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Wednesday 6 February 2013

I hope your day is 'Purrfect'? ~ WOYWW

Today is going to be a toasty day here in Melbourne, with the temperature rising up to near 40C degrees once again, so I'm going to stay in my studio! 
There that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!
Maybe if you are currently viewing from the Northern Hemisphere then with any luck my photos might radiate a little warmth for you. :D

By some freaky universal switcheroo or some greater force, I've actually managed to be able to spend quite a lot of time in the studio over this past week, which has been both surprising and thoroughly enjoyable. 
I have to confess there hasn't been much work done...more a sorting, collating and thinking process....
Well at least I've got some desk space now to actually do something, when hopefully I have an idea fight its way through to the front of the queue, over all the pandemonium that is going on in my head! 

There is a silk scarf draped over the frame at the end of the table. I had planned on painting it for someone's birthday but then the birthday came and went! I suppose I can paint it and keep it until next year ...imagine me being early for once...now there's a thought!!!!
There's also my cuppa which is never far from my side...I just couldn't function without my cuppa at regular intervals during the day. I love fine boned china cups but unfortunately I like to drink my tea at the molten lava temperature and I find that china just doesn't work for most of the day in a china teacup. It only works for me when I'm sitting giving it my full attention. Otherwise I get distracted and it quickly goes too cold before I can get to it. So thank goodness for Denby!
There's also a few calendars that are just waiting to be adopted...if anyone knows of a good home then please contact me....they've been reduced in my Etsy shop so they're a great bargain right now! 

But having said that there's been no work done, there has in fact been one drawing that just appeared out of the blue...
I'm totally aware that my posts are very one sided in the pet department (mainly poochy posts) so this  sketch is for all the cat lovers out there.

I'm not entirely sure he's finished yet? The more I look at him the more I keep adding.  
If you would like to see more desks and creativity then pop over to Julia at Stamping Ground. 

I'm having terrible trouble with my internet, emails, mobile phone and posting today...maybe it's the heat, so I think I'm going to call it a day....I've got lots of photos to show you so maybe tomorrow might be a better day. Don't you just love all this technical stuff when it's working well but when it isn't???!?!?! GRR!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.
https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511760.giffor stopping by...I'll look forward to seeing you again soon.


  1. Your kitty drawing is adorable. I love it!

    1. Thank you... I'm glad you liked it.

      I can see you're a catty person (in the nicest possible way, of course) by your post on little Penelope. ^..^

      Thanks for popping in ~ it's great to have you visit.
      Have a great day :D

  2. Hi Neesie,
    Love the "purfect" cat! Did you just draw him or did you have a live one sitting for you?

    We seem to be having a "purfect" (weather) day here, at least we were when I left for work this morning at about 10.30am and looking out my window it still looks good, but I haven't been out, so, who knows? Hang on, I just checked, it's 27 deg here, that's OK!

    I've done a (sort of) sketch today, as nothing was happening on my desk. (I haven't picked up a pencil to seriously draw for years.)

    Happy WOYWW, no number yet, of course,

    1. Hello Ros,
      Well it's toasty here at about 37C degrees just now. I ventured out for a short time, but felt I was melting so came back inside.
      Thankfully there's nothing that can't wait until it goes cooler.
      I don't have a 'puddytat' here now, but I've did have a beautiful persian cat called 'Mindy'. She lived until she was 16 years old so I've plenty of images of her although this cat in the drawing isn't a persian...just a moggy I think!
      Maybe I should post a photo of Mindy as a little tribute?

      Great to hear you've picked up a pencil...I'll be across asap to see the results. I really have had all day so should have something to show for it but nothing so far. :$

      I really haven't been very good with my visiting lately, so I'm going to try very hard to get to as many blogs as I can. LOL
      Enjoy the evening...it'll be lovely I'm sure...maybe a plunge in the pool will be a good idea before dinner...gotta go.....SPLASH!!!!

  3. SWEET, I love that cat!!
    Thanks for sharing ;)
    Happy Wednesday!

    Hugs Marleen #12

    1. Hello Marleen,
      Hehe...I'm so pleased. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

      Happy Wednesday to you too.
      Have fun! :D

  4. G'day to you too Ros,
    Wow how long has it been? It feels like months since we last spoke. I hope you have had a wonderful summer but I must say I didn't really like you mentioning to Julia that autumn is approaching. I'm just not ready for that :$
    I'm happy to hear you like my 'puddytat'. I remember now that you're a catty person. Sorry that just doesn't sound right does it? But you know what I mean.

    Yep I'm managing to cope after our wonderful holiday, although today is proving to be a little troublesome. I'm not sure what's happening but NOTHING is working as it should.
    And then...I see that you nipped in before me with Mr Linky and a few others too! (sigh)
    I have enjoyed being in the studio today but I've nothing to show for the time. That's always annoying.
    Anyway it's time for dinner soon so I better see if I'm more productive with the food prep! I hear you're off to the beach...have fun and enjoy. I think it'll be perfect :D
    I'll be over to see what you've been up to in my absence. xoxo

  5. Hope you can try to stay cool. What a fab drawing of the cat . it put a smile on my face when i scrolled down the page & saw it. Jill #16

    1. Hi Jill, we are very lucky here in Melbourne because the weather can change so quickly. I've know it drop by 10 degrees within an hour so even though its a little too hot for my liking at the moment, I know it will change soon enough, so I tend to make the most of it! ;D

      I'm so happy to hear that my cat put a smile on your face. That's just purrfect! ^..^

      Thanks for popping by ~ have fun with WOYWW and I'll see you soon :D

  6. Just like the real thing...your cute little sketch. Ditto to the not working tech things and PROCRASTINATING seems like my life lately. Have a fun WOYWW and enjoy that workspace you have cleared up. #11 Sylvia

    1. Hi Sylvia,
      I hoping that tomorrow will be a better day, although for the moment everything seems to be working again.
      I'll have to be quick and complete all my tasks whilst it's behaving! ;D
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment.

      I'm going to try to visit you while I can...so see you soon :D
      Enjoy your WOYWW!

  7. Yes its hot hey hope it cools down soon. Love the purrfect kitty looks wonderful. Will have to check out the calendars and spread the word. Stay cool..
    Sandy :)

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Well the temperature has started to cool a little now thankfully.

      I hope you like the calendar...it's a pity that you didn't pop by last week because I had a giveaway and my silly pup picked out three winning names instead of one. So you might have won!

      Have a wonderful week and have fun whatever you get up to :D

  8. Good morning, love!! Ahhhh, another lovely Aussie reveling in her sunshine, lol! Jealous, but still happy for you at the same time! :D

    Thank you for the purrrfectly lovely drawing! Now get crackin' at that desk of yours and have some FUN!!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #4

    1. Hello Jeannie...well I'm actually a Brit just residing in Australia at the moment, but yes I do love the sun. ;D

      Thanks for your lovely comment. It's a little late to get crackin' as it's nearly 9pm now, but I certainly will tomorrow. How can I not when you crack the whip like that! That's just what I need. Ta!

      I hope you stay cosy and the sun manages to find you. Have fun no matter what! I'll come a see what you've been up to soon :D

  9. Procrastinating is good too! Love the cat! It is going to be 29 here in Cape Town today with a strong wind...We do get rather warm in the southern Hemisphere!

    1. Hi Bella,
      Ahh...Cape Town I remember it so well. I used to love to wander around the V&A Waterfront. I like the sound of 29 degrees but not the strong wind. Strong hot winds here can initiate bush fires.
      I much prefer the southern Hemisphere weather and light!

      I'm happy to hear that procrastinating is good because its something that I'm obviously working very hard to perfect ;D

      Thanks for stopping by Bella...I'll be across to Cape Town as soon as I can. Have fun in the meantime!

  10. Great looking desk. I have the same problem with procrastination and even when I try to do better I end up getting side tracked some how. I love the doggy posts recently. It has been relatively warm here for the season and hope that it doesn't mean we will have another scorching summer this year. Already on water ration and that isn't good! Have a great week. Vickie #33

    1. I have all the best intentions Vickie...but somehow the day just vanishes.
      I'm glad you liked the doggy posts. I had fun creating them...but at times I have to admit they took me to the edge! lol

      I can't believe you're on water rations already. We haven't seen any significant rain here since before Christmas. It makes you realise just how precious it is. Thankfully I have a 11,000 tank which has collected the rain water all year but even with this some of the garden is looking very brown.

      Have fun desk hopping and I'll join in and catch you soon :D

  11. Happy WOYWW. Heat - now that is something that only comes from my heat pads, a hot bath or the fire at the moment!! I keep looking at your photo to try and feel warmer, but then the wind continues to blow around the house and everything rattles (including me!). Perhaps I should live in Australia during your summer? Love the cat sketch. That would make a wonderful card. Ali x #8

    1. LOL oh Ali you really mad me giggle.
      But don't dispair I've got some really great photos that will definitely hit the spot. You'll need sunscreen possibly! ;D
      I hope to post some of them in the next few days so watch this space as they say.
      I'm not sure if I've finished the sketch yet...but maybe you're right he could be made into a card. Food for thought there.

      Thanks for popping over ~ Enjoy WOYWW and I'll see you soon :D

  12. Can we swap weather for a couple of days please? It's freezing here in the UK!
    Happy WOYWW. Thanks for sharing your desk.

    Jackie #45

    1. Oh Jackie I'm not sure I can do that...I've only just returned from a Canadian winter holiday (see previous posts) and at times the temperature was -27C degrees!
      I'm kind of liking the warmth just now and someone mentioned that it's going to be autumn on the 1st of March...so I'm going to be selfish if you don't mind and keep the warmth, but you can come and visit me anytime :D

      Happy WOYWW to you too!

  13. Hi there, just popping by to say hello; I should be working so it's a bit of a mad dash around this week so don't pop the kettle on for me. Cute kitty pic too.
    Neil #34

    1. Hi Neil,
      I won't keep you in that case just in case your boss pops in. Thanks for popping by.
      I'll return the compliment later :D
      Have a great week!

  14. Hope you manage to stay cool, as you suggest, keeping warm will be our attempt today!! Helen, 14

    1. It's a crazy world isn't it Helen?
      I took a plunge into the pool to cool down...which worked thankfully.
      I hope you found a solution to keep warm. :D

      Thanks for stopping by...I really appreciate it.

      Have lots of fun desk hopping and I'll pop over to your desk soon!

  15. Four seasons in one day...isn't that Melbourne's brag? Make the most gal..but stay safe in that heat. Just think, it's soon our spring so we'll at least be able to match the light you have before your light turns autumnal. Loving the pussy cat (and I'm not especially a cat person) he looks friendly rather than superior!! And hey Neesie gal, you procrastinate away..definitely helps build ideas up, so that when you get the bit between your teeth, you suddenly seem to be churning the ideas out!!

    1. You've got it right there Julia. We haven't had that many changes just lately but it can certainly happen here in Melbourne.
      I am enjoying the warm and adapting my behaviour accordingly, because I know it will be autumn before we know it. Well spring for you so you'll be laughing...but I'm not ready for the cold just yet.
      Canada gave us that fix for a while.

      It's a compliment that you're not a catty person but liked my cat. I have to confess I used to be catty, but now I've been swayed towards pooches more.

      Well you've made me feel that I didn't waste my whole day then...I was planning! Hmm...
      Thanks again for hosting the party! You're a saint! :D

  16. Great art work, Love the expression on the cats face :0)

    1. Hehe...it always surprises me how a drawing evolves. I never know what will appear as I take a line for a walk!
      It can be thrilling but also extremely frustrating at times!

      Thanks for visiting my space.

      Have a great week whatever you have planned. :D

  17. Gorgeous kitty and lovely view of your play room. Much cooler in Sydney then Melbourne. But we have had our far share of heat so I am not asking for anymore mid 20's is enough for me.
    Sandra @81

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Yes I did see that you had 40 degrees too. I totally agree with you that the mid 20's is the perfect temperature!
      Let's put in a request and see if we're lucky ;D

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. I'll pop over to check what you've been up to soon.

      Have a great week ~ enjoy WOYWW :D

  18. I love your drawing it sure is one very happy cat. I am right there with you on the bone china cup for tea but it has to be drunk almost as soon as it has been made.
    Happy WOYWW #192

    1. I thought he was one happy cat too Ria. I couldn't decide whether or not to give him the cream...but the fish obviously seems to have done the trick! ;D
      I'm so happy to hear that you too have the same idea about bone china teacups. The Denby mug works like a dream for me, so I'll stick with it for during the day and use the china for special occasions.

      Happy WOYWW to you too ~ have fun! :D

  19. Sorting and procrastinating can be almost as fun as crafting! Lovely cat card there.

    The bears @#87 this week.

    1. I'd rather have had a productive day but then looking back at the day it was a good day even with the procastinating. ;D

      Have a wonderful week and I'll nip across to see what you've been creating soon :D

  20. Hello Neesie, here comes my idea: you give us 20 °C degrees, so we are all fine - can't even take my eyes off this light in your garden!
    Sending you love and snow from northern germany!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Barbara #97
    Don't miss my collage GIVEAWAY.

    1. WOW what a brilliant idea Barbara!
      That's it then...sorted! I'll get the 20°C degrees wrapped and packed as soon as possible.
      I've got some amazing photographs which highlights the wonderful light here. Hopefully I'll post a few soon. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

      Thanks for visiting and I'll be sure to check out your collage giveaway ;D
      Have a great week.
      Happy WOYWW to you too :D

  21. Your cat is just perfect!! I love it!! Wish I could do my digi's in pencil, I'm sure they'd look better!!
    :) Thank you for my snoop! Happy WOYWW!
    was #58

    1. Hi there Lyn,
      Oh it's been ages since we spoke. It's great to see you.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment.

      I'll return the compliment and come to snoop around your desk! ;D

      Happy WOYWW to you too.
      Have a great week with lots of creativity!

  22. Oh I feel so much warmer looking out your window and what a fabulous studio you have! The cat sketch is just wonderful, he looks quite content! Have a happy WOYWW!
    Angie #112

    1. Hi Angela,
      I'm definitely going to add some more roasty toasty photos to keep you all warm whilst you wait for spring! ;D

      Thanks for visiting and adding your kind comments.
      Have a great week and enjoy WOYWW. :D

  23. Your desktop always just makes me drool, I would love to have that much space to work on. I like the kitty with the fish bones too. #105

    1. Hello Joynana,
      I know you like the kittycats ;D
      I also know how lucky I am to have this perfect space. I'm sitting here looking across the table and realise I could sit in any one of six seats!

      Have a wonderful week with lots of fun desk hopping. :D

  24. Aww, your puddy is so cute! But do keep him in your own yard please, I get so cross when cats dig up my garden! Pesky poopers! Give me obedient woofers any day, haha.
    Looks like you're headed for a sticky night, so 'Stay Calm & Keep Cool'
    ttfn - Mo :0) x

    1. Well this puddytat seems very well behaved Mo.

      I can't say that for the two visiting cats from my neighbours garden which drive me demented. They come to my garden to poop!
      When I knock the window or try to shoo them away, they just look at me with such disgust! You can virtually see them saying 'Who does she think she is...we've been doing this for years!" ^..^

      Maybe I should unleash the dogs (Zac is staying here at the moment)

      I was a very sticky night and it's continuing apparently.
      Have a great week ~ enjoy yourself whatever you get up to ;D

  25. I think its a lovely cat! I love him with the fish sticking out of his mouth, that heat sounds wonderful its soooo cold here, I think scarf painting is such a beautiful art.I had a beautiful scarf I bought 30 years ago and it was stolen while I was in the dentist chair, heart breaking, staying in today sounds like a good idea, for you to take shelter from the heat and myself to take shelter from the cold,

    1. Hello Laurie,
      It seems ages since we spoke. I hope you are well?
      It is very warm here just now and I could certainly send you a few degrees willingly to keep you cosy. ;D
      What a terrible thing to happen to you...as if being in the dentist chair wasn't bad enough, you lost your scarf too.

      I'm here in the studio again...hehe...well this weather is to last into the weekend so hopefully I'll be able to be productive.

      Have a great week and stay warm. I'll pop over soon with a bag of sunshine! :D

  26. I could use a little bit of that heat. Only 28 degrees Fahrenheit here. Brrr. The kitty picture is PURRFECT.

    Hope you get a chance to check out my blog and desk.
    Have a great day.
    Lori #110

    1. Welcome Lori,
      I see you are one of my newest followers. Thanks! ;D

      At first I thought you were meaning 28 degrees CELCIUS but 28 degrees Fahrenheit does sound rather chilly. I think I'd prefer the middle range between you and me wouldn't you?

      I'm glad you like the cat sketch and thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.
      I'll certainly return the compliment by visiting your desk.
      In the meantime have a great week ~ enjoy! :D

  27. Hi Neesie - we could definitely do with some of your warmth over here in the UK. We had a bit of snow again yesterday but it didn't stick. I love your kitty drawing. It reminds me of a day trip out with friends a long time ago. We went fishing for trout (well the boys did - the girls just chatted!) One rather lovely Salmon Trout was caught and put on the BBQ. When it was ready we all just dug in with our forks and then flipped him over and finished him off - delicious! and that fab drawing of yours was exactly what our fish looked like - very disappointing for the cat that popped by to see what the yummy smell was! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 52

    1. What a lovely story Helen, well for everyone except the poor hungry cat I suppose. ^..^
      There's nothing better than fresh fish caught and then cooked on the barbie! I'm glad my sketch provoked the memory of such a great day.

      I'm going to post some photos of the toasty conditions here soon, so that hopefully will help to keep you cosy for at least a short time whilst you're visiting.
      I just heard that we are approaching autumn on the 1st March, so that'll mean you're on your way to spring! ;D

      Have a great week and I'm going to wrap up before I head over to your place. Pop that kettle on or better still...any soup on the go?

      Happy WOYWW :D

  28. Oh how lovely a warm and toast day sounds - it's so cold and miserable here inthe antipodes! I LOVE your pencilled cat. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@127)

    1. Thanks Sue I really enjoyed sketching him. I'm assuming it's a he?

      Anyway, so cosy and enjoy desk hopping. Maybe they'll be more warm desks out there in WOYWWland!?!?

      Have fun :D

  29. Very chilly here so I am quite envious!! Great Kitty pic. x Jo

    1. Sorry Jo but you can get me back once you're into summer! ;D

      Have a great week and enjoy yourself no matter what you get up to, even if it's confined to staying indoors. :D

  30. Hi Neesie, and happy WOYWW to you from a newbie to all this crafting and blog hopping caper. Im loving seeing everyones work and their workstations. Being a nosy parker its right up my street.
    I love the cat sketch, you are very talented.

    Gill x

    1. Welcome Gill, it's lovely to meet you.
      I hope you realise just how addictive this blog hopping caper can be? Did anyone warn you? ;D
      So you're a sticky beak...as they say in these parts?
      Well you must have liked what you saw because I note that you're one of my latest followers! Woohoo I love to see new followers!

      I hope you'll have lots of fun with WOYWW and I'll nip across to see what you've been up to soon.
      In the meantime enjoy! :D

  31. Hi there, Neesie, just a quick visit to see what you are up to. Unfortunately, the EM is unwell and needs looking after so time is limited today. Love, love, love the kitty picture :) Hope your WOYWW has been happy. Elizabeth x #55

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Oh I do you're all back to normal but I really appreciate you visiting me when your time was limited. It's always lovely to have you stop by ;D

      I thought you might like the kittycat sketch ^..^
      Do you think 'The Boss' Bonnie would like him? Meeeeeooooooowwwwww!

      I hope your week went well and that you're ready for a great weekend ~ enjoy :D

  32. I'm thawing out my tootsies in your lovely heat, there, Nessie. It's perishing in Yorkshire today. Nithering I think the word is!!!!!
    You have such a serene looking space, I love and I love that pussy too.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #54

    1. Oh you made me smile Lisa when I read that it was perishing in Yorkshire...not for any sad sadistic reason, but 'perishing' was a term my father used and I haven't heard it for many years ;D

      But I have to say I've never hear the word nithering...only dithering? But as a good blogger does...I googled it and it seems it is a Yorkshire term. You learn something new everyday eh?

      I do love my studio and have had a great week spending lots of time in there in order to stay cool. It has a stone tile floor which is perfect for bare feet!
      Glad you like the pussytat too!

      Happy WOYWW to you too. I'm off the the land of nod now as it's late here but I'll visit your desk soon. :D

  33. Hi Nessie
    Wow another hot day for you unlike are very cold windy day here in fact it snowed a couple of hours ago...... Love love love kitty picture

    1. Yep Jackie and today is too, although not as hot as the last two days.
      I don't mind the hot days so much as the hot nights!

      Glad you like the kitty sketch ^..^

      Have a great weekend and if it snows again get out and have fun or stay cosy ~ whichever you prefer! :D

  34. Hi Neesie, I'm enjoying the sight of the lovely window outside your desk...so much light coming in on your work surface. It's so tidy & neat. Like the idea of having your cup handy for a sip. I'd spill it over everything. Amazing drawing...I'm awed...can't draw a bit. What a wonderful skill you possess. TFS and enjoy your cool bright space.

    1. Hi Mary,
      It is a great room for the light with large windows on two walls plus if I leave the door open then the light from the family room (which is mostly windows too) streams through. The light in general in Australia is amazing and something that I'll really miss when I leave.

      So far I haven't spilt my cuppa but there's a fresh brew sitting right in front of me...maybe that'll tempt fate? I'll make sure I drink it quickly just in case ;D

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely compliment about my drawing. I really appreciate it :D
      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to. Enjoy!

  35. "Procrastination" and "pandemonium" oh, and "switcheroo" (which is presumably Australian Latin) in the same post - this is getting complex! Now here's an idea for a drawing: Muffin holding a cat in her jaws just like the cat is holding the fishbone... :)

    1. Hehe...I have my moments Mark! ;D
      Not sure a mini shuh tzu could carry off that look...although pop a chicken in there and she'd be very happy ^..^

      Have a wonderful weekend and I see that there's some planting and colours happening your way which means autumn will be fast approaching here. I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet. I've only just thawed out from Canada! :D

  36. Nice to see your lovely room again Neesie, you can keep your temps though, if it's too hot to craft then it's too hot!! I'll keep my negative temps for now. Cute kitty!

    Brenda 115

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Well I've had both positive and negative temperatures in the last two months...from one end of the scale to the other. I could just do with the middle range for a few weeks. I'll put in an order and see what happens ;D

      Thanks for popping over to my place. See you soon :D
      Have fun with WOYWW!

  37. I love your kitty - he looks so pleased with his big fish :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

    1. I thought so too Sarah,
      I only just thought at the last minute to add the fish so maybe it was a treat he didn't expect hence the expression! ;D

      Ahh...I've just noticed your name A Cat-Like Curiosity! hehe

      Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to...enjoy!

  38. Nice cat drawing! Mine doesn't sit still long enough - far too busy getting into all sorts of trouble!
    Bernice #63

    1. Isn't that what cats do best Bernice,
      My daughter has two and when I hear some of the antics that they get up to....well! ;D

      Thanks for stopping by my place. Have fun with WOYWW and enjoy the weekend. :D

  39. Stunning work as always! I love seeing your pictures and it does make me smile to see sunshine and warmth radiating from my puter. It's been sunny with blue skies here today, but windy and cold, not got above 5 degrees all day. Brrrggh! Had to pop the heating on during the day as it was too chilly. I do see Spring though, some flowers are starting to peer out so I hope we don't get too much more snow otherwise they'll be ruined. Right I'm off to nose some more, got the Eng v Brazil footy on while I desk hop! Have a good week. Take care Zo xx 76

    1. Hi Zo,
      Oh can't you just hang on to winter for a little while longer...I'm not ready for autumn yet!
      I've been hearing all about you being snowbound through your tweets. Brr!
      I was watching that Eng v Brazil match too...but it was 7am! Much better than the usual footy times of silly-o-clock ie 3 or 4am!

      Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your desk hopping and I'll be across soon :D

  40. I wish I could say I feel the heat .... but no sorry it is still freezing outside and possibly more SNOW to come Brr!
    Love the cat picture.... just perfect in fact.
    I hada package in the post today..... zentangling basics.... watch my space
    janet #38

    1. Hi Janet,
      I have some really good photos that I would love to post which really shows how hot and dry its been but unfortunately my new mobile phone is proving to be a challenge and I can't get them to my laptop! Grrr!
      I'm sure they would warm you up in no time ;D

      Ahh...packages in the post ~ how devine! And zentangling basics?!?! I had no idea? I'm interested to see what that's about and will pop over to you later!
      Have a great weekend and enjoy your goodies :D

  41. Just love the cat - like your humour!! The temperatures out with you are certainly a lot higher than here in Wales. Today, even on the coast, we can see snow on the nearby hills - so goodness only knows how much there is right into the mountains. Cold, cold, cold today. Enjoy your sun.

    1. Hehe...I do have my moments Margaret as anyone around here will tell you ;D
      Now temperature in Wales...ahh yes...I remember them well. I used to live just outside of Chester? Anywhere near you?

      I'll make sure I keep posting the sunshine to help you through to spring...because I'm good like that you know? :D

      Have a great weekend and stay cosy!

  42. Lovely workspace and love the kitty and her catch of the day!!!!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Diana,

      Have a great weekend whatever you have planned...enjoy! ;D

  43. Now isn't he just the cheeky-est kitty! (in a good way) done ate the whole fish and proud of it too! Love it! Happy WOYWW! Nan 28 stay cool

    1. He does look a little smug doesn't he Nan?
      He certainly looks like he knows a thing or two...especially where to find the best meal. ;D

      Happy WOYWW to you too. Have a great weekend and I'll check in with you soon. :D

  44. ooh such a lovely cheeky kitty! Stay cool and have a fab week #125

    1. Thanks for your comment...the week has been great and now I'm looking forward to an even better weekend!

      I hope you are too.

      Have fun and enjoy your desk hopping ;D

  45. Love the kitty pic, and the fact that your craft desk could seat 2 crafters having fun!

    Happy woyww

    Debs #157

    1. My desk can actually seat six crafters Debs! LOL

      Happy WOYWW to you too and enjoy your desk hopping. I'm going to carry on visiting later...see you then :D

  46. I hope you were able to survive the heat. It seems like we crafty people spend a lot of time organizing and thinking. It must be because we're creative and smart. ;-) The kitty is adorable. April #133

    1. Hello April,
      Yes we managed the mini heatwave thanks and today has arrived with just the perfect temperature, so I'm a happy bunny! ;D
      I certainly like your analaysis that we're all creative and smart and that's why we spend so much time in deep contemplation! I may well quote this numerous times in the near future.
      Thanks for stopping by ~ I'll visit your space soon, in the meantime have fun and enjoy your weekend :D


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