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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Its Mother's Day here in Australia today and therefore to all the Mum's out there, I hope you have a wonderful day. I've just got back from being taken out for my breakfast. What a lovely treat.
I've had some wonderful Mother's Day celebrations over the years and feel very privileged. Unfortunately, I lost my mum last year so can't spoil her, but I thought I'd post this little tribute to both her and my grandmother, Nanny Pridd.
This photo is was taken waaaaaaaaaaaay back by my OH. For example, the little wee one in my arms is now 26 years old! I think its such a special captured moment in time. Four Generations of females in one family.
Many people have commented on how they wished they'd thought to do the same thing within their family.
This picture wasn't as set up as it initially looks, we were all gathered in my daughters bedroom, when my OH saw the moment and seized it.
 My Grandmother, Nanny Pridd (Right) as you can see she isn't looking into the camera...in fact she never did, but I'm not sure why?
Well, that was when I knew her, but by the photo below she wasn't always camera shy.... I'm  not sure what the occasions was for the studio session or how old she may have been, but I suspect she it could have been for her 21st Birthday.

There are so many memories....eagerly watching out of the window for her Sunday afternoon visits, bags of sweets produced from the depths of her handbag, treats galore, everyone calling into her kitchen for untold cup's of tea, no matter what time of day or night. The kettle never got a chance to go cold. When out walking with her, she'd tell me to walk tall and straight - shoulders back, putting toes down first before my heels when walking (this makes you walk like a palomino pony - I'm not sure why or what was the purpose for this) wonderful huge hugs as much as her corset would allow - keeping everything in trim and a fantastic Nigella waistline. Not bad when your in your late 70's, early 80's.
She's was the instigator of my plant passion and love of baking, which I'll always be grateful for. Her rose garden was such a treasure, and her little patch of grass was always so green (secret formula - the chamber pot kept on the landing overnight! - No inside toilet....oh them were the days.....NOT!
One tradition used to be having all the grandchildren gathered together to help with the Christmas ritual of baking mince pies for all the family and friends. Warm kitchen, beautiful smells, laughter, and wonderful memories....

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