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Friday 25 November 2016


Good morning everyone from a beautiful crisp Aberdeenshire in Bonnie Scotland! 
It may be cold outside (minus 6 when I first woke up to be precise) but it's bright, sunny and looking beautiful.
This week I was determined to have a completed piece of artwork to share 
I know I should have warned you and checked if you were sitting down first... but I've actually managed to finish something!
What more could be in fitting with all the festivities happening at this time of year, than to have a gorgeous poinsettia to add such a fantastic pop of colour.

I thought you might like to see it's progression and therefore show the first stages of under painting.
The wise owl is keeping an eye on my work and making sure I do a good job.

Here's the final piece with gold embellishments, although I'm not too sure that they show up very well in this photo.
Very festive huh?

Anyway that's it for today as that amazing sunlight is inspiring me to get busy.
Not sure with what just yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something!
I'm also linking up with Sunday Sketches
But one more thing before I go...

Drum roll please...
... I have some exciting news!
I have launched a new website Denise Allan that I'd love you to visit, because quite frankly I'd hate to be over there all alone.
'Neesie Natters' has been brilliant for the last ten years
(which quite frankly I can't believe it's been that long since I started blogging)
but I felt it was time to come into the light with my own website.
I will miss certain aspects on this page and therefore I'll run the two in conjunction initially, because quite frankly I'm really nervous about this change.
Neesie Natters previous posts are all over there along with your comments, so you'll feel at home.
I just hope it all works and I can continue to be your friend and have our chats.

I'll pop the kettle on and hope to see you over there...
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  1. Beautiful painting, congrats on really and truly getting it finished! Enjoy the winter weather, it's similar here. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

    1. Hehe thanks Valerie, it's quite a relief to have something actually finished to share. It really has been a stunning week with glorious sunlight and frosticles everywhere.

  2. You are so talented! Off to check out your new website, congrats!

    1. Oh hush now Christine... you'll have me blushing!
      I hope you like it the new website.
      It doesn't feel like an old friend just yet... more like the exciting start of a great relationship (I hope!)
      Have a wonderful weekend :D

  3. Popped over to see your new website... Its lovely! I would happily follow you there but i don't see a place where i can follow you with Google Friends Connect and that is the only way i follow someone..i don't do Google Plus or Facebook or Twitter or anything like that...Just wondering if you will still use GFC... Love your poinsettia.. the gold does show up and its just the perfect touch. Hugs! deb

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Faye... I'm thrilled that I actually have a finished piece of work to share
      Happy PPF to you

  5. You have been blogging for 10 years!!!. Can't believe I have had the enjoyment of reading your "nattering" for so long. Congratulations on creating your own website. You are a clever little cookie. (Tried to post this comment on your site to no avail) And your poinsettia is brilliant.

    1. I know Pam... it's positively scary isn't it? I know you were right there at the birth of Neesie Natters. How could I have been nattering for 10 years? Hubby would reply that I've been doing it since birth... underwater too!
      I had lots of encouragement and immense help with this new baby... nothing is the same as this one so it's a steep learning curve.
      There's still lots of little things I want to check out like how some people are having difficulty posting a comment. I'll let you know if I find the solution.
      The poinsettia was a real pop of colour and the white frame sets if off well.

  6. What a beautiful painting! You are right the 'Christmas Stars' do give a wonderful pop this time of year.
    Happy PPF on a Saturday!

    p.s. I'll be visiting your new site in a moment. You should be able to either a) import all your blog posts from blogspot to it or if you prefer b) point page to blogspot - welcome to the world of website fiddling :)

    1. Thank you Claudia, I've never heard the poinsettia called the Christmas Star before... I think that's so appropriate and a name that I will adopt if you don't mind :D
      Thank you for your support with my new site. I have managed to transport all of the Neesie Natters posts plus the comments. I've just got to find a few more buttons and links to make it as user friendly as possible. Squarespace is completely new to me and is stretching my brain to the limit!
      Hopefully I'll see you over there, in the meantime have a great weekend :D Happy PPF to you

  7. Beautiful new website... I will pm you! The pictures are gorgeous on it...big and beautiful on my pc. I left a comment but it makes you sign in so I don't think it went through. Gorgeous festive poinsettia! Love the bits of gold in it!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Beautifully done Fancy Nancy! I better be able to subscribe to your new home!!!!!!! I will be missing Muffy if I can't - so sad.
    Sandy xx

  9. The poinsettia is lovely! Congrats on setting up your website.

  10. That poinsettia is gorgeous! How fantastic to have a holiday painting to hang every year.

  11. Congrats! It's super lovely too!! :)

  12. Your painting is lovely and so perfect for the season.
    Congratulations on your new website. Wishing you success with it.

  13. Times flies eh? I am glad I popped in on your 10 year blogging anniversary! Will have to do a better job of keeping up with my blogger friends, especially those moving on to a new website :) Good luck on the new adventure <3


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