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Friday, 17 September 2010

Porgie + Mr Jones

The weekend's fast approaching - yeeha!

Sheer bliss not to have to hear the deafening tones of my other half's mobile alarm blasting out 'The Entertainer' theme tune.
Trust me I don't feel that jolly in the morning. But even though there won't be an alarm to start the day, the idea of going out for breakfast is incentive enough.
Even more so when you have a cool little cafe like 'Porgie + Mr. Jones' in Hawthorn to visit.

I just love these cute little milk bottles.
They never cease to bring a smile to my face. Visions from my milk monitor days at school flood back....yes I can go even that far back!

Lovely smelling fresh bread

The other half wasn't impressed with having to wait whilst I took this shot.
I knew I'd get him back for that alarm.....

I took a photo of the counter and staff serving as you can see everyone was so busy its a blur.....quite literally, plus I was stopping the traffic to tables. Not the best idea.
Maybe I'll catch a better snap next time...

If there is a down side to visiting 'Porgie + Mr Jones' then it's possibly that you may have a little wait for a table at the weekend. It's so popular. It won't take long so just hang in there....there's a cute little courtyard at the rear to settle down with the papers until your table's ready.

You also get to pass the kitchen - which I always like to peek into....

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