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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Balinese carvings

I decided to get busy this morning. Well the sun came out and that always gets things moving. I decided to oil some of my Balinese wood carvings.
This needed to be done in the garage with the door wide open. I'd made the mistake of moving previous ones back into the living areas too soon which was a big mistake. Without putting too fine a point on it....they pong!

He's my favourite by the way

Although he always looks like he could do with a good dinner or some home baking

I could practically hear the wood sucking in the oil - they were that dry. Maybe I should try some on my own skin? You never know it could be the next new wonder product to get rid of all those wrinkles (not that I have any yet of course).
Hey, where did she come from? and then there were three....
By the time I'd finished these three I certainly was feeling whoozy and in need of a cuppa. Pity I haven't taught Mufftypup how to put the kettle on....she's not daft she was sitting on the driveway enjoying the warmth of the sun. Who says its a dog's life???

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