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Monday 10 April 2017

Veggie Plot (Part 2)

Easter Weekend is renowned for being the biggest gardening weekend of the year here in the UK. 
But we've actually been busy since February, when we decided to finally tackle the land at the side of our house, that had been left to nature and untamed for the last 20 years.
I know crazy, but I needed to give my hubby a mission now that he's retired.
(Click on the link if you'd like to see the first post about The Birth of our Veggie Plot)

But we didn't just grab a spade and start digging...oh no...hubby had to measure, draw and cogitate for a few days before any of the garden equipment saw the light of day. 
See... this is what happens when someone retires...they have time to do all this preparation and every conceivable connotation.
But there's no need to rush into anything....just so long as we actually manage to grow something before the seasons disappear.
Below is a photo of his plan. 
He insisted that I include it in the post for you.
My answer was..."you should start a blog of you own and write your own posts about the whole journey"
At this stage he appeared to go deaf!
Anyway...let's get started.
It's been hard work, but hubby has loved being out doors every day.
I'm afraid I have to confess...I'm a fair weather gardener.
I need sunshine to inspire me.
 Here's hubby measuring the drills for the early potatoes (or tatties as they call them up here) 
I have mentioned before that he has a touch of OCD haven't I?
Here they are... the early potatoes, but he's a little disappointed because there's no sign of them now and they were planted on 1st March. 
He blames me for nagging putting pressure on him, saying that they needed to be planted as time was getting on. 
But we are in the North East of Scotland and so the ground has hardly had time to warm up yet.
Patience is needed and fingers crossed!
So with the ground bed dug, it was time to move on to the raised beds.
We liked the idea of using reclaimed timber sleepers for the raised beds.
It was a good job that our son was available to help with the muscle work. 
I have tossed a caber in the past (now there's a whole new story and not one for today) but I thought I'd let the guys flex their muscles on this lot.
Once again measurements were meticulously executed with spirit levels, tape measures and string.
And things started to take shape.
Thank goodness that we didn't do the three layers of sleepers that we first thought would be ideal. That would have taken a huge amount of soil.
At last planting could begin.
Initially carrots, garlic and onions (both red and white)
The centre cones are very technical...they're empty toilet roll holders!
Hopefully, they will protect the precious little carrots from the elements until things start to warm up a little.
The rest of the seedling are cosy and enjoying the sunlight in our study! 
Isn't that where they're supposed to be?
(I'm making a case for a greenhouse...so seedlings are crammed onto every window sill, all over the house)
See I wasn't kidding...they're everywhere!
I'll be sure to give you a progress report when these little darlings head out into the big wide world of our veggie plot.
In the meantime... enjoy getting outdoors and having fun.
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  1. Ambitious but you will be so self sufficient ~ lovely photos ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

    1. Well hopefully Carol. We've got big plans...but we need the weather and a lot of luck too.
      Thanks for your encouraging visit and words.
      I hope you have a happy week too :D

  2. Goodness you have been busy and it is hard work ... but so rewarding.
    Well done and thanks for sharing all of your lovely photo's.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hehe...thanks Jan, I just hope it is rewarding enough for all the effort and hard work. But it is keeping hubby occupied and happy outdoors, so that's a good thing.
      Glad you liked the photo's. I'll be sure to share more as we go along.
      Have a great week

  3. Hi Neesie! Wow, that looks such a precise project - a fabulous veggie plot indeed! One of my friends/fellow bloggers down here in Hampshire is married to a chap who has his own gardening blog. He's very much into raised beds and is a real fountain of knowledge - his blog is a great read and very useful. I've been a veggie grower in the past - and (sadly) have a neglected but perfect greenhouse that you would love. If my back problems would clear up I could get it going again but it has to wait for now. You really should invest in one! Anyhow, this is the link to Mark's blog for your hubby: http://marksvegplot.blogspot.co.uk/

    If your potatoes haven't sprouted at all it might be worth hubby gently checking just one to see if there's any signs of life, at the end of a row. The soil needs to be warm enough for growth to begin, if planted too soon you might get nothing - or they might just be having a little snooze before they leap into action! I suspect that the very beginning of March was quite early - especially for Scotland. Bless you for being like a big kid :)


    Di xx

    1. Haha...what a laugh hearing you talk about your veggie friend's blog, because I've been following and chatting to Mark since my Melbourne days. I'm now passing on his posts to my hubby for him to read. He doesn't do blogs, but has started to read Mark's posts.
      I can't believe it...you have a neglected greenhouse!
      Heheh...maybe I should adopt it? I know just how much time can be consumed in the garden, so can understand that sometimes life is just too busy, or it's difficult if you aren't fitting fit. Hopefully your back will improve soon.
      I have to constantly balance my garden with my artwork and sometimes it's a real battle.
      I think hubby might be too frightened to take a peek Di.
      He was listening to Terry Walton from the Rhondda Valley allotment on Radio 2, and Terry said they might not appear until mid April.
      I think he'll wait until then before having a peek.
      We need more sunshine on them to warm the soil...but this week's temperatures have dipped and it's quite chilly.
      I'm not sure that they are snoozing...more like they're comatose!
      He'll do a happy dance if they do appear.
      It doesn't help that all my little seedlings have sprouted and are waiting to go out into the raised beds. Cloches have just been delivered!
      Hugs back to you...have a great week and thanks for telling me about Mark :D

  4. starting to look good :) lots of work

    1. An enormous amount of work Jennifer...but he's retired now, so it'll keep him out of trouble!
      Or that's my plan :D

  5. Everything looks wonderful! We usually don't have planting here till mid-May! Enjoy your spring weather. :)

    1. Well I'm not sure we should have planted out yet Rita, especially as we've had a cold snap come. Last week was glorious which is typical.
      My Mother always quoted " Never cast a cloud til May's out" and I hadn't a clue what she meant, except that I shouldn't leave my vest off! (haha)

  6. Oh my such precise drawings. :0 Here's hoping a little sprout will poke its head out soon for him. And I look forward to seeing pics of your bountiful harvests. Hope all is going well with McMuffy. Hugs to all.


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