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Friday 22 February 2013

Artist Play Room....Books and Bookmarks!

Oh where do I start with this week's theme in the Artists Play Room.
They're something that make me feel all warm and fuzzy whenever I think about them! 
You could be forgiven for thinking I'm talking about chocolate here because as you know I'm a serious chocoholic and not afraid to admit it! But this time I'm talking about...BOOKS! 
Another passion of mine :D
I'm not sure how young I was when I first learnt to read, but I knew once I started I couldn't stop....nor do I ever intend to! I only feel comfortable when I have at least three books lined up and waiting for me. There have been occasions when my bedside cabinet has been so full, I couldn't even reach the lamp! 
I can also have the beginnings of a panic attack if I seriously think about how many books there are out there that I'll probably never get to ....(breath....breath....breath...) so I try not to think about that.
I have a serious compulsion to enter book shops whenever I see one, no matter what's on my plan, or timescale...everything pales into insignificance when I enter a book shop. I have also been known to hyperventilate too...although maybe I shouldn't divulge so much information here. But you get the jist.....
I LOVE BOOKS Black heart (cards)
Oh I know it should be shoes, handbags or clothes that sets me into a tizzy, but books win every time I'm afraid...no question about it.
I do love my kindle, but it's the feel, smell, turning of pages, bindings and their covers....in fact everything about a real physical book that can have me stroking it lovingly. 
Whoops....now that really is enough!

So onto Jenn's challenge....
Well having read the above (hopefully) you can imagine my quandary about what to do for this week challenge....so I decided to do some doodles, but also to include photographs from previous posts. I hope you forgive me for repeating myself if you are a regular visitor.

And so here's some book marks that I had fun with this week....I couldn't resist putting a few doodles together. Also I added some colour this time!!! SHOCK!
I know I shocked myself especially because I don't really like yellow, red and orange!
I'm more of a blue person.

We were heading for a thunderstorm last night when I took this photo...hence it doesn't show the white at it's best, but you get the idea I'm sure.
I was aware that there wasn't a tassle in sight...so I thought I'd let this little guy return to make an entrance....he appeared last year in the APR challenge, so I think he'll feel very at home.

I love this photo below...hence it's in my sidebar. 
I abore books, tea, and freesias so it ticks all of my boxes....how about you? 
What ticks your box? 
Oh I've just thought...it's not complete after all because there's not a chocolate bar in sight. 
What was I thinking??!!?!?! (slapping forehead with back of the hand)

 ...I had fun with this idea below and as you can imagine it took quite a time to construct! 
I went through my whole book collection to find the right size of book for the tree...AND managed to resist stopping to read any during the process...wasn't I a good girl? :D
It is part of my Christmas card collection now and last year I sent it to my book club friends.

This next photo was a very special reading corner in our previous house and now that I look at it, I realise just how special it was.
I haven't allocated a special reading place in this house, but then I suppose my studio has taken that place.

I'm aware that I'm not reading as much as I would like to, but what can you do? There really isn't enough hours in the day for me to fit everything in as it is...sigh!
So don't forget to hop over to Jenn's place (click here) and see what all the other artists have created for this fantastic theme.
This seems a good place to finish...in my comfy corner, so I'll leave you in peace and please let me know if you've a book recommendation that you think I should know about. I'd love to hear from you.
Happy Reading Everyone  School


  1. I love to read. My reading increased a lot when I got my Kindle. I still love the feel of a real book, but there's room in my life for both.

    1. Hi Patrice,
      My kindle is priceless and lets me read on the move. When I think back to the days when I used to add a few books into my luggage! No wonder I used to be over the limit so many times...but there again that still happens! Hmm....

      I like take it in turns between my kindle and books...just to keep the peace :D
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment...have a great weekend whatever you have planned...kindle or book! LOL

  2. Hiya sweetie,
    GREAT bookmarks, I'm loving the cups one, the black & White is stunning. Gotta agree about a kindle so easy to carry around but I agree with patrice, also love the smell and feel of a real book!

    1. Hi Doll (it's an Aussie endearment just to clarify)
      I totally agree if I read my kindle I find I miss a real book which is a good thing...I'd hate for them to go out of fashion :(

      Hugs to you too ~ Have fun and I'll see you in the Play Room :D

  3. The book tree is wonderful. My fav. bookmark is the one with the cups. Great work. I wish I lived next door to you. Everything in your home looks so inviting.

    I got on an organizational binge so I'm behind on my challenges. I'll work on them tomorrow...

    1. Hmm...yes it appears that's the leader so far. I tended to rush these so I might revisit and take my time to do that one properly.
      To me reading and drinking a cuppa go hand in hand!

      Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend.
      See you soon :D

  4. Oh boy, where to start, I love those bookmarks and I remember gorgeous little owl but wow, that book tree is amazing. Just the fact that you thought up the idea is great but to execute it with such flair, I'm very impressed. Alas my reading is but a memory, little miss would never allow me the luxury of spending (or her words, wasting) time reading. If I have time to read I have time for her, so she says. She is 12 now and I guess I should take all the time with her that I can, she will be a teen soon and won't want to hang around with mum. Then I can start my books again, yahoo, cough cough. So, read a book for me but you can send the chocolate my way, I always have time for that :)

    1. Confession...I didn't think up the book tree completely...I'd seen it somewhere and stored away the idea but thought it would be great for a Christmas tree with a difference.
      Maybe you could curl up with little miss and read together ...it's a lovely way to spend an hour or so especially if you get a book that will capture her interest. I'm sure she wouldn't say no to an extra cuddle? ;D

      Now Von...what makes you think I'd EVER have spare chocolate to send to you...no matter how much I love you...once purchased its on borrowed time before I devour it! I just can't help myself!

      Have a fantabulous Friday and an even better weekend. I'll be across soon but chocolateless...hopefully you'll let me in :$

  5. The Christmas tree made of books is such a clever idea! I love books too (I'm very keen on military history and non-fiction), but I find I don't have so much time for reading since I took up blogging. Blogging is more interactive, so it has more appeal for me at the moment.
    And of course there's cooking to consider too - I spend a lot of time in the kitchen these days.

    1. Not sure military history would float my boat Mark, so I'll give that particular genre amiss for now ;D
      Like you I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find the time for reading. Blogging has definitely taking the leading role in my activities lately.

      I always like to hear that a guy is spending more time in the kitchen! ;D

      Have a great fun weekend...potting, planting and propagating plus picking of course. But maybe you'll have to wait for the picking part?!?!

  6. I just don't know where to start with all the wealth of pictures and writing on this page. Starting with the bookmarks - I love the humour of Shhh ... can't you see I'm reading, just what I always feel, and the little reading owl. But the other bookmarks are just as good. Such a shame there isn't a slot where we could feed a bookmark into our kindles. I miss the bookmarks as much as the books, and couldn't manage without books and a kindle. In your collection of favourite things I spy a chess set there - we play chess at breakfast, lunch and tea, which is enjoyable and leaves time for painting and reading.

    1. Oh how kind Jez...you'll make me blush! ;D
      I'm becoming increasingly aware and attached to bookmarks. I used to use anything that was available and near to hand. A post-it or business card but now I've started to look more closely bookmarks are another whole art form and one I'm liking!
      Hmm...as to the chess set I have to admit that was just on the coffee table and I didn't realise it was featured. I move the pieces regularly but only to dust at the moment I'm afraid. Once again not enough hours in the day!
      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to ~ checkmate :D

  7. Neesie, I love your drawings. I've sort of always doodled, but after seeing your drawings, started to look a little further on the iNet and found Zentangling. I never knew about it, but I love it. I ordered a kit and tried it and now I'm hooked. I have you to thank for that. By the way, one of my favorite books is "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" by David Wroblewski. It has been around for a while. If you have not read it, it's a must.

    Have a great weekend and as always, I truly enjoy your blog.

    1. Oh dear Laurie...I should have asked you to sign a disclaimer before you got hooked. LOL

      I've always been a little wary of calling my doodling 'zentangles' because I don't follow all of their rules. I didn't even know what I was doing until an artist friend told me that they were very much like 'tangles. They have various names for all the different patterns but I really just like to let my pen do as it pleases. I don't think art should be within strict guidelines...so I just do my thing. ;D
      I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying drawing them because I find it very relaxing, but sometimes I have to say a little tiring on the eyes! %-)

      I'll have to come and take a look to see what you're up to later.
      As to the book 'The Story of Edgar Sawtelle' by David Wroblewski...I read it a few years back and loved it. It is actually sitting on my bookshelf amongst friends.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. You made me smile :D
      Have a wonderful weekend too. Catch you later!

  8. Hope you're sleeping well, despite that heat. I'll try & type quietly and contain my excitement -
    Wow Neesie, those bookmarks are just fabulous! I couldn't choose one, I love them all! I am an avid book lover too and also love your book Christmas tree, but I have to admit that I inwardly screeched at the vision of those book spines stretched out like that! *GaSp!* Sorry. I hate to hear that cracking noise when a book is opened, in my mind, beyond it's limits, *puff - pant - breathe - relax (Shh! Neesie's seepin'!)*
    Haha - what're we all like! They are inanimate objects for goodness sake! But oh the joys they bring, the escape, the adventures....! Ahh, *sigh*
    Mo xx

    1. How very kind of you Mo...to creep in and visit whilst I slept ;D
      You didn't disturb me at all and what a nice surprise to wake up to your comment.
      Now then let me put the record straight here and now Mo...I CANNOT BEND A BOOK OR EVER BREAK THE SPINE. I cringe myself when I see someone doing that...even with a kindle cover!
      I chose these books very carefully and quite a few were very large floppy art books and old recipe books which had been well thumbed. There's also a few of my childrens old books too which have been much loved (they're 27 and 21 now!) but I still keep their favourites.
      So I'm with you on that one...rest easy my friend :D

      I'm coming your way soon but not sure if you'll be in snoozeyland...I'll be quiet just in case ;D
      Toodleloo for now xoxo

  9. ps - I meant to add, that I mostly listen to audio books, (they take u less space) but I also get through so many more that way, hehe. I am very eclectic in my tastes, but as with films, I dON't do horror :0) Mo x

    1. Ah ha...now there's an idea. I keep meaning to try audio books but haven't got there yet. I could 'read/listen' whilst I was walking Mufftypup or ironing! Hmmm I really must get organised and have a go.
      Thanks for the idea Mo.

      By the way...I don't do horror or sci-fi either ;D

      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned...enjoy!

  10. What a cool book tree! I ,of course,being a "colorist" love your doodles and brightly colored bookmark the best! Congrats again on your Liebster Award! I can recommend the following book which we read one year for book club. It has never left my mind because of all the interesting cultural notions and superstitions of the times and that particular area of the USA. I think you might enjoy "Feather Crowns"

    1. I'm trying to add colour into my work Gloria but it's still in its infancy. Although having said that when I silk paint it's full on colour...the more vibrant the better.
      Strange that isn't it...or is it that I'm strange??!!?! ;D

      Oh I like the sound of your book recommendation and will give it a whirl. Have you read 'The Dovekeepers' by Alice Hoffman? That was one of our book club reads last year and appealed to everyone in the group.

      Have a great weekend and I'll come and visit you soon. Ciao for now :D

  11. What an amazing post you've put together - words, art, and photographs! I love books too, so I can relate to everything you said. Blessings!

    1. Aww bless you too Arnoldo,
      Thank you for such a lovely compliment. It's easy to post about things we love. ;D

      Have a wonderful weekend and I'll come across your way later.
      Have fun whatever you do :D

  12. Great bookmarks. Loved the whole post as I could relate to every bit of it. I freak out unless I have a few books waiting to be read. We're going on vacation in a couple of weeks and I already bought 2 books and set them aside to pack. Now it is taking some willpower not to read them. I do have a stack from the library to keep me entertained for the moment though.


    1. Oh what a lovely thought...having your reading ready and waiting for your holiday. So how heavy are your bags? You've done well in only having two books packed.
      But now I'm wondering which two books you have decided to take?
      You'll have to put me out of my misery Darla...do tell? ;D

      Thanks for saying you enjoyed my post...it seems to be a very popular topic...Jenn's such a clever bunny!

      I'll be visiting you as soon...but in the meantime enjoy your weekend. :D
      Happy Reading!

  13. You created so lovely little bookmarks and I like them so much. And I LOVE your reading place! Please add a second chair for me!

    1. Hello Stefanie,
      Yes we do have two chairs but unfortunately we're not in that house anymore. But we could find a new reading place here ;D
      Thanks for you compliments on the bookmarks.

      Have a fun weekend and I'll nip across to visit soon.
      Happy Reading!

  14. Love your bookmarks! And, I agree, there just aren't enough hours for all the good books out there...waiting!

    1. Oh don't Anne, you'll send me into a panic.
      I'll have to make sure I add some more reading time into my day now ;D

      Thanks for stopping by...I appreciate it and I hope your weekends going wonderfully well. See you at your place soon :D
      Happy Reading!

  15. i love reading - fitting a few minutes in here and there - always my kindle, though. i have almost 2,000 book on that little device :)

    in regards to your post - i love the 'man mug' that's a great idea! the owl and the pussycat bookmark - how clever! i love it! and then there's the Christmas tree - i may have to borrow this idea. for several years now we haven't put up a tree at Christmas because it's too big a temptation for the cats (and they were driving me crazy chasing ornaments all over the place) - they probably wouldn't care a thing about a book-mas tree! i may have to try it come december :) pretty clever indeed, neesie!

    1. Hi Alice,
      2,000 books loaded and ready to go...oh my...(must steady my breathing...in...out....in....out....phewph!)

      I'm glad you liked the bookmarks and I think the Christmas tree idea would be perfect for your puddytats! ^..^

      My daughters cat once made a leap from a height and landed right into her tree...where it then slowly began to topple! Timber!!!
      The cat just held on with a brilliant surprised look on its face. I don't think she ever attempted that again, but there's been the odd swipe of a bauble when she's passed by.

      I hope you're having a lovely weekend and I'll be along soon to see what you're up to.
      In the meantime...happy reading!

  16. Very cute, ALL OF IT! But I'm going to pick 2 favorites... no 3: the teacup bookmark (because the man mug made me smile) the book xmas tree(so creative!) and your x-reading spot !

    1. Hi Minnemie,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment...I know how precious your time is so I really appreciate it ;D

      I'll be across to check out what you've been up to later. I'm really looking forward to it.

      I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and if you get a chance...happy reading!
      HA!... as if....?

  17. wonderful post!! I love the tree and the book marks and the reading spot and the deLIGHTfull stories that wind through your posts. such fun!! xoxo

    1. Oh Currie thank you so much for such LOVEly words!
      I really appreciate them and have a big smile on my face.

      I'm about to start my rounds for today...so stand by your beds! I'll be with you shortly ;D

      Have a great week with lots of creativity and fun!

  18. My goodness, look at this amazing book love! I too am an avid reader and struggle to fit in enough books AND time for art AND time for blogging AND time for Dan..... Not a new complaint/observation, but I love the relaxation and pleasure I get from reading a good book. I've received a variety of bookmarks from various blogging buddies and absolutely LOVE picking out a different one each time I start a new book. I'm always looking for new authors or fave books of other readers so when you read a particularly interesting one, share it so I can explore it too.

    1. Hey Terrie...did you notice what order you had all of your AND's?
      I'll not tell Dan he was at the end of the line if you won't (hehe) ;D
      I feel there's more of a ceremony with 'real' books...from the minute you browse along the shelf until you reach the final page and close the cover.
      By the way, I normally place book recommendations in my side bar of any particularly enjoyable books. I'm not too far along with the latest one but it's intrigued me.
      I did enjoy my last book 'Notes from an Exhibition' by Patrick Gale. Take a peek if you haven't read it...I think you might like it...well I did :D
      Have a fantastic week and see you soon...dinner is just getting in the way for an hour or so, but then I hope to visit the APR gang!

  19. I am sooo late getting here but blame the hectic weekend and now the buckets of rain... if it keeps going I can jump in the laundry basket and float down to see you ... and love that reading corner... I have the same set up... and OI think we have similar taste in books... I am reading a Gillian Flynn at the moment... it is called Sharp Objects I think... not bad actually ...xx

    1. BUCKETS OF RAIN!!! So that's where it all is. Don't you think it might be nice to share some Trace? We're still waiting here, even though every few days 'they' say it's on its way to us!

      I think that to use your laundry basket as a boat would be great (any use other than for ironing waiting for attention I say) although I can't imagine you'd get very far without having to bail out! (Glug...glug)
      I've had a quick look at my laundry basket this afternoon but only a quick one, then decided it was a rainy day activity! Besides I'd have steam coming out of my ears never mind the iron if I tried to use it today!
      It seems we do have the same taste in books because I'm reading 'Gone Girl' at the moment. Well trying to...as long as my peepers keep open late into the night. There's really not enough time in the day.
      I'll definitely have a look at 'Sharp Objects'...thanks.

      I hope your week has started well and will continue. I'll be across later for sure...can't wait to see what you've been creating! :D

  20. Books are like oxygen to me! If I run out I stop breathing!! I love going to Salvo stores and picking up bargains for just a few dollars, I love ordering new ones from the Book Depository (esp because postage is free and when it arrives the postal mark is from the UK!) and I love spending Dymocks vouchers that my family always know to give me for birthdays and Christmas.... Like you ... I LUUUUURVE BOOKS! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Hi Angy,
      Now I never thought to go to the Salvo store to collect I've only ever dropped off...now there's a thought! Oh my....I should be culling my collection not adding to it. But what can you do...I NEED BOOKS! ;D

      I hope your week is going well so far...have fun! :D


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