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Sunday, 10 October 2010

'Who is it'? (Part 2)


Well, now we know why 'Gregory' has been singing his heart out at 4.45am every morning.....

He's going to be a Dad!

Look what my other half found this morning.

He was busy doing some chores (I know I was surprised too) when he walked past the hidden nest with a set of ladders. Not surprisingly the female flew off, so once we knew the nest was there, I quickly grabbed my camera to take a photo to show you.

I then waited tentatively thinking I may be the culprit of their demise causing her not to return to the nest....but after a while she sneeked back to them. Both her and the nest are so well concealed I never noticed either yesterday when I put all the bedding on the line.

Latest update: I left some cake crumbs on the decking for her, and she's just flown down for them. She'll need her sustenance ready for when they hatch....life will never be the same again.

So who would have thought, we are going to have 'Grand chicks' - how special....maybe I can forgive Greg for all his tapping's earlier in the year.

I just hope he doesn't pass on the habit!

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