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Sunday 15 May 2011

Winter warmers

Where did that last week go? Well, for me mostly sitting looking at potential new homes online or driving around with thankfully my GPS keeping me on track. I'm no further on with the house search and panic is beginning to set in. At times I'm exhausted even just thinking through the move, so some relief or something to distract me is gratefully received. My latest read is a great book and takes me back to the late 1920's and 30's in Victoria - Joy Dettman's 'Woody Creek Triolgy'. Some of the colourful characters and the hardships they endure really make me realise I'm living in sheer luxury.
I'm not able to spend too much time cooking at the moment, other than the main daily meal, but when I saw these veggies on my chopping board, I had to capture them. Mmmm....lovely roasted fresh veggies. Its my my favourite way to eat them.
 Its a real winter warmer as far as I'm concerned, although I'd eat them anytime.
And this week has been perfect with the temperatures dropping to some of the lowest so far this year. Some parts of Victoria and NSW even saw some snow! When you think of Australia and kangaroo's you don't really conjure up this kind of image......I wonder what he thought about it?
(photo courtesy of Google Image)

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