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Wednesday 8 March 2017

Wordless Wednesday... Muffin The Trail Blazer

Muffin had been decidedly off over the weekend... so much so that I was a little worried.
I decided to weigh her and instead of her usual 4.6 kilos, she only weighed 3.9.
Thankfully she's improved and is now eating once again.
I'm hoping that she starts to add on some weight now.
It was wonderful to see her traps off on her woodland walk.
She definitely looks like she's on a mission doesn't she?

(I recommend that you watch this clip on full screen
I hope you are having a good week.
Catch you later... I've got to keep up with this wriggle bottom!


  1. Muffin sure looks like what has something on her mind and knows just where she's headed 🐈 I do hope she continues to improve 🐱

    1. Thanks so much Jan, she's okay I think, but just keeping me on my toes. She knows how much I worry about her and finding out that she'd lost weight was a shock. I'm monitoring her now.

  2. What a precious wiggle bottom she is! Hope all is well with McMuffin and it was just a doggie flu bug. I know I worry when one of the Girls is off her food and dry nosed. Thankfully it passes with a day. Hugs

    1. That's what I'm hoping Nan,
      I thought she'd lost a little weight but the scales confirmed it. I'm now keeping a closer eye on her...if that's possible!

  3. Oh no! I hope she'll be okay!
    Yes, she looks like she's on a mission in the woods.
    Love and hugs

    1. Thanks so much Rita, it's great to see you here once again.
      I'll be sure to pop over to you soon.
      We're monitoring Muffy's weight at the moment, so hopefully it was just a tummy upset. Fingers crossed.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Jennifer... we have some medication now that we have a diagnosis. Hopefully these will help soon.

  5. I enjoyed the video.
    I hope Muffin is ok and the weight goes back on a little ...

    All the best Jan


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