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Friday 14 April 2017

Easter Bunny...PPF

Happy Easter Everyone
As it's the long Easter weekend and there are Easter egg's everywhere, I thought I'd join in too.
Mainly, because in keeping with the egg theme...I'm like a headless chicken today!
(Rather tenuous link I know - sorry)
It's the sort of day where I want to be like an octopus and have eight arms, so that I can do all that's on my extensive 'to-do' list. 
I would desperately love to sit here and carry on painting my Easter Bunny, but I've got to go outside...mainly because the day is reasonably good and I don't want to miss it.
I will have to have a painting session later...as my reward.
I know this looks a little strange in the under-painting stage.
It's like catching a painting in just it's underwear! 
As you know each time I post an unfinished work I moan, because I desperately want to only post finished pieces of artwork.
This week it's all been about Muffin once again.
We're still battling with her lack of food intake and weight loss.
We were at the vet's again this morning and they've decided to up her steroids.
Hopefully, she'll be eating everything in sight soon and be strong enough to 'Toss the Caber' or dance the 'Highland Fling'.

Well I must dash...but before I go and link up with Paint Party Friday, 
I will wish you a Happy Easter.
(or a happy long weekend if you don't celebrate the Easter holiday)

Oh yes, and one more thing...April the Giraffe still hasn't had her baby yet, so if you would like to enter the freebie 'Giveaway Draw'... be quick because as soon as the baby arrives the draw will close.
Click here and put 'yes please' in the comment below the post.
I've got nearly 200 entrants so far, which is fantastic.
Good luck if you've already entered.
Muffin will be performing the name picking (hopefully) on video as she did so well last time.
Thanks for visiting today.
Bye for now 


  1. Love spontaneity of your sweet Easter bunny ~ lovely work ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

    1. My daughter used to have a lope eared rabbit that was so cute and I thought I'd paint something light and fun for Easter. This bunny seemed ideal. Happy weekend to you too.

  2. Even unfinished this is a wonderful piece of art.
    I do hope that poor Muffin feels better soon.
    Happy Easter Neesie!!!

    1. Thanks Jan, I'm happy to report she ate a good amount last night, so we all relaxed and had a good nights sleep. I'm hoping she will carry on again today.
      I plan to have some fun time today finishing the Easter Bunny, possible whilst consuming large quantities of chocolate.
      Happy Easter to you Jan...enjoy!

  3. what a fab bunny love those eyes..happy easter

    1. I hope to carry on having fun painting it later today Lorraine,
      Thanks for your visit. Have a wonderful Easter

  4. Funny about catching the painting in its underwear! You bunny is adorable Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

    1. I have a compulsion to hide my paintings until they are finished, but lately I seem to have to reveal my unfinished work regularly.
      I really do need to allocate more time.
      I hope to finish this bunny off later today...probably whilst eating my body weight in chocolate! Can't wait!!!

  5. Very clever subtle colouring, happy paint party Friday!

    Love and hugs

    1. This is just the start Maarit, I hope to add more layers later today.
      Happy Paint Party Friday to you too. Have a great weekend

  6. So fluffy and soft, Happy Easter!

    1. I want to try to keep it soft and fluffy as I add to the layers Kat. I hope I can achieve it.
      Happy Easter to you

  7. Denise, your WIP is great and I look forward to seeing the finished work. Happy Easter.

    1. I think I'm going to carry on having fun with this one, later today. It's a nice day here, but there's an arctic blast blowing through, so I think I'll stay indoors. Happy Easter to you too.

  8. Love your sweet bunny already. I know what you mean about wanting to art especially when it's a beautiful day and you want to take advantage of the outdoors. I'm certain Muffin will eat better with a bit more of the steroids. I remember it helping our Beau when he was losing weight due to cancer. Happy PPF , happy weekend, and a happy Easter too! Best of luck with Muffin XO

    1. Well it's a great day here, but there's an arctic blast blowing through that cuts you in half...so I'll be staying indoors today. A perfect excuse to carry on having fun with this painting.
      I'm happy to report that Muffin ate quite well last night. I'm hoping that it will carry on today.
      Thanks for the lovely message.
      Happy PPF, weekend and Easter to you too. Enjoy!

  9. More than precious. Love the Easter Bunny

  10. Lovely WIP, Happy Easter Neesie! Can't wait to see it finished.

  11. Sorry to read Muffin is still unwell, lets hope the increased medication helps very soon, sending good thoughts and get well soon wishes.

    I love your painting, and look forward to seeing the finished work in the not too distant future.

    Good wishes for a Happy Easter.

    All the best Jan

  12. Your bunny is amazing, just wish your little Muffin was feeling amazing too!! At least you are rewarding yourself with painting...better than the doughnut my friends and I used when we were young after a harried day of hard work!!Damn I wish I knew about the art thing back then!! Happy Easter to you and yours!!

  13. Dear Neesie, your bunny for Easter is so sweet - no matter that its unfinished, it was lovely of you to post it.
    Sending good wishes for your dear Muffin, and thanks for the update on Giraffe. Enjoy the nice weather and till next time cheerio and have a lovely Easter :D) xx

  14. I he the extra steroids work for Muffy!
    Watched the video of April giving birth this morning!!
    Cute easter bunny. :)

  15. your bunny is looking good, nice start to the shading

    i missed the calf being born by about 5 minutes, did see him stand tho. cute with the long spindly legs :)

  16. That painting is adorable. Love the sweet rabbit. Have a happy Easter.

  17. So sorry about Muffin. Your rabbit is amazing. Enjoy the sun.


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