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Monday 23 May 2011

'Arthur' an Individual Bear

What can I say about 'Arthur'? Well, he's been through nearly as many house moves as ourselves.
Maybe that's why he's wearing this expression?
I saw him many moons ago in a shop in Aberdeen, Scotland and just fell in love with him. It's funny because he's always on show wherever we're living, but I suppose I've really been neglecting him. I don't think I've even noticed him since I last unpacked, when we moved into our current home. He's just a reliable bear and always there.   

Here's some of 'Arthurs' personal details (well some of them) He's a Bohemian Bear
by award winning artist Amy Young. He has glass eyes, and a hand made nose.

I did intend to buy him a friend but we moved before I had a chance. Sorry 'Arthur'
Maybe if I move back to Scotland I'll be able to rectify that.

He just brings a smile to my face....

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