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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Melbourne Spring Carnival - Derby Day

Talley hoe everyone,

I was at the races on Saturday and had a great time. The Melbourne Spring Carnival to be precise. It was Derby Day and what a day it turned out to be.

I have to confess that its the first time I've actually been to an actual race meeting, so it was all a new experience for me. I've always loved horses and enjoyed riding, but there's something completely different about spending the day at the racecourse.

Firstly though, I only just found out by chance that Derby Day has its traditions. Ladies wear black and white for example, and this year's buttonhole for the men was a cornflower. In fact all these snippets came in a brief conversation whilst in a boutique along High Street. So if the lady happens to read this blog - thank you for keeping me so well informed. Your tips saved me ...

It was lovely to see everyone had made such a huge effort for the occasion. Carnival is such a true description of the occasion. Everyone was so friendly, smiling and out to enjoy the day to the maximum.
We travelled to the course by train, and although I protested initially thinking I might be the only person in a hat.....wrong....it turned out to be a very entertaining trip. As we entered every station it contained frills, feathers and fillys.
When we got on the train to Flemington, we were all squished together and I had to laugh at the bald chap standing in front of me getting his head tickled occasionally by another female passenger who had long sweeping feathers on her hat. I've never had such an amusing train ride, with everyone passing on their humorous tales, jokes and generally the feel good factor.

Now I'm no Clare Balding of the racing world and after the first three races that was certainly confirmed. But that still didn't put a dampener on the day. That was already taken care of unfortunately with the torrential rain. It happened to be the heaviest rainfall for an October day in over 35 years! Typical. Although I have to confess we were dry, comfy and copiously supplied with champagne - what rain???
It was lucky I took this photo so early on in the day because after a short while the skyline of the city disappeared under the clouds.
When the heavens opened only the true diehards or insane stayed out. But what fun they had especially with the improvised water slide. I just wondered if the chaps would remember how much fun they'd had when they looked at their suits on the Sunday morning.
I didn't think I'd be buying a hat before my daughter's big day but when standards are set what can you do....just a little gesture surficed.

And obviously there's no show without Punch....or should I say Muffypup!

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