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Friday, 8 October 2010

From Little Things Big Things Grow....

This morning I woke to the sound of a chainsaw....eek!

Immediately I had visions of an over zealous hairdresser let loose with a pair of scissors.
How big was the job and what tree was involved? I am paranoid that the trees outside the house will be a target...I went off in hot pursuit to investigate.

I've always adored trees, but I think that due to living in the Middle East it's highlighted the fact I can't live without them....

No, the victum was well away and needed to be cut.....phew!

I have to admit there is a downside especially having the huge oak trees so near to the house. The autumn clearance of leaves and acorns can take days, but then look what I found in my garden - how cute. The spring sunshine has worked its magic and up they pop.

All the ones I missed.

From little things big things grow.....

Here's one I potted earlier.

This one has obviously been around for some time...

...and this oak is located in a local park in our home town in the UK.

It's my other half's favourite.

Yes and there's some blue sky too - amazing!

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