog, but she needs to go to the groomers and they don't have an appointment for another two weeks.
I'm not sure purple is her colour, but at least she can see.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone and if you'd like to hear some more Animal Tales then why not nip across by clicking here
Thanks for visiting my place and I hope you'll come back soon.


  1. Muffin is such a poppet - love her little face and I can quite see why you love her so much Neesie. She looks in her element on top of the Aga :) Elizabeth xx

    1. She has a way of making everyone like her Elizabeth, which can be embarrassing sometimes, especially if it's only a tradesman nipping in to do some work!

  2. Oh, so totally adorable - as always. I love to see her in whatever guise she has. I'm pretty certain she is my most favourite on-line dog.
    Hope your Thursday is warmer than of late, we are promised a coming thaw, so I hope 'they' haven't got it wrong; after a slip and a fall yesterday, I'm ready for less frosty walks. xoxo

    1. Aww what a wonderful thing to say Mo... well she loves you too ^..^
      Now what do you think you're doing having a fall? You just be careful out there, although we did have a thaw, then a lovely springlike day, but we're now back to wet and windy weather. There's never a dull moment is there? I hope you are okay now.
      We really could do with spring arriving soon.

  3. She is beautiful and I know everyone of the emotions you have for her and all of the fun and trials and tribulations.
    Big kiss for Muffy from Lynn & Philip xx

    1. Thanks Lynn, I never knew what it was like to have a dog before she arrived, but I'm so glad that she decided to join our family.
      We've never had a dog before and that's possibly why she can wrap us all around her little paw!
      I have to say there's never a dull moment with her. She's currently curled up in her bed snoring like an old man. (apologies to any old men reading this) We have nearly had to turn the volume up on the tv!

  4. McMuffty is my only fave online dog. The Girls even think she is adorable. Love hearing of her adventures. Thanks as always for sharing with us bloggers. Stay warm and safe. Hope spring comes soon for you. Chilly hugs from Florida.

    1. Aww you are the second person to say that Nan,
      I'd love for you to all meet her personally... she'd definitely melt your heart. I've never know a more friendly lovable dog - EVER! (That sounds like I'm a little biased, but it's true)
      We had springlike weather one day and it really makes me crave spring more. Today we're back to wind and rain!
      Chilly hugs... hey what's that about?
      I can send warm ones because I'm sitting right next to the wood burner!

  5. for we who can't seem to get instagram to work for us (it actually said MY email was spam!!!) we appreciate the pics. Now, I AM a dress your dog up so I'm gonna have to find some nifty bows some day, when I finally get my own fluffy Muffy, lol. She's just the most adorable thing, wet, dirty or clean. You know mom's in love and I'm so glad we don't live close, you'd probably have to go to the police station every week and complain that once again Ms. McLean stole your dog!! Hehehe. Love from cold canada my friend! Keep that wrist in a sling!

    1. Oh that's a shame Jenn, I actually like Instagram more than Facebook.
      I can just imagine your pooches wardrobe... and glitter claws!
      Hehe... I'd have a few addresses to check if she went missing but we could come to some arrangement Ms McLean and myself because we need to go on holiday sometime and she's not going into kennels!
      The trouble is that she'd have to give her back!
      Wrist still playing up, but it's manageable. I hope it's the same for you.

  6. Thanks. I am not on instagram. ;)
    How old is Muffy? She has had a full life, that's for sure.

    1. Well that's why I thought I'd include the photo's on here for your Rita,
      Muffy is now 12 years old... although many people don't believe me when I tell them, because she's still so puppy like!

  7. She is sooooo cute - I don't care what you call her -- she will always be cute!
    Sandy xx

    1. Yeah I'm afraid she is and she knows it Sandy,
      She certainly knows how to maximize that look too!

  8. Aw, Muffin is gorgeous and I love the way you give her several names - we do the same with many of our animals so Firkin the cat is also: The FurBall, Firky Birky and "Get off that side and go outside NOW" ... he's an outdoor cat but seems to spend far more time inside looking to steal food! That second picture is great too and what colour any small white dog I had would be much of the time LOL
    Many thanks for adding Muffin's story to #AnimalTales - it's a full one to be sure!

    1. Hehe... thanks,
      It sounds like you need to rethink the outside cat thing, because to me it sounds very much like he's an indoor cat ^..^
      I enjoyed joining in with #AnimalTales and hope to visit again soon.
      Thank you for making me so welcome.

    2. If he wasn't such a thief and prone to sometimes pooping in then log box then perhaps he could become a house cat but he is just too naughty (and a VERY good outdoor mouser!)


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