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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Lip Smacking Finger Licking Good....

We all know there's a trend these days to obtain that Hollywood white gleaming smile, but why just keep it for us? What about our pooches? We're always told that dog's need to take care of their teeth, but when Muffin went earlier this year for her annual check-up it was mentioned that perhaps she could do with a little brush and polish....charge a mere AS$600+...eek! I haven't even arranged a dentist for the family yet.
Its always good to get a 2nd quote for any job you want doing.
(isn't that right dear? - see I do listen)
The 2nd quote came in cheaper - phewph - but not without a hidden cost. They wanted to just pull any teeth that were a problem! Heavens, a little serious... I then heard about one poor little pooch had just had 14 teeth taken all at once, but he was managing quite nicely....Hmm.
I can't imagine Muffin with dentures so we're taking drastic action.
Muffin is now on a teeth cleaning exercise.
I think she likes it - what do you think?

Come up for air Muffy....

Back to it....no rest for the wicked.

How good is that.....shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppp!
(yeah Shih Tzu's do have long tongue's)

I know, what about my poor lounger cushion? But what can you do she was on it like a shot. There have been times when we've found little pressies under the cushions (yuk) or once I heard my son shouting when she was trying to hide the chicken wing under his clothes, which were lying out on his sofa! Good tactic Muffy - he should put them away I know.
That'll teach him....

She will very often carry her biscuit in her mouth and peruse the place for a suitable hidden spot. She'll keep checking to see if anyone is watching and carry on looking until we make out we're not interested, then she'll place it carefully, covering it with anything near by and walk away....
"nothing to see here"...."move along"....

Not too bad when its a dry biscuit but not recommended when its a raw chicken wing.

Oh no, here she comes, "Seriously Muffin I don't need a kiss to thank me, honest".....
(backing away quickly)

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