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Monday 24 April 2017

The Plot Thickens

It's time for an update of the veggie plot today.
Before I start let me just explain that it's quite a challenge growing certain veggies here in the North East of Scotland. For example today started off with sun, then the hail arrived and we've had quite a snowdrift after lunch and now we're on to rain! 
I think other than fog...that about covers the whole range of weather.
So let's begin our update...
The raised beds are finished and have parsnips, carrots, cabbage, sprouts and fennel.
I'll be sure to show you the plants at a later stage. 
Hopefully they'll survive this coming week of wintry weather.
The pot at the end of the middle bed is actually a collection of herbs that I used to keep by the kitchen door. We need to replant these....making sure that we keep the mint contained.
I don't want mint taking over the whole plot as it is prone to do if left without any restraints.
The observant of you might notice the new chuckies (or gravel).
We underestimated just how much was needed so we are waiting today for another delivery of 3 tonn.
The old telegraph pole that I managed to convince the authorities to replace has now found a new home. Hubby used his chainsaw and split it down the middle and laid this rather impressive edging.
And so on to the next stage of the plot...the chicken coup.
Hubby put the coup together as it was flat packed and he said it was the easiest instructions he's ever had to follow (thanks Chicken Coops Direct)
This particular coop is the Devon design.
I was surprised by how small the coup actually was when assembled, so we've decided to buy an additional run for here and also a tunnel for the other garden, so that his 'girls' will be safe, but happy.
(I actually caught him looking at a girlie website early one morning...but thankfully it was the feathered clucking kind!)
I'm not sure when his 'girls' will arrive but we're nearly ready. 
Or I think we're ready...it's like a penthouse, but the flooring is supposed to be arriving any day.
Hard wood chippings apparently are the best! 
As I said...nothing but the best for his 'girls'
I just hope they actually lay an egg!

(New's hot of the press...Gust of Arctic wind whipped through and carried two cloches and smashed them against the granite wall of the wood store...ho hum. We've only had them a few days!
Heaven knows where the little plants maybe by now...maybe on their way to Norway)

Have a great day whatever you're weather is doing...we'll just keep hunkering down for now.
Thanks for popping by my place.
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  1. Man, that's like the penthouse suite of chicken coops!

    1. I know Debra...even the dog wanted to move in!
      See I said nothing's to good for his girls. Let's hope we actually get to see an egg after all this!

  2. Oh wow - you'll be having some wonderful treats. I may just hop over the pond and join you for a salad!
    Thanks for joining this week's link-up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/04/elvis-sighting-in-israel.html

    1. Well I'm not sure we are quite ready for salad yet NC Sue as it's really chilly here this week. Maybe we'd have to have a good warming soup!

  3. well you're all ready anyway!

    1. We're underway Christine...but we just need the weather to improve. So far thankfully, we haven't lost anything, but the arctic wind and snow haven't helped. Hubby's just gone off to buy some tomato and chilli plants. He's really keen and enjoying his new hobby.

  4. I'll say...penthouse for sure! Have you anchored it down good so the new "girl" don't blow away?! Hugs to all

    1. It's hopefully secured enough Nan...but hopefully the weather will behave and warm up soon. It's been really wintry this last week.
      I think someone would be very upset if anything happens to his girls!

  5. Hey Denise - everything you all do is top notch. Looks fantastic! When we lived in the mountains we had a terraced vegetable garden. That's what you have to do when you live on the side of a mountain. My husband and son built a really nice barn, a chicken coup and fenced in a fantastic yard space. We had 5 hens and 2 little goats. The chickens were able to run free and knew when it was time to go into their coup at night. It might take a while but you will get eggs. If I remember correctly, hens don't like to lay in the winter. We did have a rooster - Jack from Hell. He was a one man rooster and one day he decided to attack me - it was scary as crap so my husband put him down. I felt badly for Art as he and Jack were best friends. I had already broken two hips and did not need a rooster knocking me down and pecking me to death!! We sold out home and gentleman's farm and moved south. It was time - You will enjoy the girls and your vegetable garden looks great. The whole area is fabulous!
    Sandy xx

  6. I didn't know what cloches were...had to google. Obviously, not a gardener--LOL! LOVE the new fancy coop! Can hardly wait to see the new girls and hear all about them. The raised beds look fabulous, too. So exciting! Now if spring would arrive, right? LOL! :)

  7. holy cow that is looking awesome Neesie. I'm a little jealous, fresh eggs would be fantabulous. Are you gonna get some arcana chickens so you can have purple, pink, green and blue eggs? I'v seen Martha Stewart's arcana chickens, they look like they're wearing fascinators and bloomers!

  8. I love parsnips, carrots, cabbage, sprouts and fennel...
    Home grown veggies are just so good.

    The weather is ridiculous isn't it - hard to believe that in a few days time May will be here.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  9. Vege plot looks fabulous and have a look at the chook pen!!! Only ungracious chooks would refuse to lay in that palace. Hubby has done well.

  10. the veggie plot is looking great :) yeah only certain things will grow here :/ but that is why we are going to put a greenhouse in the back, might be able to grow a few more veggies and other things :) the weather really needs to figure out what it wants to do

  11. Have you had an official thank you from Norway for sending over plants?! Looking fabulous, what a lot of hard work and great results other than with the Artic wind!
    Wren x


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