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Friday 18 August 2017

Love Nature...PPF

Well today I'm feeling a little spaced out, as I've been prescribed strong antibiotics.
I'm not sure, but I may have made a mistake by reading the extensive list of possible side effects.
I hardly slept at all last night and my stomach is definitely off today! 
Enough of that...but I'll certainly let you know if the hallucinations kick in!

Last week I shared a snippet of my drawing, so I'm happy to say that I actually finished it and have started another. 
I can't decide whether to paint it myself or use it for others to colour and share their interpretations. 
How cool would that be?
What's your view on the colouring craze for adults?
Do you think that the craze has ran it's course?
I'm not sure if people are still interested in this creative stress reliever or not?
(Love Nature A3 Black Micron Ink Pen)
Whilst drawing I plugged myself in to some brilliant music... (basically to drown out the football commentary... with the odd expletive from my hubby) and spent a wonderful evening drawing whilst looking out over the sunset lit fields. 
I'm going to use the English Premiership matches for my creative time, because it certainly made a perfect evening for everyone.
It's a win win situation. 
Everyone is happy!

I haven't shared any watercolour paintings with you lately, so here's a painting that I created as part of Tracey Fletcher King's Delicious Paint online class.
I had such a great time, plus learning brilliant tips along the way, that I've decided I'll revisit the course...it's available for life once you enrol. 
How brilliant is that!
Tracey is an exceptional teacher and so generous with her time and brilliant talent.
If you are interested in joining in too, then here's the details.
Classroom is now open and you can enrol here... Delicious Paint
Just in case you're wondering...I'm not being paid in any way for promoting this course...not even a gold star from the teacher!
But for now I think I'm in need of a long blink...zzZZZzzzZzzz

As usual I'm linking up with the Paint Party Friday gang.
I'm always happy to see you and will hopefully pop in to your place soon.
Have a great time this weekend.


  1. Love the avocado. Colouring pages are not for me, that get me worked up more than relaxed, I could never see the point of them! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

    1. Oh my MIL says she gets worked up by them too!
      I suppose if it does that then they're not for you.
      I suppose they are relevant if it gives people whom can't draw a chance to be artistic.
      Happy PPF to you

  2. that is a wonderful painting the avocado!
    Have fun painting this painting page
    Good improvement for you !
    Happy Weekend

    1. Thanks Elke, I wish you a great weekend too.
      Happy PPF to you :D

  3. So if the hallucinations kick then you paint! Would love to see that! lol All joking aside, hope you feel better soon!

    1. Okey dokey Sandee...unfortunately I just feel sickly, dizzy and have an upset stomach so not the best for painting.
      My medical practice nurse told me the antibiotics are very strong and have a similar effect of drinking bleach! I'm not sure how she knows that!

  4. Your colouring page itches to be coloured creatively and that is a handsome avocado!

    1. Well you'll be happy to hear that I've actually started to colour it Christine.

  5. These are lovely!! And I dont think the coloring craze has ended... lots of people want to be creative and don't know where to begin and coloring is as therapeutic as drawing for me! :D

    1. That's interesting to hear Misty. Thanks for your visit and feedback :D

  6. really lovely projects Neesie! I agree that Tracey is an excellent teacher and artist. Not so into the coloring fad though I have tried when I was gifted with a few books. I much prefer making my own art though I know of lots of people who enjoy the coloring. get well soon and happy PPF!

    1. Thanks Linda, and thanks for all your feedback on colouring books. I too prefer to make my own drawings and only bought a colouring book for research. I haven't put one colour on it yet, nor do I intend too.

  7. I like your Love Nature drawing. I bought one adult coloring book 2 years ago and have colored in about one half of the pages. It is fun, but I often find other things to do.

    1. I too find such difficulty in finding time for art...I just wish that I could find some more hours, but other than not sleeping I don't think that's possible.

  8. hey sweetie! I think the coloring book craze is awesome and it's good for everyone who thinks they can't draw. Put it out there! If everyone were artists we'd have a calmer and nicer world. Hehehe. Hope you're not too sick my friend, hugs to you and your chooks. Heehee, I wanna hug your chickens they looks so soft!!!

    1. I've been umming and ahhing about these colouring books for over two years! I think I must be the queen of procrastination.
      Artists and gardeners would definitely make the world a nicer place. You can certainly hug our chooks and I'm sure Flo would love it! Not so sure about the others though.
      Annie's back to health and laying eggs once again. She really has been incredible when I think what happened to her.

  9. Oh I hope you feel better soon... We have fought things all summer. Seems like the colouring phase has dropped off a bit...but maybe it's more of a Winter thing. Funny how some trends are. I still think there are many people who probably do it though, for stress especially!! Love your avocado... really nice and Love Tracey...she's up there as a favourite blogger, artist. I imagine her teaching is amazing too...love listening to her talk!! I think you are sisters from another mister!! Love your colouring page, keep on with it, your followers with love it!! They make great Christmas gifts too...I think they should distribute them in seniors homes and for shut ins too!

    Peace Giggles

  10. Fab page of doodled flowers. But I love the avocado! Sounds like the perfect creative time to me too. Can't see the allure of that kind of 'football'. ;) Hope the antibiotics get rid of what ever bug has come to visit you. I'm still working on/in my studio. Should be finished with the organizing of the newly purged room tomorrow. Then back to painting. Take care (and rest.) warm hugs from Florida.

  11. I dont have a problem with the colouring book craze, anything to get a person to be creative and helps with stress is a good thing :)

    very common for antibiotics to cause stomach upsets, especially the strong ones :/ hopefully that doesnt last the whole time you are on them

  12. Denise, your avocado is super!!! I am not a fan of adult coloring books. Where they were stress relievers for some, they caused stress in me when I tried them as the idea was catching on. However, what you have drawn is beautiful and I think people would enjoy coloring it.

  13. Wow! Denise, your avocado looks good enough to eat!!
    Sandy xx

  14. You can do both, color it and let others color it. Beautiful detail. Blessings, Janet


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