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Wednesday 29 March 2017

Wordless Wednesday...Minnie

It's possibly appropriate that it is actually Wordless Wednesday, because words fail me today.
I should be attending a family funeral, but due to unforeseen circumstances I've had to miss saying a final farewell to a absolute legend, a beautiful, caring, inspirational matriarch who had a fabulous infectious smile that she would share with everyone around her.
In fact I can't remember a single occasion that I didn't see that smile. 
She would always make such a fuss of everyone who came within her radar... making them feel so special...but she was the special one.
She was quite a party animal too and would never (EVER) refuse an invitation for a get-together, celebration or party.
Such a beautiful person inside and out... but do not underestimate her... she was a incredibly strong woman too. 
(as her photo of  'The Don' above shows... do not mess with me) 

The photo below is firmly embedded into everyone's memory of her... she was so full of life.
This photo was taken when she was in her 80's!
What a giggle we had that night.
My ambition is to try to be like her and embrace life... enjoying every moment.
She celebrated her 94th birthday and plans were in order for a great 95th party.
Oh how she'd have loved that!
Today, there will be many people sad, emotional and tearful, but Minnie wouldn't have wanted that... she'd want to be the centre of attention providing everyone with her infectious smile and humour. 

You will be greatly missed
RIP Minnie 💖💖💖💖


  1. Oh Neesie, what a wonderful tribute to Minnie, a remarkable lady. She looks such fun - I bet she's shaking a few things up where she is now! :)


    Di xx

  2. I am sorry for your loss, she sounds like a delightful person who will certainly be missed. Carry her in your heart and always wear a big smile when you think of her, that would make her happy :)

  3. That's the kind of person we should ALL aspire to be! My condolences and sorry you had to miss her funeral too.

  4. Beautiful tribute for what seemed to be an amazing obviously powerful(wearing red), fun woman!! No doubt she will be greatly missed! She'd have wanted you to bow out to be with your family at this time!! Much love to all in their greif!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Hey Sugar - what a remarkable woman - someone we could all admire and try to be more like! You were so lucky to have her in your life Nessie. I am not big on funerals and feel as if the time to honor someone is while they are alive. Tell people how much you love them and how you admire them while they are with us.
    Great tribute Nessie -
    Can I ask about Muffin? Thinking of you -
    Sandy xx

  6. So sorry for your loss.
    What a wonderful tribute.

    All the best Jan

  7. She really will be missed. People like that are truly special.

  8. I am so sorry Neesie... she sure does look like a dear and sweet person. I love her attitude. My condolences to those who she loved and to you. If you feel down, just look at this post and you will have to smile at this beautiful lady 💕


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