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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Girlie Night Book Club

I need a break from all this moving madness...so I'm hosting tonight's book club. I thought it best to host this month, as heaven knows how long it may be before I'm straight or settled again.
I've baked too, but can't show you the outcome yet, because I can't cut into it before my guests get here.
I'm sure they won't finish it all off tonight...but you never know.
I must remember to tell them that this cake has NO calories because it was baked on a Tuesday!
The boys are banished whilst the girls are here - which is just as well, because all they talk about after the meeting is how loud, giggly and chatty we were. I don't understand - isn't that's what girlie nights are about?But we do take our books seriously, and settle down to the discussions, questions and answers sessions, and reviews etc but only once our catchup gossip is out of the way. The boys are only jealous anyway.

Here's a hint about today's baking....its chocoliciousness yet again. How good does this look....and the smell....Mmmmmmm...

I'll hopefully get back to blogging tomorrow to pass on the recipe...oh and obviously the verdict from the girls

Must get on, the wine needs chilling, final prep to complete etc.
Muffin's ready, she's bathed and conserving her energy for the time being, until her guests arrive, then it'll be full on 'Here I am to meet my guests' bring on the pampering!

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